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Last Updated 2024-04-30
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Package Description

The main purpose of the cob_twist_controller is to convert target twists into joint velocities. Therefore it makes use of several implemented inverse kinematics approaches at the first order differential level. The inverse differential kinematics solver considers kinematic chain extensions, singularity robustness, redundancy resolution and priority-based methods. To avoid hardware destruction there is a limiter interface active as well. Via parameter server users can dynamically configure the solving strategy.

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  • Felix Messmer


  • Felix Messmer
  • Marco Bezzon
  • Christoph Mark
  • Francisco Moreno
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Changelog for package cob_twist_controller

0.8.24 (2024-04-30)

0.8.23 (2024-02-20)

  • Merge pull request #281 from fmessmer/feature/optimize_workspace optimize workspace
  • remove --inorder args
  • Contributors: Felix Messmer, fmessmer

0.8.22 (2023-04-29)

0.8.21 (2023-01-04)

0.8.20 (2022-11-17)

0.8.19 (2022-07-29)

0.8.18 (2022-01-12)

0.8.17 (2021-12-23)

  • Merge pull request #262 from fmessmer/debug_cart_vel_recursive publish cart vel magnitudes for frames of chain
  • fix catkin_lint
  • calculate fk_vel_recursive based on joint_trajectory_controller state for both desired and actual joint states
  • rename debug node
  • fix getNrOfJoints vs getNrOfSegments and fixed joint handling
  • debug chain
  • provide launch file for debug_evaluate_jointstates
  • fill header.stamp in twist_magnitude msg
  • extend debug_evaluate_jointstates_node to recursively publish cart vel magnitudes for frames of chain
  • Contributors: Felix Messmer, fmessmer

0.8.16 (2021-10-19)

0.8.15 (2021-05-17)

0.8.14 (2021-05-10)

  • Merge pull request #254 from mikaelarguedas/python3-six ROS_PYTHON_VERSION conditional dependency for python-six
  • mark exec_depend
  • ROS_PYTHON_VERSION conditional dependency for python-six
  • Contributors: Felix Messmer, Mikael Arguedas, fmessmer

0.8.13 (2021-04-06)

0.8.12 (2020-10-21)

  • Merge pull request #243 from fmessmer/test_noetic test noetic
  • ROS_PYTHON_VERSION conditional dependency for matplotlib
  • conditional depend for orocos-kdl
  • use setuptools instead of distutils
  • Bump CMake version to avoid CMP0048 warning
  • Contributors: Felix Messmer, fmessmer

0.8.11 (2020-03-21)

0.8.10 (2020-03-18)

  • Merge pull request #228 from fmessmer/feature/python3_compatibility_melodic [ci_updates] pylint + Python3 compatibility - melodic
  • disable simple_script_server import error
  • Use six.moves.input for all uses of raw_input/input
  • fix modules
  • fix pylint errors
  • python3 compatibility via 2to3
  • Merge pull request #226 from fmessmer/ci_updates_melodic [travis] ci updates - melodic
  • catkin_lint fixes
  • Contributors: Felix Messmer, Loy van Beek, fmessmer

0.8.1 (2019-11-07)

0.8.0 (2019-08-09)

0.7.8 (2019-08-09)

  • Merge pull request #210 from fmessmer/missing_target_dependency add missing target dependency
  • add missing target dependency
  • Contributors: Felix Messmer, fmessmer

0.7.7 (2019-08-06)

0.7.6 (2019-06-07)

0.7.5 (2019-05-20)

  • Merge pull request #206 from fmessmer/improve_lookat_extension improve lookat extension
  • implement lookat_pointing_frame
  • fix lookat_chain offset, allow KinematicExtension to fail, param-config converter functions
  • Contributors: Felix Messmer, fmessmer

0.7.4 (2019-04-05)

0.7.3 (2019-03-14)

  • Merge pull request #197 from ipa320/fmessmer-patch-1 add missing install tags
  • add missing install tags
  • Contributors: Felix Messmer

0.7.2 (2018-07-21)

  • update maintainer
  • Contributors: fmessmer

0.7.1 (2018-01-07)

  • Merge remote-tracking branch \'origin/kinetic_release_candidate\' into kinetic_dev
  • Merge pull request #169 from ipa-fxm/kinetic_updates_indigo Kinetic updates indigo
  • Merge branch \'indigo_dev\' of into kinetic_dev Conflicts: .travis.yml
  • Merge pull request #159 from ipa-fxm/APACHE_license use license apache 2.0
  • use license apache 2.0
  • Contributors: Felix Messmer, ipa-fxm, ipa-uhr-mk

0.7.0 (2017-07-18)

  • Merge branch \'indigo_dev\' of into kinetic_dev
  • [kinetic] migration (#115)
    • [kinetic] find package Eigen3 instead of Eigen
    • [kinetic] switched from fcl to libfcl-dev dependency
    • ignore cob_obstacle_distance for now
    • [kinetic] use industrial_ci for travis
    • [kinetic] use industrial_cis ipa320 fork & notify on_success only on change
    • fixed fcl dependency
    • new fcl version switched from boost::shared to std::shared
    • whitelist package
    • use ros-industrials fork
    • cleaned up travis.yml
  • Contributors: Benjamin Maidel, ipa-fxm

0.6.15 (2017-07-18)

  • handle continuous joints in ControllerInterfaceJointStates
  • handle continuous joints in position_limiter
  • harmonize createTask
  • remove unused TaskDamping
  • remove ConstraintParamFactory
  • harmonize ConstraintParams
  • set default values for damping methods
  • own param struct for unified solver
  • New singularity and joint limit avoidance method (#149)
    • first implementation of new jla solver using sigmoid functions
    • first version of new JLA method working
    • last fix to new JLA solver
    • correction in parameter used in sigmoid damping method
    • new solver added and new jla method added to be tested and selected according to performance comparison
    • fix to rqt_reconfigure parameters
    • final correction to new solver and new weighting method
    • prints removed
    • square trajectory added
    • wln with sigmoid solver corrected
    • final corrections
    • final corrections to the solver formula
    • created unified singularity and joint limit avoidance class... other classes moved
    • restoring wln previous version of the solver
    • saturation block added in unified solver just for testing
    • saturation block corrected
    • checking new solver and constraints
    • corrected new test script for the new method
    • removed test files and corrected identation
    • defining GPM solver as default
    • fix identation
    • comment corrected
    • identation fix in contraint solver factory
    • finalize PR
  • cleanup leftovers
  • pluginlib approach for controller interfaces
  • add toggle for enforce_input_limits, implement both All and Individual Cartesian limiting
  • combine LimiterXContainer
  • limiter fixed
  • Limiter Base class removed
  • pull request changes
  • final implementation of cartesian limiter
  • bug fixed in class limiter container
  • bug fixed in class limiter container
  • cartesian limits introduced
  • remove sympy implementation and dependency
  • use xacro --inorder
  • final roslint
  • applied changes request in the pull request review
  • damping factor for old method replaced by a diagonal matrix
  • last corretions to pull request
  • corrections added according to last Felix comments
  • fixed changes done by rebase
  • prints removed for new damping function calculations
  • new method based of sigmoid function to singularity avoidance implemented
  • bug fix in least square calculation when changing to return matrix
  • starting to roslint some packages
  • manually fix changelog
  • Contributors: Bruno Brito, ipa-fxm

0.6.14 (2016-10-10)

0.6.13 (2016-10-10)

0.6.12 (2016-10-10)

  • cob_twist_controller: fix add_dependencies calls
  • Contributors: ipa-mig

0.6.11 (2016-04-01)

  • reduce output
  • outsource obstacle_distance messages
  • remove support for interpol_position controller
  • debug output
  • use joint_group_velocity_controller for torso extension
  • verify position limit scaling factor
  • fix typo
  • fix lookat: do not look backwards
  • missing sympy dependency
  • add test publisher twist sine
  • avoid unecessary service calls to obstacle_distance
  • fix collision avoidance dimension segfault
  • infinitesiamal threshold for BaseActive
  • wider limits
  • enforce position limit
  • add test_forward_command_sine_node
  • cleanup period
  • Update test_trajectory_command_sine_node.cpp
  • adjust lookat extension limits
  • more compact parameter structure
  • make lookat linear axis configurable - axis and offset
  • cleanup roslint
  • add trajectory_command test node
  • introduce cfg-parameter integrator_smoothing
  • add debug publisher to simpson_integration
  • rename member variables
  • add q_dot_ik smoothing, adjust parameters
  • add timing members for period
  • Merge pull request #79 from ipa-fxm/fix_visualize_twist_marker visualize twist marker
  • proper reset for ControllerInterfaceJointStates
  • visualize angular twist
  • fix visualize twist marker
  • Fixed the TwistDirection Marker
  • use undamped jacobian in nullspace projection
  • minor renaming
  • roslint cob_twist_controller
  • final roslint
  • add TimeStamp to trajectory_interface
  • also print limiting joint
  • prepare remapping for twist_mux in cartesian controller
  • add test nodes for SimpsonIntegrator
  • reset moving average
  • simplify API
  • use new API in SimpsonIntegrator
  • test new MovingAverage API
  • all new MovingAverage API
  • saver initialization of weighting
  • test scripts for moving_average
  • use interpolated position controller
  • add more debug scripts
  • consider various roslint/styleguide hints
  • apply change in parameter name
  • fix frame_id in visualizeTwist
  • lookat extension fully implemented
  • more experiments with reset condition in simpson_integrator
  • minor improvement of comment
  • fix order of doxygen comment
  • fix whitespaces
  • move simpson integration to new util class
  • prepare structure for lookat
  • temporarily disable CA when being used together with KinematicExtensions
  • less output
  • more consistent code structure for constraints
  • remove obsolete return values
  • use extension_ratio for all extensions
  • wip: consider kinematic_extensions within limiters and constraints - still unstable
  • chain not needed in limiters
  • resolve hardcoded cycle time in prediction
  • proper generation of Jacobian for kinematic extension from urdf
  • more generic naming in extension_dof, transform extension_jacobian in extension_urdf
  • merge with demo updates
  • Fixed order of transform and service registration. Additionally added more time to wait for service availability.
  • fix dimension of jac_extension
  • merge and roslint
  • roslint cob_twist_controller
  • draft towards kinematic_extension for COB_TORSO based on URDF
  • prepare structure for additional kinematic_extensions
  • revert acceleration_limiters impl, class structure only, further consistency changes and cleanup
  • progress with acceleration limiters, still wip
  • implement acceleration limiter
  • pass down whole JointStates structure
  • better reset condition
  • fix limiter reset, fix service existence, consistency
  • prepare structure for acceleration limiters
  • temporary cleanup
  • do FK_Vel in GPM for debugging
  • further debug gpm and self-motion
  • add solveTwist duration output
  • visualization marker for desired twist direction
  • renaming: hardware_interface to controller_interface
  • fixes for positional interfaces
  • waitForExistence of registerLink service
  • wip: use undamped inverse in gpm
  • allow to calculate un-damped, un-truncated inverse jacobian
  • update octave scripts for testing variants
  • working on marker publisher
  • working on log output
  • update trajectory_hardware_interface
  • introduce HardwareInterfacePositionBase, reset Integration on out-dated data
  • handle base_compensation in kinematic_extension enum
  • renaming frame - link
  • Merge branch \'indigo_dev\' of into trajectory_hardware_interface
    • Commented output lines. - Renamed frame_of_interest to link_of_interest.
  • Merge branch \'indigo_dev\' of into trajectory_hardware_interface

  • implement JointTrajectory hardware_interface for twist_controller

  • Contributors: Felix Messmer, Marco Bezzon, ipa-fxm, ipa-fxm-cm, ipa-fxm-mb

0.6.10 (2015-08-31)

0.6.9 (2015-08-25)

  • authors in package xml
  • Corrections integrated from PR: [WIP] Finalizing/Testing of TwistController features (#51). Renaming from frame_to_collision to link_to_collision.
    • Fixed bug in constraint implementation: sign was \"-\" but must be \"+\".
    • Moved scripts.
    • Added more text to package.xml
    • Moved scripts to subfolder test.
  • Added new script for raw3-1.

  • In config file avoided setting of 0 tolerance (DIV/0!). Removed additional output.

    • Made some changes for test. - Decreased Duration time for markers. - Corrected pose update for self collision check frames. - Added new scripts.
  • Added comment to activation buffer.

  • boost revision

  • Merge branch \'test_of_feature\' into test_of_feature_with_adapt_frame_tracker

  • Overwritten numerical_filtering with false.

  • Some preparations for test: IMarker smaller, Alpha settings, More scripts. Default value for Frame Tracker params.

    • Added parameters for activation buffer and critical threshold of CA and JLA constraints.
    • Removed method getActivationThreshold because parameter can be used directly.
    • Packed thresholds into struct.
    • Commented some outputs.
    • CA: Increased exp. decay from 0.1 to 0.2 - Added comments. - Moved constraints set and management to base class. - Added time delta to test script.
    • Removed parameter mu. - Added obstacle id for identification of collision pair in ObstacleDistance.msg. - Added Frametracking to DataCollector. - Restructured obstacle distance data collecting. - In debug trajectory marker added explicit usage of frame_tracker/tracking_frame.
  • merge

  • explicit dependency to boost

  • Fixed bug when obstacles move away from robot. Clear distances list when new distances arrive (also in case nothing is available for current link) to avoid no movement.

    • Renaming obstacle_marker_server for interactive obstacle
    • Now publishing all obstacle distances instead of the minimal distance only. Defined a MIN_DISTANCE for selection of data to publish (e.g. > than 0.5 m doesn\'t make sense for CA).
    • Selection of the minimal distance in debug node.
    • Callback data mediator processes all obstacles for a frame of interest id now.
    • Restructured methods in constraint classes.
    • In CA constraint now processing all collision pairs for one link in a CollisionAvoidance instance.
    • Removed unnecessary output.
  • Resolved merge conflicts.

  • more fixes for migration afer merge

  • merge with package_xml_2

  • remove trailing whitespaces

  • migrate to package format 2

    • Removed unnecessary commented code.
    • Added handling of no exception: Save files.
    • Avoided drawing of self-collision frames -> can be done via rviz.
    • Increased CA activation threshold to 0.25 m
  • Deleted unnecessary files.

    • Renamed dynamics_tasks_readjust_solver -> stack_of_tasks_solver. Therefore adapted corresponding cfg and data_types.
    • Created Python package for data collection.
  • fix HardwareInterfacePosition

  • consider PR review comments

    • Removed experiment solvers for task stacks. Now the dynamic_tasks_readjust_solver works better than them.
    • adapted MakeLists and config and data_types.
    • For BVH introduced a shared_ptr member -> so a collision object can be created without copying the whole BVH. This saves computation time (5% for 3 SCA and 1 torus)
    • Decreased rate for cob_obstacle_distance because the movement does not change that often.
    • According to the rate adapted the moving average for distance in constraint_ca_impl
  • updates from ipa-fxm-mb

  • Implemented Python package to set dyn_reconfigure params. Made test_move_around_torus use of this class.

  • cleanup

  • sort dependencies

  • Created test, Removed commends, Removed output.

  • Fixed bugs in cartesian_controller: waitFor last available transform else extrapolation error; send always a new constructed StampedTransform instead of using an already existent one, else end-effector is decoupled from manipulator and other confusing things happen...; Added responsible node to tf error msg.

  • Merged with ipa-fxm/test_of_feature branch.

  • Separated JLA and CA constraints from constraint_impl.h

    • Corrected JLA constraint. - Added weighting of GPM prio dependent. - Added buffer region for CA constraint to become active.
  • Made movinge average generic for other data types. Using moving average for CA constraint.

  • simplify simpson

    • Removed PredictDistance Service (not necessary anymore; found a lightweight computational algorithm).
    • Made KDL::ChainFkSolverVel_recursive in CA constraint available for prediction.
    • Replace constraints update method prediction variable with JntArrayVel.
    • Refactored ObstacleDistance.msg: Reduced number of members, renamings, added frame_of_interest for registration and made use of header->frame_id for arm_base_link.
    • Renamed service for registration.
    • Improved input twist damping in case of a constraint is in CRITICAL state.
  • check for frame existence

  • allow target_frame to be configured via private param, beautifying

  • Further tests and adaptations for test.

  • Added generated const from .cfg; Styling

  • re-implementation of trajectory_publisher in c++

  • Added Python package to collect data and write collected data into a file.

  • Fixed parameter initialization.

  • fix parameter initialization + add max_vel_base to cfg

  • add topic name to ROS_WARN output

  • add doxygen documentation

  • add example launch file

  • publish joint_states in separate thread

  • adding JointStateInterface

  • add base_marker to publisher

  • generalize scripts, minor changes

  • Corrected default values in cfg.

  • Corrected CMakeLists.txt. Replaced ASSIMP_LIBRARIES with assimp.

  • Added consideration of origin from URDF tags. Removed shape_type and so Registration.srv and replaced by SetString service. Removed comments.

  • Considering visual tag as fallback now. Removed duplicate map and struct.

  • Considered further proposals from

  • Considered proposals from

  • Integrated comments of Replaced static link2collision map with URDF parser. Added class for URDF parser and create marker shapes.

  • Added functions to represent a registered robot link as a mesh instead of simple shapes. Added a mapping between robot link name and mesh resource name.

  • Integration. To avoid controller jump into critical region again introduced in cart vel damping.

  • Fixed DIV/0 error in distance cost function calculation.

  • Reassignment of corrected values to twist_controller_params_ instance.

  • Added JLA inequality constraint to be used within the dynamic task strategy. Added checking and resetting of dynamic_reconfigure params. Corrected formatting of LSV damping.

  • Moved TaskStackController to parameters list. Added new damping factor for constraints (to avoid algo. singularities). Added new inverse for testing.

  • Separated constraints from solvers and vice versa. Added new parameters. Prettified GUI.

  • Added a Simple Python node to publish a line strip to see the real trajectory and the desired one.

  • Made CA possible with active base. Bug fixing of solvers in case of base active. Corrected JLA constraints.

  • more style unification

  • parameter initialization

  • enforceLimits now in inv_diff_kin_solver

  • enum for KinematicExtension and styling for constants

  • consider remarks from CodeReview: mainly styling and beautify

  • hardware_interface_type renaming

  • re-arrange Parameter structs

  • Merge branch \'task_stack_prio_feature\' of into multi_feature_merge

  • Added new method for dynamic tasks readjustment. Implemented prediction of distance now for vectors.

  • resolve conflicts after merging ipa-fxm-mb/task_stack_prio_feature

  • KinematicExtensionBaseActive works

  • WIP: further cleanup and introduction of abstract helper class

  • WIP: kinematic_extension replaces base_active

  • Refactored task stack solvers. Fixed creation of solver instances. Removed unnecessary test code.

  • beautify and code-review

  • remove auto generatable doc

  • merge with ipa320

  • generic interface types

  • Added chain recursive fk vel calculator. Corrected calculation of translational Jacobian for CA. Introduced further msg types to achieve that. Extended solvers: CA as first prio task, CA as GPM, CA as GPM with disappearing main tasks.

  • Added task stack controller.

  • Corrected dist calclation for GPM CA

  • Added stack of tasks and Macijewski task prio CA.

  • Added stack of tasks and further developments on GPM CA.

  • Further developments.

  • Implemented proposals from discussion Removed tabs. Corrected node handles.

  • Merge with IPA320 Indigo Dev.

  • removed bug

  • merged

  • Added moving average filter and simpson integration formula

  • New octave script to check whether split of vector v into separate tasks works.

  • Removed rad variable.

  • Fixed issue in WLN_JLA: Removed conversion to radian.

  • Made code more CppStyleGuide ROS compliant.

  • Made corrections proposed in

    • Renaming: AugmentedSolver -> InverseDifferentialKinematicsSolver
    • Merged cob_twist_controller_data_types and augmented_solver_data_types -> cob_twist_controller_data_types
    • Renamings: According to ROS C++ Style Guide.
    • Added doxygen comments
    • Corrected the messages produced by catkin_lint
    • Created a static method to return SolverFactory
    • Made obstacle tracking independent from arm_right.
    • Refactored signatures of solve methods: Instead of using dynamic vector now a 6d vector is used because twists are of dim 6d.
    • Removed unnecessary comments.
    • Introduced eigen_conversions to have simple converters instead of filling matrices and vectors manually -> Reduces typing and copying errors!
    • Renamed some variables according to ROS C++ style guide
    • Moved advanced chain fk solver from cob_twist_controller to cob_obstacle_distance.
    • Replaced complicated transformation of base_link to arm_base_link with simpler and direct one.
    • Removed unnecessary services and replaced with message publisher and subscriber (for distance calculation).
    • Added example launch file for cob_obstacle_distance.
    • Corrected handling of objects of interest. Now in both packages frames are used (instead of joint names) -> made it similar to KDL and tf handlings.
    • Removed commented code.
    • Removed pointer where objects could be used directly (constraint params generation)
    • callback data mediator keeps old distance values until new ones were received. An iterator is used to go through the container.
  • Added missing modules

    • Created a obstacle distance publisher in cob_obstacle_distance package and a subscriber in cob_twist_controller package.
    • Created registration service in cob_obstacle_distance
    • Creation of multiple CA constraints dependent on formerly registered joint regions.
  • test

  • Renaming

  • Added collision avoidance feature. Solve with GPM. Made usage of cob_collision_object_publisher via ROS service.

  • Added possibility to calculate self motion magnitude dependent from joint velocity limits.

  • Removed tracking error publisher / subscriber and removed additional p gain for PD-Control (already done in FrameTracker with PID controller)

  • Solved merge conflicts

  • WIP:

    • Added new solver feature: GradientProjectionMethod.
    • Added cost function for: JLA, JLA_MID, CA
    • Added kappa parameter to set GPM scaling.
    • Added builder to support build of multiple constraints.
  • Added new implementation for KDL::ChainFkSolverPos_recursive. Provides storage of joint positions.

  • Beautify. Corresponding to PR

  • renamed parameters and functions

  • Generischer Ansatz

  • Low Isotropic Damping

    • Added constraints for JLA and JLA mid.
    • Added calculation for step size.
    • Prepared the implementation of a builder to create a set of constraints.
    • Decoupled constraints generation from solver class GPM (now they could be used for other methods as well).
    • Removed asParams from constraints. Only necessary for constraintParams.
    • Added a possibility to implement constraint functions.
    • Added a registration mechanism to the solver (registration in a priorized set).
    • Added a parameter to select it
    • Renamed pseudoinverse_calculation -> inverse_jacobian_calculation
    • Decoupled pseudoinverse calculation from constraint_solvers. That allows new implementations for pseudoinverse calculations. Additionally it allows to calculate pseudoinverses of further Jacobians (e.g. for constraints)
    • Removed unnecessary _base.cpp files and removed them from CMakeLists.txt.
    • Refactored parametrization of damping -> damping method is now given to solver for extensions (like numerical filtering)
    • Considered damping method NONE in case of no damping for solving IK.
    • Added a publisher for the tracking errors to send them to cob_twist_controller
    • Added a subscriber to collect the errors and put them to the solver.
    • Added a parameter to set the p gain. If 0.0 old behavior is active (default value).
  • Contributors: ipa-fxm, ipa-fxm-cm, ipa-fxm-mb

  • add missing include

  • Contributors: ipa-fxm

  • missing dependency

  • Contributors: ipa-fxm

0.6.8 (2015-06-17)

0.6.7 (2015-06-17)

  • reduce output in limiters
  • restructure namespaces for parameters of cartesian controllers
    • Instead of creating png create eps.
    • Added new damping method None
    • Added enum value to select damping None
    • Removed pure pointer usage and added boost::shared_ptr usage (which provides pointer management / ensure deletion of objects)
    • Removed unused includes
    • Renamings
    • Removed unnecessary ROS_INFO_STREAMs
    • Removed temporary variables for test code
    • Added debug code
    • Removed truncation
    • Removed unused members
    • Grouped limiters in one .h and one .cpp
    • Grouped damping_methods in one .h and one .cpp
    • Removed separate factories. Made SolverFactory generic by introducing template parameters.
    • Made usage of boost::shared_ptr instead of own pointer handling.
    • Adapted CMakeLists.txt according to changes.
    • Split parameter enforce_limits into enforce_pos_limits and enforce_vel_limits
    • To enforce limits for joint positions and velocities created new classes.
    • Additionally added parameter for keeping direction or not when enforcing limits.
    • Therefore removed normalize_velocities and enforce_limits from cob_twist_controller. Instead the new limiter_container is used.
    • Added new struct to provide cob_twist_controller params.
    • Removed debug code.
    • Take care: W^(1/2) * q_dot = weighted_pinv_J * x_dot -> One must consider the weighting!!!
    • Added script to check pseudo-inverse calculation.
    • Take care: W^(1/2) * q_dot = weighted_pinv_J * x_dot -> One must consider the weighting!!!
    • Added an octave script to verify the statement above.
    • Removed unnecessary file
    • Added doxygen comments
    • Activated graphviz for doc generation
    • Added const to method signatures to avoid undesired JntArray-Data change.
    • moved enfore_limits from augmented_solver to cob_twist_controller

    - Added a base case WeightedLeastNorm to constraint solvers Instantiated it acts like an unconstraint solver.

    • Renamed JointLimitAvoidanceSolver to WLN_JointLimitAvoidanceSolver
    • WLN_JointLimitAvoidanceSolver inherits from WeightedLeastNormSolver and implements calculate_weighting
    • moved enfore_limits from augmented_solver to cob_twist_controller

    - Added a base case WeightedLeastNorm to constraint solvers Instantiated it acts like an unconstraint solver.

    • Renamed JointLimitAvoidanceSolver to WLN_JointLimitAvoidanceSolver
    • WLN_JointLimitAvoidanceSolver inherits from WeightedLeastNormSolver and implements calculate_weighting only. -> Solving is done by the WLN Solver.
  • Added validation outputs. Added comments for doxygen generation. Did some renaming.

  • Made restructured changes active. Corrected some implementation. Activated both old and new implementation for comparison and testing purposes.

  • Made usages of ConstraintSolverFactoryBuilder:

    • Creates DampingMethod
    • Creates ConstraintSolver
    • Executes calculation of joint velocities.
  • Split up augmented_solver.cpp into different constraint solvers: JLA constraints and unconstraint.

    • Restructured augmented_solver.
    • Renamed class augmented_solver to AugmentedSolver.
    • Created damping_methods as classes to ease creation of dampings (and new ones).
  • add comments

  • cleanup

  • beautify CMakeLists

  • using correct base topic names

  • fix debug node

  • remove obsolete code for parameter initialization, enforce_limits behaviour

  • revision, simplification and cleanup

  • remove obsolete files

  • twist controller analyser

  • last update

  • update working frame_tracker

  • base compensation test

  • temporary adjust base topics

  • reduce output

  • twist series test script

  • use component specific joint_states topic

  • no output

  • merge

  • cleaning up

  • new publisher and transformation names

  • merge with cm

  • added commentary, tolerance as dynamic reconfigure, modified enforce_limits

  • Debug functions

  • merge with cm

  • Merge branch \'indigo_dev\' of into fm_cm_merged_new

  • last commit before merging

  • new rqt_features

  • delete all test packages

  • delete all test packages

  • fixed errors from merging

  • merged from ipa-fxm-cm

  • beautify, added commentary, limit enforcing and dynamic reconfigure for JLA

  • new debug twist

  • add tracking_action

  • test

  • new features

  • test

  • Merge branch \'merge_fm_cm\' of into cm_dev

  • changes

  • Corrected errors from merging

  • First merge attempt

  • Joint Limit Avoidance added and cleaned up

  • Added publisher for the pose

  • Modified for the new structure

  • cleaned up again

  • Cleaned up

  • New features

  • a commit a day keeps the doctor away

  • Contributors: Christian Ehrmann, ipa-fxm, ipa-fxm-cm, ipa-fxm-fm, ipa-fxm-mb

0.6.6 (2014-12-18)

  • remove dep to cob_srvs and std_srvs
  • Contributors: Florian Weisshardt

0.6.5 (2014-12-18)

  • Merge branch \'indigo_dev\' into indigo_release_candidate
  • add dep
  • Contributors: Florian Weisshardt

0.6.4 (2014-12-16)

0.6.3 (2014-12-16)

  • add dependency to nav_msgs
  • Contributors: Florian Weisshardt

0.6.2 (2014-12-15)

  • Merge branch \'indigo_dev\' into indigo_release_candidate
  • fix twist_control dimensions for any-DoF
  • merge with fxm-cm
  • merge with fxm-fm
  • cleaning up
  • branch with features for merging
  • topics according to new structure
  • remove brics_actuator
  • more topic renaming according to new structure
  • renaming debug topic
  • adapt namespaces for cartesian_controller to new structure
  • dynamic reconfigure
  • revision of cob_twist_controller
  • merge_cm
  • merge_fm
  • temporary commit
  • temporary commit
  • changes in initialization
  • restructure test_twist publisher scripts
  • fix twist_controller to be usable without base again
  • able to add base DoFs to Jacobian solver - first tests - needs more debugging
  • null-space syncMM
  • add test script for twist_stamped
  • able to apply twists wrt to various coordinate system orientations
  • cleanup, restructure and fix
  • missing include
  • merge with fxm-fm + clean up
  • add twist publisher script
  • add output publisher
  • cleaning up
  • beautify
  • Add fixes provided by \@ipa-fxm-fm
  • fix controller and add damping
  • add twist publisher script
  • add output publisher
  • Add fixes provided by \@ipa-fxm-fm
  • Contributors: Florian Weisshardt, ipa-fxm, ipa-fxm-cm, ipa-fxm-fm

0.6.1 (2014-09-22)

0.5.4 (2014-08-26)

  • fix dependency-hell on multiple cores
  • moved cob_twist_controller
  • Contributors: Alexander Bubeck, ipa-fxm

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