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Bridge communication between ROS and Gazebo Transport

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  • Louise Poubel


  • Shivesh Khaitan

Bridge communication between ROS and Gazebo

This package provides a network bridge which enables the exchange of messages between ROS and Gazebo Transport.

The following message types can be bridged for topics:

ROS type Gazebo type
builtin_interfaces/msg/Time ignition::msgs::Time
std_msgs/msg/Bool ignition::msgs::Boolean
std_msgs/msg/ColorRGBA ignition::msgs::Color
std_msgs/msg/Empty ignition::msgs::Empty
std_msgs/msg/Float32 ignition::msgs::Float
std_msgs/msg/Float64 ignition::msgs::Double
std_msgs/msg/Header ignition::msgs::Header
std_msgs/msg/Int32 ignition::msgs::Int32
std_msgs/msg/UInt32 ignition::msgs::UInt32
std_msgs/msg/String ignition::msgs::StringMsg
geometry_msgs/msg/Wrench ignition::msgs::Wrench
geometry_msgs/msg/Quaternion ignition::msgs::Quaternion
geometry_msgs/msg/Vector3 ignition::msgs::Vector3d
geometry_msgs/msg/Point ignition::msgs::Vector3d
geometry_msgs/msg/Pose ignition::msgs::Pose
geometry_msgs/msg/PoseArray ignition::msgs::Pose_V
geometry_msgs/msg/PoseWithCovariance ignition::msgs::PoseWithCovariance
geometry_msgs/msg/PoseStamped ignition::msgs::Pose
geometry_msgs/msg/Transform ignition::msgs::Pose
geometry_msgs/msg/TransformStamped ignition::msgs::Pose
geometry_msgs/msg/Twist ignition::msgs::Twist
geometry_msgs/msg/TwistWithCovariance ignition::msgs::TwistWithCovariance
nav_msgs/msg/Odometry ignition::msgs::Odometry
nav_msgs/msg/Odometry ignition::msgs::OdometryWithCovariance
rcl_interfaces/msg/ParameterValue ignition::msgs::Any
ros_gz_interfaces/msg/Contact ignition::msgs::Contact
ros_gz_interfaces/msg/Contacts ignition::msgs::Contacts
ros_gz_interfaces/msg/Dataframe ignition::msgs::Dataframe
ros_gz_interfaces/msg/Entity ignition::msgs::Entity
ros_gz_interfaces/msg/Float32Array ignition::msgs::Float_V
ros_gz_interfaces/msg/GuiCamera ignition::msgs::GUICamera
ros_gz_interfaces/msg/JointWrench ignition::msgs::JointWrench
ros_gz_interfaces/msg/Light ignition::msgs::Light
ros_gz_interfaces/msg/StringVec ignition::msgs::StringMsg_V
ros_gz_interfaces/msg/TrackVisual ignition::msgs::TrackVisual
ros_gz_interfaces/msg/VideoRecord ignition::msgs::VideoRecord
ros_gz_interfaces/msg/WorldControl ignition::msgs::WorldControl
rosgraph_msgs/msg/Clock ignition::msgs::Clock
sensor_msgs/msg/BatteryState ignition::msgs::BatteryState
sensor_msgs/msg/CameraInfo ignition::msgs::CameraInfo
sensor_msgs/msg/FluidPressure ignition::msgs::FluidPressure
sensor_msgs/msg/Imu ignition::msgs::IMU
sensor_msgs/msg/Image ignition::msgs::Image
sensor_msgs/msg/JointState ignition::msgs::Model
sensor_msgs/msg/LaserScan ignition::msgs::LaserScan
sensor_msgs/msg/MagneticField ignition::msgs::Magnetometer
sensor_msgs/msg/NavSatFixed ignition::msgs::NavSat
sensor_msgs/msg/PointCloud2 ignition::msgs::PointCloudPacked
tf2_msgs/msg/TFMessage ignition::msgs::Pose_V
trajectory_msgs/msg/JointTrajectory ignition::msgs::JointTrajectory

And the following for services:

ROS type Gazebo request Gazebo response
ros_gz_interfaces/srv/ControlWorld ignition.msgs.WorldControl ignition.msgs.Boolean

Run ros2 run ros_gz_bridge parameter_bridge -h for instructions.

Example 1a: Gazebo Transport talker and ROS 2 listener

Start the parameter bridge which will watch the specified topics.

# Shell A:
. ~/bridge_ws/install/setup.bash
ros2 run ros_gz_bridge parameter_bridge /chatter@std_msgs/msg/String@ignition.msgs.StringMsg

Now we start the ROS listener.

# Shell B:
. /opt/ros/galactic/setup.bash
ros2 topic echo /chatter

Now we start the Gazebo Transport talker.

# Shell C:
ign topic -t /chatter -m ignition.msgs.StringMsg -p 'data:"Hello"'

Example 1b: ROS 2 talker and Gazebo Transport listener

Start the parameter bridge which will watch the specified topics.

# Shell A:
. ~/bridge_ws/install/setup.bash
ros2 run ros_gz_bridge parameter_bridge /chatter@std_msgs/msg/String@ignition.msgs.StringMsg

Now we start the Gazebo Transport listener.

# Shell B:
ign topic -e -t /chatter

Now we start the ROS talker.

# Shell C:
. /opt/ros/galactic/setup.bash
ros2 topic pub /chatter std_msgs/msg/String "data: 'Hi'" --once

Example 2: Run the bridge and exchange images

In this example, we're going to generate Gazebo Transport images using Gazebo Sim, that will be converted into ROS images, and visualized with rqt_image_viewer.

First we start Gazebo Sim (don't forget to hit play, or Gazebo Sim won't generate any images).

# Shell A:
ign gazebo sensors_demo.sdf

Let's see the topic where camera images are published.

# Shell B:
ign topic -l | grep image

Then we start the parameter bridge with the previous topic.

# Shell B:
. ~/bridge_ws/install/setup.bash
ros2 run ros_gz_bridge parameter_bridge /rgbd_camera/image@sensor_msgs/msg/Image@ignition.msgs.Image

Now we start the ROS GUI:

# Shell C:
. /opt/ros/galactic/setup.bash
ros2 run rqt_image_view rqt_image_view /rgbd_camera/image

You should see the current images in rqt_image_view which are coming from Gazebo (published as Gazebo Msgs over Gazebo Transport).

The screenshot shows all the shell windows and their expected content (it was taken using ROS 2 Galactic and Gazebo Fortress):

Gazebo Transport images and ROS rqt

Example 3: Static bridge

In this example, we're going to run an executable that starts a bidirectional bridge for a specific topic and message type. We'll use the static_bridge executable that is installed with the bridge.

The example's code can be found under ros_gz_bridge/src/static_bridge.cpp. In the code, it's possible to see how the bridge is hardcoded to bridge string messages published on the /chatter topic.

Let's give it a try, starting with Gazebo -> ROS 2.

On terminal A, start the bridge:

ros2 run ros_gz_bridge static_bridge

On terminal B, we start a ROS 2 listener:

ros2 topic echo /chatter std_msgs/msg/String

And terminal C, publish an Gazebo message:

ign topic -t /chatter -m ignition.msgs.StringMsg -p 'data:"Hello"'

At this point, you should see the ROS 2 listener echoing the message.

Now let's try the other way around, ROS 2 -> Gazebo.

On terminal D, start an Igntion listener:

ign topic -e -t /chatter

And on terminal E, publish a ROS 2 message:

ros2 topic pub /chatter std_msgs/msg/String 'data: "Hello"' -1

You should see the Gazebo listener echoing the message.

Example 4: Service bridge

It's possible to make ROS service requests into Gazebo. Let's try unpausing the simulation.

On terminal A, start the service bridge:

ros2 run ros_gz_bridge parameter_bridge /world/shapes/control@ros_gz_interfaces/srv/ControlWorld

On terminal B, start Gazebo, it will be paused by default:

ign gazebo shapes.sdf

On terminal C, make a ROS request to unpause simulation:

ros2 service call /world/<world_name>/control ros_gz_interfaces/srv/ControlWorld "{world_control: {pause: false}}"

Example 5: Configuring the Bridge via YAML

When configuring many topics, it is easier to use a file-based configuration in a markup language. In this case, the ros_gz bridge supports using a YAML file to configure the various parameters.

The configuration file must be a YAML array of maps. An example configuration for 5 bridges is below, showing the various ways that a bridge may be specified:

 # Set just topic name, applies to both
- topic_name: "chatter"
  ros_type_name: "std_msgs/msg/String"
  gz_type_name: "ignition.msgs.StringMsg"

# Set just ROS topic name, applies to both
- ros_topic_name: "chatter_ros"
  ros_type_name: "std_msgs/msg/String"
  gz_type_name: "ignition.msgs.StringMsg"

# Set just GZ topic name, applies to both
- gz_topic_name: "chatter_ign"
  ros_type_name: "std_msgs/msg/String"
  gz_type_name: "ignition.msgs.StringMsg"

# Set each topic name explicitly
- ros_topic_name: "chatter_both_ros"
  gz_topic_name: "chatter_both_ign"
  ros_type_name: "std_msgs/msg/String"
  gz_type_name: "ignition.msgs.StringMsg"

# Full set of configurations
- ros_topic_name: "ros_chatter"
  gz_topic_name: "ign_chatter"
  ros_type_name: "std_msgs/msg/String"
  gz_type_name: "ignition.msgs.StringMsg"
  subscriber_queue: 5       # Default 10
  publisher_queue: 6        # Default 10
  lazy: true                # Default "false"
  direction: BIDIRECTIONAL  # Default "BIDIRECTIONAL" - Bridge both directions
                            # "GZ_TO_ROS" - Bridge Ignition topic to ROS
                            # "ROS_TO_GZ" - Bridge ROS topic to Ignition

To run the bridge node with the above configuration:

ros2 run ros_gz_bridge parameter_bridge --ros-args -p config_file:=$WORKSPACE/ros_gz/ros_gz_bridge/test/config/full.yaml


ROS 2 Parameters:

  • subscription_heartbeat - Period at which the node checks for new subscribers for lazy bridges.
  • config_file - YAML file to be loaded as the bridge configuration

Changelog for package ros_gz_bridge

0.244.9 (2022-11-03)

0.244.8 (2022-10-28)

0.244.7 (2022-10-12)

  • Make sure that ign_* yaml configs work as well (#310)
  • Bridge between msgs::Float_V and ros_gz_interfaces/Float32Array msg types (#306) * bridge float_v and float32_multi_array msg type Co-authored-by: Ian Chen <>

  • Bridge between msgs::Pose_V and geometry_msgs/PoseArray msg types (#305)

  • replace ign with gz in ros_gz_bridge README (#303)

  • Merge pull request #275 (Galactic to Humble) Galactic to Humble

  • Fix merge

  • Merge branch \'ros2\' into ports/galactic_to_ros2

  • Contributors: Ian Chen, Michael Carroll, Olivier Kermorgant

0.244.6 (2022-09-14)

0.244.5 (2022-09-12)

  • Fix missing msgs include and packages.xml deps (#292)
    • Fix missing msgs include and packages.xml deps
    • Add additional conditions to support gz sim invocation
    • Fix cpplint
  • Add missing GZ_VERSION ticktocks (#289)
  • Support ros_ign migration (#282) Clean up shared libraries, and tick-tock RosGzPointCloud Tick-tock launch args Hard-tock ign_ in sources Migrate ign, ign_, IGN_ for sources, launch, and test files Migrate IGN_XXX_VER, IGN_T, header guards Migrate launchfile, launchfile args, and test source references Migrate ros_ign_XXX and gz_gazebo -> gz_sim Migrate ros_ign_XXX project names Migrate Ign, ign-, IGN_DEPS, ign-gazebo Migrate ignitionrobotics, ignitionrobotics/ros_ign, osrf/ros_ign Migrate ignition-version, IGNITION_VERSION, Ignition <LIB>, ros_ign_ci
  • Move packages and files to gz (#282)
  • Contributors: methylDragon

0.244.3 (2022-05-19)

  • Feature: set QoS options to override durability (#250) Co-authored-by: Louise Poubel <>
  • [ros2] README updates (service bridge, Gazebo rename) (#252)
  • Fix linter tests (#251) Co-authored-by: Louise Poubel <>
  • Adds pose and twist with covariance messages bridging (#222)
    • Added pose, twist and odometry with covariance messages bridging
  • Contributors: Aditya Pande, Daisuke Nishimatsu, Louise Poubel

0.244.2 (2022-04-25)

  • Support bridging services (#211)
  • Added reminder to hit play to receive images. (#237)
  • Updated ign topic commnds on README (#221)
  • Add conversions for ros_gz_interfaces/WorldControl and builtin_interfaces/Time (#216)
  • [ros_gz_interfaces] Add GuiCamera, StringVec, TrackVisual, VideoRecord (#214)
  • Break apart ros_subscriber test translation unit (#212)
  • Bring ros2 branch up-to-date with Rolling (#213)
  • Add missing dependency on rclcpp (#209)
  • Separate galactic branch from ros2 branch (#201)

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