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Version 0.2.1
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Last Updated 2018-03-26
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Package Description

ROS packages for the robotis_op3 (meta package)

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  • Pyo


  • Kayman
  • SCH
  • Jay Song
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Changelog for package robotis_op3

0.2.1 (2018-03-26)

  • modified preview_response to fix operator matching bug on i386 machine
  • Contributors: SCH

0.2.0 (2018-03-26)

  • first release of op3_online_walking_module package
  • first release of op3_localization package
  • first release of op3_balance_control package
  • added C++11 build option
  • deleted op3_optimization
  • changed package.xml to use format v2
  • op3_base_module: changed method to setting module(msg -> srv) fixed a bug to jump to init pose fixed a bug in head_control_module that wrong init vel or accel is set for generating trajectory in middle of moving changed a method of setting module in base_module added C++11 build option
  • op3_head_control_module: increased scanning speed fixed bug that the garbage value entered the initial value of velocity/acceleration to generate a trajectory fixed a bug in head_control_module that wrong init vel or accel is set for generating trajectory in middle of moving. changed a method of setting module in base_module
  • op3_manager: added wholebody module added online walking module added body offset z added C++11 build option deleted op3_optimization node in op3_manager.launch changed dynamixel code for deprecated function
  • op3_walking_module: added debug print
  • refactoring to release
  • Contributors: Kayman, SCH, Pyo

0.1.1 (2017-10-31)

  • added op3_direct_control_module package
  • added missing package in find_package()
  • added op3_walking_module_msgs in find_package() function
  • fixed missing dependence
  • fixed action_module bug
  • changed License from BSD to Apache 2.0
  • Contributors: Kayman, Pyo

0.1.0 (2017-10-27)

  • added new metapackage for ROBOTIS OP3
  • added new function to action_editor(mirror, copy step value)
  • added the function of recovery after reset
  • added function of reset dxl power
  • added action, modified dxl init file
  • added function to play mp3 with playing action
  • added debug setting to the init.yaml
  • added motoin_data
  • added ceremony motion after kick [soccer_demo]
  • applied latest framework to robot files
  • applied advance of soccer demo
  • applied ROS C++ Coding Style
  • applying framework
  • clear offset file
  • modified start button function : restart -> restart or go init pose [op3_manager]
  • modified the OP3.robot
  • modified gain
  • updated for humanoid 2016
  • changed control cycle to 8ms
  • changed setting for walking and dxl
  • changed mp3 files to new voice
  • changed package name : op2 -> op3
  • Contributors: Kayman

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