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Version 4.3.0
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Package Description

Grasp prediction for ARC2017.

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  • Kentaro Wada


  • Kentaro Wada
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Changelog for package grasp_prediction_arc2017

4.3.0 (2021-07-14)

  • Merge pull request #2751 from knorth55/fix-version fix version in demo packages
  • fix version in demo packages change to 4.2.1 for all other jsk_apc packages
  • Merge branch \'master\' into add-sleep
  • Merge pull request #2723 from knorth55/diable-venv-check disable CHECK_VENV in catkin_virtualenv 0.6.1
  • disable CHECK_VENV in catkin_virtualenv 0.6.1
  • Merge pull request #2708 from pazeshun/add-grasp_prediction_arc2017
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Inherit catkin_virtualenv requirements.txt of grasp_fusion
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Don\'t install data on build time to prevent build failure on travis due to googledrive access limit
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Remove right hand settings from book_picking.launch as they are not used
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] N_CLASS differs between projects
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Fix python & euslisp installing to follow precedent and
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Use record_rosbag in sphand_driver
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Remove unused scale settings in book picking
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Add missing settings to CMakeLists.txt & package.xml
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Fix confliction among downloaded data
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] hasegawa_master_thesis -> hasegawa_mthesis
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Add euslisp linter
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Add sphand_driver to run_depend
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Add jsons for hasegawa master thesis
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Fix play_rosbag_baxterlgv7
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Enable to use record_rosbag_baxterlgv8 in book_picking
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Copy record_rosbag for baxterlgv8 from
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Adjust euslisp files for this package
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Copy euslisp files required for hasegawa master thesis from
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Add configs for hasegawa master thesis
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Add project input to setup_for_book_picking for selecting model
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Download other large data required for hasegawa master thesis
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Add jsons for book picking
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Add configs for book picking
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Rename setup_for_pick_baxterlgv7 to setup_for_book_picking
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Add main launch for book picking
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Adjust euslisp files for this package
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Copy required euslisp files from
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Add & use launch to bring up cameras of baxterlgv7
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Add baxterlgv7.launch for book picking
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Download other large data required for hasegawa iros2018 demo
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Fix for 2nd catkin build
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Exclude mvtk from paths
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Setup for catkin build
  • [grasp_prediction_arc2017] Add symbolic links to grasp_fusion
  • Copy
  • Contributors: Shingo Kitagawa, Shun Hasegawa

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