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Checkout URI https://github.com/RIVeR-Lab/wpi_jaco.git
VCS Type git
VCS Version develop
Last Updated 2016-11-15


Name Version
jaco_description 0.0.25
jaco_interaction 0.0.25
jaco_moveit_config 0.0.25
jaco_sdk 0.0.25
jaco_teleop 0.0.25
mico_description 0.0.25
mico_moveit_config 0.0.25
wpi_jaco 0.0.25
wpi_jaco_msgs 0.0.25
wpi_jaco_wrapper 0.0.25


wpi_jaco Build Status

ROS Packages for the JACO, JACO2, and MICO Arms Developed at WPI

For full documentation, see the ROS wiki.

Doxygen files can be found on the ROS wiki.

This package servers as an alternative to jaco-arm.

Notes about the JACO2

This package now supports the JACO2 as well as the JACO and the MICO. Simply change the arm name in the wpi_jaco_wrapper arm.launch file from "jaco" to "jaco2", and the correct parameters will be loaded. Presently there is no description package for the jaco2 (see jaco_description or mico_description as examples for Kinova's other arms), and no MoveIt! configuration yet, but the other functionality should work with the new model of the arm. More details on the wpi_jaco ROS wiki page...


jaco_description includes both minified versions of the 3D Collada models as well as pre-compiled URDF files. To properly contribute, do the following:

  1. Re-minify any modified Collada files
    • cd /path/to/wpi_jaco/jaco_description/meshes
    • xmllint --noblanks my_modified_mesh.dae > my_modified_mesh.min.dae
  2. Re-compile the modified URDF
    • cd /path/to/wpi_jaco
    • rosrun xacro xacro jaco_description/robots/standalone_arm.urdf.xacro > jaco_description/robots/standalone_arm.urdf


For full terms and conditions, see the LICENSE file.


See the AUTHORS file for a full list of contributors.