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ROS2 Navigation System

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The ROS 2 Navigation System is the control system that enables a robot to autonomously reach a goal state, such as a specific position and orientation relative to a specific map. Given a current pose, a map, and a goal, such as a destination pose, the navigation system generates a plan to reach the goal, and outputs commands to autonomously drive the robot, respecting any safety constraints and avoiding obstacles encountered along the way.


We are currently in the pre-release development phase, contributions are welcome. To contribute, see the documentation README.

Building the source

For instructions on how to download and build this repo, see the file.

Creating a docker image

To build an image from the Dockerfile in the navigation2 folder: First, clone the repo to your local system (or see Building the source above)

sudo docker build -t nav2/latest .

If proxies are needed:

sudo docker build -t nav2/latest --build-arg http_proxy= --build-arg https_proxy= .

Note: You may also need to configure your docker for DNS to work. See article here for details: