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Version 0.0.2
License BSD
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jsk_smart_gui for tablets

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Changelog for package jsk_smart_gui

0.0.2 (2015-11-29)

0.0.1 (2015-11-27)

  • CMakeLists.txt: remove find_package which is not actually used
  • [jsk_smart_apps] use kinect_head instead of openni following pr2 default naming
  • [jsk_smart_gui] add missing deps jsk_android_gui for tablet_receiver.l
  • no more rosmake
  • put find_package roseus down in jsk_pr2_core_apps; revert unexpectedly deleted manifest.xml
  • catkinize local_app_manager and its deps; still jsk_android_gui_api9 is not set deps correctly
  • add euslisp_INCLUDE_DIRS
  • remove unused package when build
  • remove jsk_maps from build_depend Former-commit-id: d56ebf413e7c8069613b0db8ab032a200aafdd9f
  • Add cmake_modules Former-commit-id: a82d5f68cbd28cf1abe527d54c02941b0e66a493
  • add falign-functions=16 for compiling Former-commit-id: 655ff8264bd1e3b967ed7743ced07bcfd5372fa9
  • Add include path of euslisp
  • Install android SDK on travis
  • catkinize jsk_smart_gui
  • add .gitignore for jsk_smart_gui
  • Merge remote-tracking branch \'origin/master\' into use-tf2
  • use tf2 to decrease CPU load
  • remove object_snapshotter dependency for #17
  • added manipulation callback for tablet
  • add jsk_rosjava_messages
  • add :spin-once to tablet actions
  • add (ros::load-ros-manifest object_snapshotter) to get_template.l
  • comment out object_snapshotter
  • fix for groovy
  • update demo actions
  • slow down the speed of tablet/cmd_vel
  • added joystick cb to jsk_smart_gui, default is nil, click manipulation->switchjoy to enable joystick mode
  • removed tablet_marker, usr tablet_marker_array, fixed bug of / counts
  • temporary backup for migration
  • added auto launch file generator for reusing template
  • updated switchsensor function , also assoc camera_info
  • updated open-fridge function same to detect_cans demo
  • updated for visualizing, sending apeal button and task lists
  • updated visualize
  • get template origin coords for memorizing tasks
  • added set_template function
  • updated mux switch for avoid miss switching
  • changed msg type from tablet to stringstamped
  • added stop action and navigation tools from tablet, using actionlib
  • removed ray_coords message , check cam-method-name, added new dependancy : object_snapshotter
  • separated get_spots.l, added get_template.l for memorizing tasks
  • auto script for making spots yaml file from eng2-scene.l , for android
  • we dont use jsk_pcl_ros/SwithTopic anymore , just user mux to select the right topic
  • added patch script for BGR conversion on android SDK by murase
  • updated spot function for move_base
  • typo and fixed camera switcher name
  • added switch sensor callback for changeing camera device and 3Dsensor device
  • added tablet msg definition
  • added show3dline function
  • fixed launch for those havenot put roseus on PATH
  • forgot to add srv
  • removed dependancy for ipad_gui
  • added load-manfest for ipad_gui
  • added dependency
  • added launch file for tablet receiver
  • added jsk_smart_gui package, contains scripts for tablet receiver
  • Contributors: Hiroyuki Mikita, Kei Okada, Ryohei Ueda, Yohei Kakiuchi, Yuki Furuta, Yuto Inagaki, Haseru Chen, Shohei Fujii, Kazuto Murase

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