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Version 0.1.6
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Last Updated 2018-05-02

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The backward_ros package is a ros wrapper of backward-cpp from

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  • Victor L√≥pez


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Backward ROS

For info about the backward-cpp project check

This wrapper should make it very easy to integrate backward_cpp into your ROS packages.

Integration of backward_ros

Add backward_ros to your package.xml <depend>backward_ros</depend>

Add backward_ros to your CMakeLists.txt find_package(catkin REQUIRED COMPONENTS your_dependencies backward_ros)

To get line numbers and more details, you need to build with debug information enabled (CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE = Debug or RelWithDebInfo)

You're done, it should automatically add a library to your executables, when they crash, they should print a nice stacktrace like this: pretty stackstrace


Changelog for package backward_ros

0.1.6 (2018-05-02)

  • Replace #warning with #pragma message
  • Update backward to the latest version
  • Fx wrong LIBRARIES variable concatenation
  • Contributors: Victor Lopez

0.1.5 (2018-04-27)

  • Fixed version for finding libraries for catkin_make
  • Resolve relative paths generated by catkin_make
  • Merge branch 'fix_typos' into 'master' Fix typos in See merge request qa/backward_ros!1
  • Fix typos in
  • Change so we put backward_ros specific information.
  • Force backward lib to link with backward targets
  • Contributors: Jordan Palacios, Victor, Victor Lopez

0.1.4 (2017-05-31)

  • Rosify backward cpp, add automatic sighandle and rosconsole print
  • Update doc about color mode & std::ostream.
  • Fix typo in build link
  • Merge pull request #62 from bryant1410/master Fix broken headings in Markdown files
  • Add color mode. This is a breaking change. The printer now offers a color_mode setting: automatic, always, never. When given a FILE* stream on linux, the automatic mode will retrieve file descriptor behind it and call isatty().
  • Merge branch 'print-to-streams' of into ogdf-print-to-streams
  • Fix broken Markdown headings
  • Merge pull request #60 from ogdf/g++7-warnings Fix g++ 7.0.1 warnings
  • enable tests that somebody thought it was a good idea to permanently disable.
  • Only catch signals with a default action of "Core" Close #59
  • Fix g++- 7.0.1 -Wshadow warnings in test lib
  • Fix -Wshadow warnings from g++ 7.0.1
  • Fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough warning from g++ 7.0.1 The fallthrough (missing break after a case in a switch) is not necessary. We can just move the whole default code move down after the switch.
  • Merge pull request #58 from krf/fix-warning Fix -Wmissing-noreturn warning from Clang
  • Fix -Wmissing-noreturn warning from Clang
  • Merge pull request #56 from akreuzkamp/master Operator names are not supported by MSVC out of the box. Using them breaks code that needs to build with MSVC and/or (thus) uses "-fno-operator-names". As a header-only library should pursue maximal portability, this PR replaces the single usage of operator names with the more portable operator syntax.
  • Use && instead of and. Operator names are not supported by MSVC out of the box. Using them breaks code that needs to build with MSVC and/or (thus) uses "-fno-operator-names". As a header-only library should pursue maximal portability, this commit replaces the single usage of operator names with the more portable operator syntax.
  • Merge pull request #57 from bombela/issue-55 Fix conanfile recipe
  • [#55] Conan options are represented as attributes instead of map entries
  • Revert "[#55] omit cmake options in conanfile build step" This reverts commit 06fb80378505d5792c8ce8dcadacdabb9ae45ce7.
  • [#55] omit cmake options in conanfile build step
  • conan recipe url field points to official repository
  • Conan badge pointing to 1.3.0 release
  • conan recipe pointing to 1.3.0 release
  • Update travis ci badge to point to official builds
  • package
  • Merge pull request #49 from ruipires/master adds support for ppc architecture
  • Run tests on Travis CI
  • adds support for ppc architecture
  • Merge pull request #45 from edisongustavo/master Add support to find_package(Backward)
  • Add detailed instructions on how to use cmake to integrate Backward
  • Prevent that the cmake variable BACKWARD_INCLUDE_DIRS be infinitely appended on successive cmake runs
  • Don't use find_package() in CMakeLists.txt since it does not make sense
  • Merge pull request #44 from ogdf/make-skip-public Make StackTraceImpl*::skip_n_firsts() setter public
  • Merge pull request #43 from ogdf/make-context-sizes-configurable Printer: Make context sizes configurable
  • Add install()
  • Add support to find_package(Backward)
  • Make StackTraceImpl*::skip_n_firsts() setter public When the stack trace is used directly (and not by a signal), one may want to hide some of the first stack items because they will always be the same calls.
  • Printer: Make context sizes configurable
  • Let Colorizer reset on initialization
  • Make Printer::print methods available for streams
  • Merge pull request #40 from Jiboo/master Don't append definitions if already cached
  • Don't append definitions if already cached
  • Merge pull request #39 from merlinthered/master Some CMake-related fixes
  • Export BACKWARD_[...] CMake variables as cache variables If we do not export the variables set in BackwardMacros.cmake as cache variables, they will not be visible wherever add_backward() is called, and the macro will do nothing. Also, fix typo BACKWARD_INCLUDE_DIR -> BACKWARD_INCLUDE_DIRS
  • Readme fixes/clarifications for CMake Fixed name of BACKWARD_ENABLE variable Changed "myproject" to "mytarget" to avoid confusion
  • Merge pull request #34 from milianw/fix_bfd_compile_on_archlinux Define PACKAGE and PACKAGE_VERSION before including bfd.h
  • Merge pull request #35 from vvjcarter/master Add current List directory so that BackwardMacros.cmake correctly inc

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