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Package Summary

Tags No category tags.
Version 0.0.4
License BSD
Build type CATKIN

Repository Summary

Checkout URI
VCS Type git
VCS Version 0.0.4
Last Updated 2017-03-15
CI status No Continuous Integration
Tags No category tags.
Contributing Help Wanted (0)
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Package Description

The jsk_2013_04_pr2_610 package

Additional Links


  • Kei Okada
  • Yuki Furuta


  • Kei Okada
  • Youhei Kakiuchi
  • Yusuke Furuta
  • Hiroyuki Mikita
  • Chan Wesley
  • Yuto Inagaki
  • Eisoku Kuroiwa
  • Yuki Furuta



IRTホームアシスタントロボット による掃除片付け作業シーケンスのPR2による実現,
in The 31th Annual Conference on Robotics Society of Japan, 1I2-02, 2013.


This is the package of the demo programs including various home-assistant tasks:

  • Picking/Placing tray with dual arm
  • Picking soft clothes with arm
  • Manipulating laundry machine
  • Picking a broom and cleaning room
  • Moving a chair

a.k.a PR2/ROS re-written version of 2009 irt demo

Following components are used for completion of tasks:

More detailed information is provided in the citation


This package can be executed both on simulation and on real robot.

On Simulation

If you want to execute on real robot, see below


NOTE hydro distribution is assumed. Please replace it if you want to use on other distribution.

NOTE Assumed that catkin workspace has been installed on your environment. If you don't yet have catkin workspace, please follow the instruction.

source /opt/ros/hydro/setup.bash
cd /path/to/your_catkin_ws
mkdir src
wstool init src
wstool set jsk_demos -t src --git
wstool set jsk_planning -t src --git
wstool set xdot -t src --git #
wstool update -t src
rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src -r -n -y
catkin build jsk_2013_04_pr2_610
source /path/to/your_catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash

Launch demo

  • kinematics only
  1. open terminal, then execute following commands
# Terminal 1

# Terminal 2
rosrun jsk_2013_04_pr2_610 demo.l "(demo)" # please ignore all error message

  1. Now you will see pr2 Kinematics Simulator window, and PR2 robot on it.

tray wash chair bloom

  • use planning
  1. you can launch demo_<type>.launch with option use_sim:=true
# Terminal 1
roslaunch jsk_2013_04_pr2_610 demo_tray.launch use_sim:=true
# replace `tray` with `wash` or `all` if you'd like to see other demos.

  • planning visualization
  1. execute command below
# Terminal 1
roslaunch jsk_2013_04_pr2_610 planner.launch

In this demo, you can see more described information about planning.

  • state transition graph


  • generated plan (PDDL Planner Viewer)


  • action state transition graph (SMACH Viewer)


On Real Robot

This package is assumed to use PR2 robot. To connect to PR2, set some ENV in shell:

export ROS_MASTER_URI=http://<PR2 IP>:11311
export ROS_HOSTNAME=<workstation IP>
export ROS_IP=<workstation IP>

Launch All Demo Tasks

Then now you can execute all demo plans.

In PR2 internal pc, you can launch all demos with one launch file.

# on PR2
roslaunch jsk_2013_04_pr2_610 demo_all.launch


Changelog for package jsk_2013_04_pr2_610

0.0.4 (2017-03-15)

  • [jsk_2013_04_pr2_610][package.xml] remove unnecessary dependency: jsk_smart_gui
  • [jsk_2013_04_pr2_610] add test for planning
  • [jsk_2013_04_pr2_610] fix dependency for 610 demo
  • Contributors: Furushchev, Yuki Furuta

0.0.3 (2016-02-11)

  • jsk_2013_04_pr2_610/ without space, it breaks kanji-code in emacs?
  • jsk_2013_04_pr2_610/ fix section/subsection
  • update to use ROBOT env value to select machine file
  • Contributors: Kei Okada, Yuto Inagaki

0.0.2 (2015-11-26)

  • now jsk_2013_04_pr2_610 depends on task_compiler
  • Update source donwload xdot
  • Update solves
  • add rostest for demo program for pr2_610
  • [README] update jsk_2013_04_pr2_610 demo readme
  • [jsk_demo_common] fix error in simulation-modep part
  • [jsk_demo_common] change from :joint-action-enable to :simulation-modep
  • [jsk_demos/jsk_2013_04_pr2_610] add use_sim option to launch files for launching on non PR2 environment
  • Contributors: Yuki Furuta, Kamada Hitoshi, Kei Okada

0.0.1 (2015-06-11)

  • [jsk_demos] remove rosmake files
  • add catkin build dependencies for 610 demo
  • jsk_2013_04_pr2_610 only depends on roseus for build process
  • switch catkin.cmake when use catkin
  • catkinize jsk_2013_04_pr2_610
  • add geometry_msgs to dependencies
  • add multi planner option in demo launch
  • change chair assoced link name
  • replace r_wrist_roll_link to r_wrist_roll_link_lk
  • now no need special client to use pddl downward
  • support downward planner
  • bugfix: invalid funcall in push-chair
  • add readme
  • fix type
  • update location of loading setup sequence
  • update action.l
  • move pddl-action-fuctions to action.l
  • move loading file location
  • add functions for smach
  • rename pddl action close -> close-door, bacause close overwrite euslisp function
  • add plan-demo-smach.l for using smach as a plan executor
  • add switch plan or not in launch file
  • do not push-back chair
  • add smach
  • more-open-door laundry
  • add description_wash.l
  • rename sweep-under-table to sweep-under-table-front
  • move raise-mop from place-broom to sweep-room
  • disable metric of description.l
  • add \'t\' at each function for pddl
  • debug description.k
  • debug
  • debug for pddl
  • add pddl total-cost metric, divide pddl object \'table\' -> \'table-front\'/\'table-side\'
  • add sweap macro
  • change demo to planning
  • debug of function renames
  • add push-chair function
  • add planning demo
  • rename functions
  • repair setup-for-pddl.l
  • add plan.l, plan-graph.l
  • revert to commit by furuta-jsk
  • assoc broom after bringup-broom, go pr2 forward before placing tray
  • fix table position
  • move demo in ri simulation
  • speak task before doing
  • refactor sweep-under-table-dual-arm
  • change torso height when pick up bloom
  • fix demo*.app, syntax of launch/icon section is [package]/[filename]
  • look at cloth when pass and change sweep init pose
  • add launch file for planner
  • update icon
  • fix paths for appchooser
  • change sweep motion and position
  • remove bag in sweep-under-table-init-slim
  • fix typo
  • use angle-vector sequence when put cloth
  • fix pick-cloth-larm: go back if fail to grasp
  • fix a little due to [#1815]
  • add forgotten parenthesis
  • dont use torso when pick broom
  • do not set the rarm pr2-tuckarm-pose-rarm-free
  • change the way of set the rarm off of the broom
  • use angle-vector-sequence when open laundry
  • fix demo2 improved by furuta-jsk/s-fujii
  • return nil if pr2 fails to pick cloth by larm
  • skip tuckarm pose at the initialize of move-to-chair-larm
  • dont wait interpolation after place tray
  • change position of putting tray
  • fix typo in move-to-chair-larm
  • use angle-vector-with-constraint in pick-broom
  • use turtlebot_big.jpg under jsk_perception #173
  • enable tray detection for pic-tray #173
  • enable tray-detection
  • look at tray in pr2-pick-tray-pose, #173
  • pick cloth with larm and pass to rarm
  • move arms after open hands in place-tray
  • repeat pick-tray if fail
  • fix #213
  • change rotation angle and rotation axis when pull chair
  • fix yokei-down-height
  • dont detect laundry in simulation
  • fix previous furuta-jsk commit
  • dont check grasp in simulation
  • dont detect chair in simulation
  • add raise mop fucntion in util.l
  • change length of putting forward a tray
  • ignore checking tray in simulation
  • up torso before place tray
  • lower the pos of catch chair and do not go-pos backward on pulling chair
  • fix grasp check on pick-tray
  • put forward a tray before putting down
  • fix launch script for footobject, see #199
  • tray-detection is not impremented yet
  • revert tray-detection
  • add move-arm
  • bugfix: fix typo
  • bugfix xml \'if\' error
  • fix malform of xml
  • remove old launch; generalize detect_with_image.launch
  • debug move-chair
  • integrate demo files to 1 file
  • rename launch files - to _
  • now available for app_chooser
  • add code fir app_chooser
  • add macro setup-for-pddl.l
  • delete unused code; function move-to-* and pick-tray returns t if success or nil if not;
  • add depends to pddl_planner
  • delete test.l
  • add test.l
  • add tray image recognition; common image detection launch file
  • add detect-with-image.launch
  • add test-detect-chair.l
  • add detect-foot-object.l
  • modify chair grasp problem
  • change tray-spot x -= 100
  • rename app -> apps
  • modify detect-foot
  • debug test-particles
  • modify test-particles
  • make example-filter
  • test example for pfilter
  • add particleFilter
  • add new msg type
  • add joy-move.l and detect-foot.l
  • set roseus name to jsk_irt_demo
  • little change
  • commit 2013/6/12 demo version
  • update with cost
  • add speak
  • fix for demo; add app for app_manager
  • fix for demo
  • break open laundry door
  • add table launch
  • add detect-tabls s
  • modify
  • try to open laundry
  • change topic name scan_filtered2 -> scan_filtered_foot, all_input_marker_array -> detect_chair_debug_marker
  • this is not needed
  • modify sweep-under-table and move-chair
  • minor changes
  • move-chair change to grab side || a little change in sweep-under-table
  • change sweep-under-table\'s last and init func
  • make pick-cloth speedy and change some go-pos
  • change inflation
  • update sweep-under-table function [#181]
  • dissoc before exit function [#177]
  • fix for casing grasp [#177]
  • add comment to how to test [#177]
  • in pick-broom (grasp-broom), we use :rotation-axis t, fixed [#177]
  • fix indent for debug
  • move pick-brooms-spot, more closer to the wall [#177]
  • fix grasp-broom, do not exit from function whith assced object, dessoc before exit and assoc again in next function, check if the robot grasp broom using return value of start-grasp and returns from function
  • pr2-reset-pose, before :stop-grasp, since pr2-reset-pose wait-interpolation [#177]
  • check if ik is solved, retry 3 times [#177]
  • add detect-all.launch that start detect-chair and detect-laundry [#182]
  • add comment and ros-info
  • little arrange in move-chairs
  • debug of assocs
  • debug delete extra interpolation
  • bugfix: rotating wrist unexpectedly during put-cloth-into
  • fixed ticket:[#172], retry unless grasping broom
  • fixed ticket[#170]
  • debug move-chair
  • make chair-detect better
  • add msg and repair chair-detection
  • add check-chair-marker
  • add check-marker function
  • add test-publish-marker.l
  • debug little change
  • remove move-chair-back.l
  • infration value change
  • topic name repair
  • bug fixed position of laundry
  • little modify in detect-chair
  • change params in detect-chair
  • debug in detect-chair
  • move-chair-back
  • In detect-chair add limitations
  • propdel svn:executable from detect-laundry.launch
  • add depend to laser_filters_jsk_patch, jsk_perception
  • fix move-to-laundry: remove move neck-p
  • add detect-chair.launch
  • rotation-axis :z -> t in grasp-broom
  • implemented pick-broom.l
  • In move-chair get rid of do-until-key
  • remove detect_laundry.launch
  • delete shadow_filter_example.yaml~
  • new pick-broom.l with image processing
  • merge confict
  • new parameters for shadow_filter
  • move-chair was repaired
  • merge conflicted
  • add sweep-under, put, open, close pull, push, push-button [#89]
  • add pddl/plan.l
  • do not execute detect-chair when loaded
  • clean up obsolete files
  • move launch files under launch directory, change euslisp file name with _ to -
  • detect chair with using objectDetection
  • laundry recognition success using narrow_stereo left
  • move-to-chair-bacl modify
  • add move back functions
  • add test code test-detect-laundry.l
  • bugfix: publish-laundry-marker.l
  • add publish-laundry-marker.l
  • test-detect-laundry tf publish
  • use :object keyword to pick only tray
  • detect_chair can publish ObjectDetection
  • calc chair centor pos
  • modify marker_laundry_cut.jpg
  • add marker_laundry
  • add image processing to put-cloth-into-laundry
  • add detect_chair.l
  • add test-detect-laundry
  • tilt chair more smoothly
  • bugfix:typo miss in app.launch demo.l
  • In sweep-under-table add some inverse-kinematics process
  • move-to-laundry modify to more simple
  • [#126] bug fix: unnecessary comment out in move-to-laundry and modify pos of laundry
  • minor bug fix
  • in move-to-sweep tuck right. sweep-spot modify
  • add draw object in pick-broom
  • change move-chair to display IRT viewer
  • add move floor spot
  • add marker of laundry
  • clear-costmap after disable tilt
  • change kitchen-table height in place-tray.l, change behavior after pick broom in pick-broom.l
  • do not need to set link-list
  • simultaneously change pose in move-to-table
  • commit
  • clean up plcae-tray codes [#108]
  • add test code
  • clean up plcae-tray codes [#108]
  • add change-inflation-range and clear-costmap at setup.l
  • use,
  • resolved conflicts
  • clean up other codes [#108]
  • clean up pick-tray codes [#108]
  • move objecs before setting up robot-interface [#108]
  • move world-to-610 in setup [#108]
  • use (setup) function to initialize demo environment
  • rename from switch-global-planner-observation to use-tilt-laser-obstacle-cloud, #94
  • params repair in move-chair
  • param chousei for chair
  • sweep-under-table disenable regrab and move chair-spot and chair
  • add moving mop function in furuta-sweep
  • fixed package name
  • at move-chair , we pull chair back
  • refactor furuta-sweep.l
  • add guard to irtviewer
  • add tilt off function switch-global-planar-observation
  • modify sweep undertable
  • pick-broom success
  • modify move-around function in furuta-sweep
  • merge conflict
  • last update of setup.l for move-chair
  • modify sweep under table
  • add yukizaki\'s function to setup.l
  • add demo.l for app launcher
  • add file for move-chair
  • added place tray function
  • add move-chair-back
  • y-tanaka-pick-tray.l has been added and loaded from setup.l modified
  • update iwaishi-pick-croth.l
  • gripper only to set rarm in move-chair
  • update (iwaishi-pick-cloth)
  • change move-around in furuta-sweep
  • modify setup.l
  • laundry
  • ik
  • hoge
  • add app settings and icon
  • add init function in put-cloth
  • add go-pos-unsafe after move-to
  • add furuta sweep function
  • update put-cloth-into-laudry.l
  • a bit param change for move-chair
  • added sweep-under-table
  • add revert-if-fail to put-cloth-into-laundry.l
  • update (iwaishi-pick-cloth)
  • add (iwaishi-pick-cloth)
  • debug move-chair
  • add laundry model
  • add iwiishi pick croth
  • update put-cloth-into-laundry.l
  • move-chair bug fix
  • move-chair arrange
  • bug fix dissoc of move-chair
  • change broom bind from room73b2 to room610
  • add location to open-laundry.l
  • pick-broom success on sim
  • not mv, but svn mv
  • correct filename
  • update open-laundry.l
  • model no koushin
  • move-to
  • unload open-laundry.l
  • clean up code and filename style
  • add inagaki
  • add yukizaki
  • add move-chair
  • update move-to-chair
  • do not show room610 in objects
  • add (move-to-table)
  • add assignee names
  • show room610 model in pr2-interface ,need to update jskeus
  • fix typo laundary -> laundry
  • bug fix
  • add utilities
  • add close-laundry-door
  • complete the part that are in charge of kuroiwa
  • add kuroiwa.l

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