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Version 4.3.0
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ROS driver for the Suction Pinching Hand after Ver.7.0.

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  • Shun Hasegawa


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Changelog for package sphand_driver

4.3.0 (2021-07-14)

  • Merge pull request #2751 from knorth55/fix-version fix version in demo packages
  • Merge branch \'master\' into fix-version
  • Merge pull request #2722 from knorth55/add-sleep add sleep in calib_required_controller
  • add sleep in calib_required_joint_controller in sphand_driver
  • fix version in demo packages change to 4.2.1 for all other jsk_apc packages
  • Merge pull request #2708 from pazeshun/add-grasp_prediction_arc2017
  • Change topic name \'from_main\' -> \'gripper_front\'
  • Merge pull request #2707 from pazeshun/add-sphand_ros
  • [sphand_ros] Add reflectance_param to format_printed_prox_to_csv
  • [sphand_ros] Speed up dynamixel loop to 40Hz
  • [sphand_ros] prop_const -> reflectance_param
  • [sphand_ros] Add euslisp interface to get prop_const
  • [sphand_ros] Record compressedDepth as it is now not relayed from UP Board
  • [sphand_ros] Don\'t use compressedDepth from UP Board When subscribing compressedDepth from kinetic UP Board, hz of image_raw drops. This is because usage of CPU processing camera becomes 100%. Even on baxter-c1, hz of image_raw drops if png_level is 9 or 8.
  • [sphand_ros] Add euslisp interface of combined distance
  • [sphand_ros] Fix to use ToF in combined distance when no obj is found after calibration
  • [sphand_ros] Publish distance combined with ToF output Far part: ToF distance, middle & close part: distance generated from intensity
  • [sphand_ros] ws_jsk_apc -> kinetic
  • [sphand_ros] Fix installing to follow
  • [sphand_ros] Add launch recording rosbag
  • [sphand_ros] Add install settings
  • [sphand_ros] Add test_depend
  • [sphand_ros] Remove dependency for msg generation from sphand_driver
  • [sphand_ros] Remove dependency to mraa from package.xml Because adding apt repository is required for mraa and rosdep cannot resolve dependency
  • [sphand_ros] Do TODOs of package.xml
  • [sphand_ros] Enable linter to check all python files
  • [sphand_ros] Add tests
  • [sphand_ros] Fix proximity printer usage
  • [sphand_ros] Copy proximity printer from
  • [sphand_ros] Adjust euslisp files
  • [sphand_ros] Copy required euslisp files from
  • [sphand_ros] Add launch of task-agnostic part of baxterlgv7.launch
  • [sphand_ros] Add launch to create point cloud on remote PC
  • [sphand_ros] Follow workspace path change
  • Copy sphand_ros from
  • Contributors: Shingo Kitagawa, Shun Hasegawa

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