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Version 1.3.5
License BSD-3
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Last Updated 2023-04-24
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Package Description

The sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place_1 package

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  • Pablo IƱigo Blasco


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State Machine Diagram


This example demonstrates the use of both MoveIt and MoveBase within the same state machine, and cross orthogonal communication between the robot arm orthogonal and the perception orthogonal.
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Build Instructions

Before you build, make sure you've installed all the dependencies...

rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src -r -y

Then you build with either catkin build or catkin make...

catkin build

Operating Instructions

After you build, remember to source the proper devel folder...

source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash

And then run the launch file...

roslaunch sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place_1 sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place_1.launch

Viewer Instructions

If you have the SMACC Viewer installed then type...

rosrun smacc_viewer

If you don't have the SMACC Viewer installed, click here for instructions.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Changelog for package sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place_1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

1.3.2 (2022-11-18)

  • improving opencv2 box detection and also restoring sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place_1 example
  • Added sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place_1_2
  • improving sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place_1
  • improving move it clients known-states and also adding the joint_state_viewer.launch
  • progressing in sm moveit client behavior known states
  • Merge branch \'master\' into melodic-devel
  • minor fix in smacc_base and improving the funcioning of the sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place_1 demo
  • Merge branch \'master\' into melodic-devel
  • adding xterm dependency and adding scrollbars
  • adding xterm dependency to examples
  • updated sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place_1 readme
  • Major Merge -> now master is unstable melodic-branch
  • fixing sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place_1 demo for melodic and creating pure spinning local planner
  • improing sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place_1 demo
  • preparing examples for debian files
  • minor workaround
  • preparing examples for debian files
  • progressing in melodic
  • fixing demos
  • Merge branch \'feature/moving_melodic\' into melodic-devel
  • Merge branch \'master\' into melodic-devel
  • some changes for melodic
  • some improvements in move_group_interface_client and other fixes
  • fixing smacc_viewer in melodic
  • minor change
  • Cleaning up Warnings
  • minor changes
  • testing the move joint behaviors
  • refactoring names and fixing broken build
  • progressing in moveit behaviors
  • refining demo
  • more work on demo
  • improving sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place_1 demo
  • fixing functioning in moveit example
  • trying to improve the example
  • fixing broken build
  • refactoring sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place_1 example, and creating library sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place_1_z
  • progressing in moveit example
  • fixing broken build
  • progressing in the moveit example, some refactoring in Pose Component. Adding also new funcionality for createNamedComponents, now components can be named and not just identified by its type. For example we can have two different Pose components in one single client
  • build fix
  • progress in moveit example
  • initials for the moveit smacc demo
  • Contributors: Brett Aldrich, Pablo I

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