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Version 1.0.1
License LGPLv3
Build type CATKIN

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VCS Type git
VCS Version kinetic-devel
Last Updated 2019-02-27

Package Description

This package implements driver for ATI force torque sensors up to firmware 3.x. Char and Net CAN devices are supported through cob_generic_can package. The code if based on cob_forcetorque package.

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  • Denis ┼átogl (KIT, IAR-IPR)


  • Denis ┼átogl
  • Alexander Bubeck


ROS driver for ATI based force-torque sensors.

Note: Current version of the package depends on iirob/iirob_filters package for filtering capabilities. To install this package clone the git repository into src folder of your workspace

ROS Distro Support

Kinetic Melodic
Branch kinetic_devel
Status Build Status
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Changelog for package ati_force_torque


1.0.1 (2018-12-11)

  • Merge pull request #1 from KITrobotics/destogl-patch-1-1 Update
  • Update
  • Merge pull request #2 from KITrobotics/fts_restructuring FTS restructuring
  • Update driver_socket.launch
  • Update CMakeLists.txt
  • Update .travis.rosinstall
  • Update
  • Cleaned stuff moved to force_torque_sensor package
  • Added plugin for ATI sensor
  • Force Torque sensors restructuring
  • Raw with fts (#18)
    • Removed dependecy on schunk_description (#6)
    • Removed dependecy on schunk_description
    • Added xacro dependency
    • changes for working raw with fts
    • some changes for namespace read
    • rosparam working
    • added cs calibration params
    • added necessary code for simulation
    • changes for simulation.need to be cleaned
    • changes in fthandle_sim
    • deleted prints
    • merged master branch with raw_with_fts
    • small changes in urdf
    • compatibility changes for iirob_fitlers
    • Use c++11 and update .travis
    • Update .travis.rosinstall
    • Updated compile files and some Sim files headers
    • made some changes
    • some more changes for PR
    • changes for PR
    • changed in fts.gazebo
    • changes for PR
    • changes for PR and added sim parameter
    • changes for working correctly with rosparam_handler
    • changes to work correctly with rosparam and real raw with fts
    • changes for working with real sensor and simulation
    • not depending on own rosparam_handler anymore
    • chages for simulation of sensor
    • using teleop not cob_teleop anymore
    • remapped to cmd_force
    • changed default values for easier debugging
    • small changes
    • changes to use unchanged sensor_offsets
    • added realtime publisher and working with iirob_led
    • changes to work with iirob led
    • some changes to work with rt publisher and iirob_led after test
    • changes for working with iirob filters after changing to plugin
    • changes in urdf file for correct description when using sensor with sr2
    • changes to work with filters pluginlib
    • moved ati ft for sr2 to sr2_bringup
    • undone small change in urdf
    • small change for sensor simulation
    • Update package.xml
    • Update package.xml
    • Removed iirob_led dependency.
    • working branch with iirob_filters
    • changes to work with wrench stamped as template
    • changes to work with iirob_filters moving mean filter
    • use rosparam handler for gravity compensator
    • changes to work with filters
    • Update sensor_mini58.urdf.xacro
    • Update driver_sim.launch
  • Add param handler and simulation for sensor (#11) Added simulation support for the sensor. The data are inputed using joystick.
  • Updated descriptions and meshes for Sensors. Added ATI Mini58 (#10)
  • Remove schunk descr dep (#7)
    • Removed dependecy on schunk_description
    • Added xacro dependency
  • Update .travis configs
  • Update .travis configs
  • Added missing packages for cob_driver
  • Added cob_driver package and remove schunk_description dependency
  • Use kinetic branch of iirob_filters
  • Added kinetic ros-distro
  • Update for tests
  • Renamed rosinstall file for source dependencies
  • Added travis config and updated readme
  • Merge branch \'indigo-devel\' of into indigo-devel
  • Removed schunk_description dependecy, sorted dependencies, added tests for lunch files
  • working non-static calibration
  • Added automatic calibration
  • Added scripts for automatic calculation of offsets and tool CoG.
  • Updated paramters names and CoG paramters
  • Changed name of offsets paramters
  • New service type for calibration and catching average masurements
  • Corrected typo in launch files
  • Added mutithreading in the node and reduced output of transformations erros. Now is every 100th error shown.
  • Added publishing of movingmean filtered data.
  • Merge branch \'indigo-devel\' into kinetic-devel
  • Renamed CMake constant EIGEN3->Eigen
  • Added fts_reference_link as default sensor_frame
  • Updated xacro and default world_frame
  • Merge branch \'indigo-devel\' into kinetic-devel
  • Create
  • Merge branch \'indigo-devel\' into kinetic-devel
  • Optimisation of parameters
  • Merge branch \'indigo-devel\' into kinetic-devel
  • Paramter name change
  • Merge branch \'indigo-devel\' into kinetic-devel
  • Change of default paramter for future_baudrate and config to use fts_frame on default.
  • Merge branch \'indigo-devel\' into kinetic-devel
  • Merge branch \'indigo-devel\' of into indigo-devel
  • Updated Eigen dependecy and restructured launch files
  • Changed parameters. Removing empty lines.
  • Cleaned and median -> moving_mean
  • Cleaned and median -> moving_mean
  • Updated names. Removed old files.
  • Updated names. Removed old files.
  • Updated licence header
  • added filters to ATI included filters from iirob_filters
  • Rename of package to ati_force_torque
  • Rename of lunch files
  • Refractoring of code and licence update.
  • Convert config to defaults
  • Merge branch \'master\' of
  • change params to work with new robot definition
  • readd service for dynamic recalibration from other branch
  • change config parameters to work with new robot layout
  • Code cleaning before for publication. Needs to be tested.
  • Updated dependencies
  • Cleaned lunch file
  • SocketCAN config updated
  • Check for all return codes
  • if no canType mentioned use default constructor
  • updated to start
  • New files for Socket can
  • Extended for SocketCan
  • Merge remote-tracking branch \'origin/alex\' Conflicts: ros/src/fts_node.cpp
  • Compile under indigo.
  • Working GetTemperature Service
  • Merge branch \'master\' into alex
  • safety commit before merge
  • disabled calibration on init, customized launch & config files
  • Correct compile errors
  • Merge branch \'master\' of
  • config and launch
  • Extension to read diagnostic ADC voltages
  • added rviz (with config) to launchfile
  • Working version
  • Calibrate is new function now and called with initialisation
  • Filter removed to extern node and added Transformation for FTS.
  • Added filter topic. 1st-Order low-pass filter implemented.
  • Code cleaning: remove marker publishing
  • Finaly, won! Git vs Denis: 0:1
  • Really wrong
  • Added: status checking, reseting of sensor and some minor code edits
  • Error handling
  • Merge branch \'ati_baudrate\' of Conflicts: common/include/cob_forcetorque/ForceTorqueCtrl.h common/src/ForceTorqueCtrl.cpp config/can_ati.yaml ros/src/fts_node.cpp
  • High rate, workable version, it seams that works really nice
  • Added: config node and changed baudrate of FTS.
  • wtf commit
  • Added force transformation
  • Some quite working version
  • receiveMsg changed to recieveMsgRetry
  • finished migration to tf2
  • Migration to tf2
  • Error correction: name changeing
  • Changed package name
  • Changed message type to geometry_msgs/Wrench
  • Now read parameters form parameter server, correction of error
  • Read paramter from parameter server
  • Removed old files for CanESD which is now in cob_generic_can
  • Added smo checking, easy changeble ID...
  • Catknisation and first working version
  • Initial commit
  • Contributors: Alexander Pollmann, Andreea Tulbure, Denis

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