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ROS Wrapper for the JACO Arm Developed at WPI

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  • David Kent
  • Russell Toris


  • David Kent
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Changelog for package wpi_jaco_wrapper

0.0.25 (2016-02-23)

  • small bugfix on arm initialization status
  • Fixed a trajectory following bug involving trajectories coming in from MoveIt
  • Bugfix for kinova_gripper param
  • Added kinova_gripper parameter, setting it to false will remove the action servers specifically using the two- or three-fingered kinova gripper designed for use with the jaco or mico
  • Added initial support for the Jaco2 arm, see readme for details
  • Added initial support for the Jaco2 arm, see readme for details
  • Contributors: David Kent

0.0.24 (2015-08-18)

  • reverted changelog
  • changelog updated
  • Added parameter to make homing the arm on initialization optional
  • Added a fingers_controller_radian action server to better integrate with MoveIt! using joint_state information for gripper close/open actions
  • Contributors: David Kent, Russell Toris

0.0.23 (2015-05-04)

  • Adjusted startup delay on gripper action finished check
  • Fixes to sometimes incorrect reporting of gripper action result in the jaco_manipulation action server
  • Contributors: David Kent

0.0.22 (2015-04-22)

  • Removed an out of date debug statement that was filling up the logs
  • Contributors: David Kent

0.0.21 (2015-04-17)

  • Check if InitApi is succesful.
  • Contributors: Mathijs de Langen

0.0.20 (2015-04-14)

  • typo
  • Server starts immediately and we check if the arm is initialized in the callback function
  • Revert \"file not used\" This reverts commit 51053ff0f7325aef8ee1345cefbe790f48ba003b.
  • file not used
  • Forgotten { during merge
  • Merge branch \'develop\' of into develop Conflicts: wpi_jaco_wrapper/include/wpi_jaco_wrapper/jaco_arm_trajectory_node.h wpi_jaco_wrapper/launch/arm.launch wpi_jaco_wrapper/src/jaco_arm_trajectory_node.cpp
  • default to mico_arm for us :P
  • moveitmodel
  • Making the jaco_arm_trajectory node work for MoveIt! with the Mico
  • Made some remapping for the arm.launch (so the topics are in order)
  • Finger speed added as constant (3000 is ~half of the Mico speeds)
  • debug ON
  • Changed joint_state publisher to what MoveIt! understands (change back in future)
  • movements somewhat slower
  • Finger speed added as constant (3000 is ~half of the Mico speeds)
  • Merge remote-tracking branch \'upstream/master\' into develop
  • debug ON
  • Changed joint_state publisher to what MoveIt! understands (change back in future)
  • movements somewhat slower
  • Contributors: Mathijs de Langen

0.0.19 (2015-04-10)

0.0.18 (2015-04-03)

  • Publish a message after the arm homes using the kinova api
  • Contributors: David Kent

0.0.17 (2015-03-27)

  • CMake typo fix
  • install files missing
  • Contributors: Russell Toris

0.0.16 (2015-03-24)

  • Removed some debugging output
  • Put back the remapping
  • Removed the *0.8 for testing
  • Added some comments for the parameters
  • finger_threshold, made error counting for mico depend on two/three fingers
  • added finger_error_threshold as configurable parameter
  • added finger_error_threshold as configurable parameter
  • Moved the } two lines to below (WRONG MERGE:/)
  • removed space
  • recommented stuff
  • for loops for the fingers
  • newline
  • Newlines at end of file
  • Load params for each node
  • Deal with different number of fingers
  • Removed test code
  • private nodehandle not needed
  • Made num finger joints configurable
  • added parameters, fixed typo
  • forgotten nodehandle
  • actionlib typedefs, made actionlib constructs pointer so parameters can be loaded first
  • Synced all topics names with arm_name
  • conversions topic uses arm name parameter
  • made loadParameters a const function
  • Renamed variables to follow ROS naming conventions
  • Topic renaming
  • Renamed topics
  • Made jaco_arm_trajectory_node configurable
  • Configurable parameters via #defines added
  • Missing a lock in the gripper action server, should fix a potential crash with the jaco
  • Changed gripper action success conditions to better reflect reality
  • Removed redundant messages
  • Updated jaco interaction to use the new rail_manipulation_msgs
  • Switched jaco_manipulation to use rail_manipulation_msgs
  • Contributors: David Kent, Mathijs de Langen

0.0.15 (2015-02-17)

  • Documentation
  • adjustment to erase trajectories service
  • Merge branch \'develop\' of into develop
  • Added some minor service calls to support some other packages
  • Contributors: David Kent

0.0.14 (2015-02-06)

  • Added software estop for the arm
  • Contributors: David Kent

0.0.13 (2015-02-03)

  • Result on gripper control action server now reports correctly.
  • Initial adjustment of gripper action server to fix result feedback
  • Contributors: David Kent

0.0.12 (2015-01-20)

  • Tuned finger position controller, added detection and termination if the fingers are blocked from reaching their goal
  • Finger position control test
  • Removed unused debug statement
  • Adjusted angular and cartesian command callbacks to correctly execute finger position commands when arm joint commands are not specified
  • Contributors: David Kent

0.0.11 (2014-12-18)

0.0.10 (2014-12-12)

0.0.9 (2014-12-02)

  • Added service call to get angular position of arm joints
  • Contributors: David Kent

0.0.8 (2014-10-22)

  • tuning
  • Added check to see if the gripper is already open before the gripper opening loop
  • Parameter tuning
  • Added max_curvature parameter for trajectory planning, thresholded gripper opening to prevent a bug that causes gripper opening to terminate late
  • Contributors: David Kent

0.0.7 (2014-09-19)

  • bugfix on gripper closing
  • Contributors: dekent

0.0.6 (2014-09-02)

0.0.5 (2014-08-25)

  • release prep
  • adjusted teleop due to a mode switching bug in the arm; moved teleop to jaco_teleop and included support for segmentation in jaco_interaction
  • fix for issue with single angular position commands
  • testing retract command
  • adjusted retract position
  • Home and retract actions added to interactive markers
  • Contributors: Russell Toris, dekent

0.0.4 (2014-08-05)

  • documentation
  • renamed namespace in library
  • fixed header names in cpp files
  • renamed wrapper headers
  • correctly links against JACO libraries via cmake
  • updated package names in launch files
  • Contributors: Russell Toris, dekent

0.0.3 (2014-08-01)

0.0.2 (2014-08-01)

0.0.1 (2014-07-31)

  • renamed JACO to WPI packages
  • Contributors: Russell Toris

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Launch files

  • launch/arm.launch
      • arm_name [default: jaco]
      • home_arm_on_init [default: true]
      • kinova_gripper [default: true]


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