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Package Summary

Tags No category tags.
Version 4.2.1
License BSD
Build type CATKIN

Repository Summary

Checkout URI
VCS Type git
VCS Version master
Last Updated 2020-11-18
CI status No Continuous Integration
Tags No category tags.
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Package Description

Common package for Amazon Robotics Challenge 2017 at JSK Lab.

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  • Kentaro Wada


  • Kentaro Wada
  • Shingo Kitagawa
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Changelog for package jsk_arc2017_common

4.2.1 (2019-04-18)

  • ignore fcn32s.npz
  • Add WeightChangeDetector to tell weight change without candidates
  • Fix path of dataset and download raw data automatically
  • Update for updated Object.msg
  • Flip model\'s axis to make them face to z
  • Object 3d annotation to multi-view log data
  • Update
  • Update
  • Fix unreasonable ~json_dir param to candidates_publisher
  • Skip empty bin while visualizing JSON
  • Don\'t ignore fcn32s.npz to remove it by git clean
  • Modify weight of poland_spring_water
  • use timer in candidates_publisher
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada, Shingo Kitagawa, Shun Hasegawa, Yuto Uchimi

4.2.0 (2017-11-01)

  • Add README
  • Add .gitignore
  • Install item_data via a script for few-shot segmentation
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada

4.1.9 (2017-10-28)

4.1.8 (2017-10-26)

4.1.7 (2017-10-26)

  • 4.1.6
  • Update CHANGELOG.rst
  • 4.1.5
  • Update CHANGELOG.rst
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada

4.1.4 (2017-10-15)

  • Skip ResourceNotFound error to pass build on
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada

4.1.6 (2017-10-24)

4.1.5 (2017-10-23)

  • 4.1.4
  • Update CHANGELOG
  • Skip ResourceNotFound error to pass build on
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada

4.1.3 (2017-10-12)

4.1.2 (2017-10-11)

  • Create fcn32s.npz symlink by In order to avoid error in bloom.
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada

4.1.1 (2017-10-10)

  • Equalize weight_candidates_refiner in jsk_apc to upstream PRs
  • Create ItemData by taking photos
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada, Shun Hasegawa

4.1.0 (2017-08-12)

  • Warn about nan value
  • Publish nan value when unstable by EkEwIDriver
  • use 1B2 instead of K3 for test
  • use sample_pick_task json for sample launch
  • fix bug in cardboard ids 1A5 is bigger than 1B2, but 1A5 is never used for cardboard_C and 1B2 for cardboard_B
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada, Shingo Kitagawa

4.0.9 (2017-07-29)

  • Fix typo in
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada

4.0.8 (2017-07-29)

4.0.7 (2017-07-28)

  • fix visualize_object
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada

4.0.6 (2017-07-28)

4.0.5 (2017-07-28)

4.0.4 (2017-07-27)

4.0.3 (2017-07-27)

  • Set default model
  • change suction graspability of avery_binder
  • fix nosetest path in jsk_arc2017_common
  • Show with red color for unknown objects in list_label_names
  • Add get_known_object_names and its tests
  • Fixes for unknown objects
  • Use fcn32s.npz in models dir
  • Support unknown objects disclosed just before the challenge This requires
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada, Naoya Yamaguchi, Shingo Kitagawa

4.0.2 (2017-07-27)

  • change pinch graspability of white_facecloth
  • publish bin_contents in json_saver
  • add Content and ContentArray msg
  • change reynolds wrap graspability
  • Contributors: Naoya Yamaguchi, Shingo Kitagawa

4.0.1 (2017-07-26)

  • Reset pub_imgs
  • Classify object in grasped region
  • fix E303 too many blank lines (2) ?
  • create
  • create
  • 148000 iterations with Datasetv3 ` % ./ logs/fcn32s_CFG-009_DATASET-v3_OPTIMIZER-Adam_WEIGHT_DECAY-0.0005_LR-1e-05_MAX_ITERATION-150000_VCS-c0bff11_TIME-20170723-112528/models/fcn32s_dataset_v3_cfg009_20170724.npz Accuracy: 93.7259 AccClass: 92.3574 Mean IoU: 84.6101 Fwav Acc: 88.3183`
  • pinch graspability 2 -> 3
  • Contributors: Kei Okada, Kentaro Wada, Naoya Yamaguchi, Yuto Uchimi

4.0.0 (2017-07-24)

  • Fix workorder in shared shelf-bin (B)
  • Fix suction for pie plates
  • Enhance object location display
  • fix graspability of some items
  • Fix graspability of speed stick
  • FCN32s trained using natural dataset (datasetV3)
  • add
  • add GetGraspStyle service
  • sort work order by graspability
  • add list_graspability script
  • add func get_object_graspability()
  • Fixed training of FCN32s using stacking data augmentation
  • No use of ConnectionBasedTransport in WeightCanditatesRefiner
  • Fix old timestamp in EkEwIDriver output
  • Always subscribe weight scale in weight_candidates_refiner
  • Use class segmentation in known objects Because we changed the strategy to handle the unknown (newly passed) objects.
  • Mark ordered objects with red circle in VisualizeJSON
  • Fix for pep8
  • Update
  • Update
  • Update
  • change topic name
  • always publish raw weight value
  • Fix typo in
  • publish prev_weight_sum for debugging (#2322)
    • publish prev_weight_sum for debugging
    • Update
    • Fix typo
    • Update
  • sort work order by object weight, pick lighter one
  • add get_object_weights() in jsk_arc2017_common
  • move object weight yaml to config dir
  • Update
  • Disable of downloading old chainer models
  • Create dataset V2
  • Rename scripts,
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada, Naoya Yamaguchi, Shingo Kitagawa, Shun Hasegawa

3.3.0 (2017-07-15)

  • Add script to visualize annotated 2d dataset
  • fix E271 multiple spaces after keyword ERROR....
  • Detect serial blocked and restart
  • Update to support multi shelf bins
  • Add README to annotate_2d_dataset
  • Rename to
  • Publish scenes and view frame of DatasetV3 in ROS
  • merge json_generator into one program (#2270)
  • Fix for flake8
  • Memoize result of visualize_json
  • refine weight_candidates_refiner node
  • publish -1 when scale is disabled
  • remove unused launch
  • rename to weight_candidates_refiner node
  • add use_topic and input_candidates args
  • sub candidates in scale object estimation node
  • publish WeightStamped from scale node
  • add Weight and WeightStamped msg
  • replace bg_label by ignore_labels
  • use arc2017 object_segmentation_3d in stow task
  • ad ignore_labels in label_to_cpi
  • add USE_PCA argment in object_segmentation_3d.launch
  • Contributors: Kei Okada, Kentaro Wada, Naoya Yamaguchi, Shingo Kitagawa, Shun Hasegawa

3.2.0 (2017-07-06)

  • add object_classification with FCN launch
  • add doc, sample and test for candidates_publisher
  • update Label msg API follow
  • add candidates_publisher node
  • Create object_segmentation_3d.launch in jsk_arc2017_common
  • Semantic segmentation of unknown objects
  • Use simlink to scales
  • Add udev rule for scale
  • Support json with no boxes in visualize_json
  • Update doc for
  • Subscribe json_dir input topic in visualize_json
  • Publish json_dir in
  • Visualize json (item_location/order) for ARC tasks
  • copy location and order json in save dir at first
  • json_saver supports pick task
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada, Shingo Kitagawa, Shun Hasegawa

3.1.0 (2017-06-30)

  • Add mesh models for 36 objects
  • update UpdateJSON and replace SaveJSON by Trigger
  • add
  • Refactor yaml file format
  • Fix format
  • Add thread lock to estimate_object_by_scale
  • Change init of object estimation to srv
  • Add object estimation by scale
  • and_scale_rosserial -> ekew_i_driver
  • Add object weight data
  • remove non-item label in json generator
  • update sample_pick_task json
  • update pick_json_generator for new pick env
  • update work_order_publisher for new shelf
  • Place location config files in jsk_arc2017_baxter
  • add publish_tote_boxes and interactive tote marker
  • Move task config to jsk_arc2017_baxter
  • Rename config collect_data -> collect_data_in_shelf
  • add files for data collection
  • Remove no need
  • add depth image merging nodes
  • Deploy FCN32s trained on Dataset=v2, config=003
  • add shelf_marker for stow_task
  • add stow_json_generator and sample_stow_task json
  • fix typo in pick_json_generator
  • Add python module: get_object_names (#2132)
    • Add python module: get_object_names
    • Fix for flake8
    • Fix typo
  • Make label_names.yml as just a name list
  • Add log summarization script
  • Improve logging in training script
  • add easy picking task json files for mayfes demo
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada, Shingo Kitagawa, Shun Hasegawa, Yuto Uchimi

3.0.3 (2017-05-18)

3.0.2 (2017-05-18)

  • Fix missing build depend on jsk_data
    • because is run in Cmake
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada

3.0.1 (2017-05-16)

  • Fix missing dependency on jsk_data
  • fix typo in WorkOrderPublisher
  • sort cardboard by box size and give ABC name
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada, Shingo Kitagawa

3.0.0 (2017-05-08)

  • Fix style of nodes in roslaunch files
  • Add sample for work_order_publisher
  • Fix name of sample_set_location_in_rosparam
  • Fix for move of data/objects -> config/objects
  • Don\'t use ROS in training script
  • add sample launch for set_location_in_rosparam
  • print stdout in set_location_in_rosparam
  • fix typo in set_location_in_rosparam
  • remove unused package and sort alphabetically
  • use label_names.yaml instead of objects.txt
  • set myself as a author
  • update json generator script
  • mv pick_work_order_server -> work_order_publisher
  • replace publish_shelf_bin_bbox to existing node
  • remove unnecessary lines in CMakeLists
  • move json -> data/json
  • switch cardboard place cardboard a: left upper cardboard b: left lower cardboard c: right
  • add abandon items for work_order_server
  • fix typo in package.xml in jsk_arc2017_common
  • update shelf_bin position config
  • set cardboard id as A,B,C in work_order
  • add pick_work_order_server test
  • fix typo in arc2017 json item_location_file.json
  • add myself as a maintainer
  • update CMakelists.txt and package.xml for roseus
  • add set_location_in_rosparam node
  • format bin_name as capital alphabet
  • update pick_work_order_server for new json format
  • update json generator and sample in correct format
  • add example json and box size config
  • add pick_work_order_server for arc2017
  • introduce new WorkOrder&WorkOrderArray msg
  • add sample_pick.json and json generate script
  • add setup_for_pick.launch for arc2017
  • add shelf_interactive_marker.yaml
  • add publish_shelf_bin_bbox for new shelf
  • Add python-serial to run_depends
  • Fix typo
  • Read weight data from AND scale
    • new file:
  • Ignore AR20170331
  • Update model file with stacking data augmentation
  • Add data augmentation method with stacking
  • Update api of torchfcn
  • Improve imgaug
  • Simplify config
  • Update data with AR_20170331 dataset
  • Add link to wiki
  • Neat config & log handling
  • Add ROS sample of FCNObjectSegmentation
  • Add sample data of JSKV1 dataset
  • Fix path of data
  • Change path of JSKV1
  • Add option to skip dataset with stamp
  • Show datetime in annotation
  • Improve view_jsk_v1
    • p for back
    • show timestamp
  • Training experiments
  • Update config
  • Check label.npz existence
  • Sort dirs for annotation
  • Fix locking
  • Show stamp_dir
  • Lock for parallel annotation
  • Augument image using imgaug
  • Fix data field name
  • 002_fcn32s_dataset_v1.yaml
  • Fix for flake8
  • Add requirements.txt
  • Training script of FCN32s
  • Add dataset class for JSKARC2017From16
  • Add script to convert JSKAPC2016 to ARC2017
  • Split dataset for train and valid
  • Remove underscore for consistent names
  • Add
  • Neat visualization of dataset
    • Show size of All and Annotated
    • Show label names
  • Script to view dataset before/after annotated
  • Update data using
  • Save data with compression
  • Save label as npz file with compression
  • Smaller size of object list
  • Annotation script for JSK_V1 dataset
  • Add script to list objects
  • Visualize object list
  • Parse AR_20170224 dataset
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada, Shingo Kitagawa

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