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  • Pramuditha Aravinda
  • Pyo


  • Johannes Garimort
  • Armin Hornung
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Changelog for package footstep_planner

0.4.2 (2018-04-19)

  • refacotoring to release on kinetic
  • added documents related to footstep_planner packages
  • added information new maintainer
  • fixed CMakeLists.txt and package.xml files for dependency
  • fixed footstep_planner node crashes when map changesth
  • Contributors: Aleksey Titov, Kayman, Pyo

0.4.1 (2016-09-05)

  • Added include files for footstep_planner and gridmap_2d for install.
  • uses double 2.0 and makes style locally consistent
  • catkinize the stack
  • Add service to (re)plan between feet as start and goal.
  • Requires newest humanoid_msgs.
  • Merge plan and replan functions
  • RViz launch file / config Groovy
  • mark heuristic as expired when map is updated
  • removed code in the destructor that gets already cleaned up in the super class
  • use pre-increment instead of post-increment (faster + post-increment for iterators not always optimizable)
  • fixed sbpl exception catch
  • introduced new functionality to totally reset the planning environment
  • storing environment params in new struct -- get rid of unnecessary member variables
  • more detailed information when sbpl planning was successful but only the old path is returned
  • wait 0.5 sec before updating the start (robot) pose
  • bug fix in path cost heuristic
  • make footsteps smaller; + std::max
  • handle receiving of foot transformations differently
  • implemented the polygon-intersection-check for the navigation as well; not used so far due to some usability issues
  • bug resolved: free the execution log when planning failed; use ros::Time(0) instead of ros::Time::now() since when using the latter sometimes the tf cannot be received (now sometimes an outdated step is received but this works better anyhow)
  • bug resulting in segfaulting thread now (probably) resolved
  • replaced old reachable check by a new more smoother grid based approach
  • small fix in the replanning logic
  • enforce planning from scratch when necessary (e.g. goal changed when using backward planning)
  • added assertion to enforce correct heuristic calculation
  • applied ROS code style
  • reorganized the way FootstepNavigation invokes the planner and starts the execution; changed FootstepPlanner::updateMap
  • Contributors: Armin Hornung, Johannes Garimort, Pramuditha Aravinda, Vincent Rabaud, enriquefernandez

0.4.0 (2013-01-10)

  • Updated stack.xml & CMakeLists, new version 0.4.0 to release
  • adjusted robot translation in z dir
  • footstep execution now aborted when map changes + replanning and new execution is started; again use ALL calculated steps when extracting the path
  • Changes in R* launch file params
  • using only the new launch file from pkg nao_driver
  • Fixed odometry lookup error (wrong frame)
  • Indenting / code style according to ROS style
  • fixed SBPL in CMakeListe for custom-installed location
  • fixed out of map check in R*
  • cleanup of R* code
  • manifest/CMakeLists now compatible with fuerte and electric compilation, includes should work better now
  • integrated the new footstep set
  • fix: spelling error (don\'t forget to update nao_driver and humanoid_nav_msgs)
  • navigation parameters in extra config file; using new launch file in nao_driver
  • handle situations where both start feet are part of the calculated solution
  • method rearrangement in the navigation
  • got rid of get_footstep in helper
  • added test to check whether all footsteps can be performed by the NAO robot; adjusted invalid footstep
  • now able to switch between protective and fast footstep execution via the \'protective_execution\' param + various smaller changes
  • Finished fluid footstep execution for the NAO; has still to be tested for simulation/real robot
  • added footstep_planner_walls to read in separate wall map (larger clearing)
  • expanded states is now a hash map on x,y => vis.better in RVIZ, only one expanded state per (x,y)
  • heuristic_scale parameter to increase under-estimating heuristics
  • GetSuccsTo for improved R* functionality
  • nao_path_follower now accepts paths
  • Fixed PathCostHeuristic for non-square maps
  • reaching right goal foot faster, only left goal state absorbs now.
  • also show expanded states when failing; R* optimized (exact ==)
  • PathCostHeuristic is now inflated by foot incircle
  • Contributors: Armin Hornung, Daniel Maier, Johannes Garimort

0.3.1 (2012-06-15)

  • preparing for fuerte release and sbpl package
  • replanning based on old planning info in cases of a changed map disabled for now (instead: complete new planning in such a case)
  • approx. comparison for R*
  • footstep-feedback synchronization now handled in the action client (in FootstepNavigation.cpp)
  • cost calculation directly based on the discrete planning states
  • during the planning the reachability check is now based on the discrete position and orientation of the state (planning speed up)
  • temp. simplification of the path cost heuristic calculation
  • temp simplification of heuristic calculation
  • code cleanup
  • updated RViz config, launch file for R*
  • slightly expanded large footstep set
  • Contributors: Armin Hornung, Johannes Garimort

0.3.0 (2012-05-29)

  • changed default planning params: 1cm res, PathCostHeuristic
  • synchronized with footstep action server
  • PathCostHeuristic fixed
  • added fake localization launch file
  • documentation update
  • got rid of FootstepPlannerEnvironment::setUp - this is now done in the resp. updateGoal/updateStart-method (this makes it possible to reduce FootstepPlanner::run to its actual functionality)
  • Removed ANAPlanner (testing, requires newer SBPL)
  • Functions (stubs) added for R*
  • changed names of the robot feet (according to ROS standards); integrate actionlib to perform footsteps
  • corrected foot box for the nao robot
  • corrected footsteps (w.r.t the new step model and the old footstep sets)
  • footstep navigation debug and footstep execution debug update
  • some bugs affecting footstep execution fixed
  • footstep execution now completely discrete
  • new function for lengths (to distinct between grid cell discretization and length discretization; footstep calculation fully based on discrete footsteps (can be further optimized by calculating reverse footstep on the fly)
  • update of start pose in own function: used before planning and replanning
  • bugfix: set gready footstep
  • map callback subscription
  • add missing goal pose callback subscription
  • footstep robot navigation integration finished
  • replaced double-ptr returns with references in get_footstep() / getFootstep()
  • Added execution functions from old footstep planner code to FootstepNavigation
  • FootstepNavigation stub added
  • Contributors: Armin Hornung, Johannes Garimort

0.2.0 (2011-11-28)

  • automatic replanning after map change
  • reset planner when to many states changed after map change
  • 2nd changed sample map added
  • inserted stubs for R* env. functions.
  • using old information in replanning after map change
  • fixed invalid states appearing on border of map during expansion
  • fixed corner cases for angles heuristic
  • added foundation for map change detection
  • get rid of last continuous planning state variable
  • orientation cost
  • fix on path cost heuristic and the recalculation w.r.t correct search direction
  • path cost heuristic implementation finished
  • footstep_planner now uses SBPL instead of D* lite, enabling ARA* and AD* for search with anytime capabilities
  • Moved the PlanFootsteps service into humanoid_nav_msgs
  • Contributors: Armin Hornung, Johannes Garimort

0.1.0 (2011-05-03)

  • more maps added, adjusted launch files
  • Added call to clear previous visualization
  • Display of planning time in Dstar
  • added Python node to plan from the command line
  • added \"PlanFootstep\" service to FootstepPlanner
  • added override for default marker namespace
  • method to initiate heuristic values update from outside
  • documentation
  • private namespace for vis msgs
  • A* heuristic implemented and integrated
  • enhancements:
    • cleanup of param files
    • State, Footstep, Dstar classes separated
    • Got rid of rounding => huge speedup in planner
    • Better results with subgoal_distance=0.2
    • added Heuristic path visualization
    • helper functions inlined
    • replaced constants with step constants
    • access to Dstar path properties in FootstepPlanner
    • getPathCosts, getNumExpandedStates, getNumFootsteps added to receive planning information
  • fixes:
    • fixed heuristic update after goal update in Dstar
    • fixed foot width for Astar heuristic
  • Contributors: Armin Hornung, Johannes Garimort

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