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  • Youhei Kakiuchi


  • Manabu Saito
  • Youhei Kakiuchi

detect_cans_in_fridge_201202 Package


This is the package for the demo program of bring a can from fridge:

  • Move to the spot of the fridge front
  • Open fridge door
  • Catch can
  • Close fridge
  • Give the can to a person

Following components are used for completion of tasks:

  • SLAM (gmapping)
  • Fridge door recognition based on SIFT
  • Can recognition based on color histogram and euclidean clustering
  • Online action management using SMACH
  • User Interface for touch screen devices


This package can be executed both on simulation and on real robot.

On Simulation

If you want to execute on real robot, see On real robot.


NOTE hydro distribution is assumed. Please replace it if you want to use on other distribution.

NOTE Assumed that catkin workspace has been installed on your environment. If you don't yet have catkin workspace, please follow the instruction.

NOTE In simulation mode, the fridge front spot is referenced from models/room73b2-scene.l in euslisp package. So, Please make sure to build euslisp package.

source /opt/ros/hydro/setup.bash
cd /path/to/your_catkin_ws
mkdir src
wstool init src
wstool set jsk_demos -t src --git
wstool update -t src
rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src -r -n -y
catkin build detect_cans_in_fridge_201202
source /path/to/your_catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash

Launch demo

  • kinematics only
  1. open terminal, then execute following commands
# Terminal 1

# Terminal 2
(setq *logging* nil)
(load "package://detect_cans_in_fridge_201202/euslisp/main.l")

  1. Now you will see pr2 Kinematics Simulator window, and PR2 robot on it.

On Real Robot

This package is assumed to use PR2 robot. To connect to PR2, set some ENV in shell:

export ROS_MASTER_URI=http://<PR2 IP>:11311
export ROS_HOSTNAME=<workstation IP>
export ROS_IP=<workstation IP>

Launch Fridge Demo

Then now you can execute fridge demo.

In PR2 internal pc, you can launch fridge demo with one launch file.

# on PR2
roslaunch detect_cans_in_fridge_201202 startup.launch

Then you can start fridge demo from tablet.


Changelog for package detect_cans_in_fridge_201202

0.0.4 (2017-03-15)

  • Migrate srv files from jsk_pcl_ros to jsk_recognition_msgs see
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202] add interactive_behavior_201409 to run_depend
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202] fix: wrong arg name at some launch files
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202/euslisp/pddl-action.l] add init hook function for task_compiler
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202/launch/planner.launch] add option \'gui\'
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202/euslisp/pddl-action.l] use require instead of load
  • [detect_cans] [perception.launch] add can stocker
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada, Yuki Furuta, Hitoshi Kamada

0.0.3 (2016-02-11)

  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202/euslisp/pddl-action.l] fix missing options
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202/CMakeLists.txt] add roseus to find_package
  • Merge pull request #1152 from furushchev/fridge-fix-interactive [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202/euslisp/main.l] bugfix: prevent calling (enable-behavior-server) many times
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202/launch/gazebo_startup.launch] add launch file for gazebo
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202/detect_cans] add plane extraction for fridge inner shelf substraction
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202] add debug-view argument for preventing irtviewer launch
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202/euslisp/match-hist.l] update parameter for match hist lower cutting threshold
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202/euslisp/main.l] bugfix: prevent calling (enable-behavior-server) many times
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202] add debug-view argument for preventing irtviewer launch
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202] remove old/unused codes; cleanup directory
  • [detect_cans] add README
  • [detect_cans] async join based parallel state-machine
  • Contributors: Yuki Furuta, Kamada Hitoshi, Ryohei Ueda

0.0.2 (2015-11-26)

  • [jsk_demos] exec fridge demo in smach
  • [jsk_demos] exec fridge demo in simulation mode
  • [detect_cans] set *current-context
  • [detect_cans] change the load place
  • [detect_cans] fix arg in startup.launch
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge201202/euslisp/main.l] add logging option
  • [detect_cans] visualize GaussianPointCloud of fridge
  • add documentation string
  • euslisp/color_histogram_creater.l: use eus-pointcloud instead of 3dpointcloud
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202 & jsk_demo_common] change name space openni -> kinect_head
  • [jsk_demo_common] divide-fridge-func
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge] modify launch remap
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge] change from openni_c2 to kinect_head_c2
  • [jsk_demos] fix typo
  • Contributors: Kamada Hitoshi, Kei Okada, Yohei Kakiuchi, Yuki Furuta

0.0.1 (2015-06-11)

  • [detect_cans.l] load-ros-manifest self package
  • [jsk_demos] remove rosmake files
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202] ind_package component is not necessary
  • remove rosmake settings
  • add build dependencies for catkin build; fix typo install
  • catkinize jsk_demos
  • [detect_cans_in_bridge_201202] remove hydro_detection.launch. now it run in default
  • fixed perception.launch
  • adapt attention-clipper for fridge demo
  • Add small launch file to run interactive_behavior on pr2
  • add pddl planner mode demo
  • add pddl supported launch
  • Fix typo :heck -> :neck and add sound-localize.l to launch file
  • Add script and desktop icon for pr2 tablet demo using surface
  • suppress annoying logging
  • changed perception.launch
  • perception.launch
  • modify launch
  • add fridge2
  • add fridge-marker
  • divided startup.launch
  • crop
  • changed open-fridge-door function in pr2-action.l
  • Load pr2_gripper_sensor_msgs by ros::roseus-add-msg-files
  • Fix package name, topic names for hydro
  • Use pcl_msgs on hydro instead of pcl
  • Run behavior server and use it from detect_cans demo
  • change the threshold to apply snapmap
  • run main.l on c2
  • update detect_can demo
  • update program for match histogram
  • add new object_models after debugging match-hist.l
  • add some comments
  • add tea_powder object
  • update get-bin function
  • add description to match-histogram
  • add descriptions to object_models
  • fridge demo should use map
  • remove loading pr2_semantic/actions.l
  • change load -> require
  • use-arm keyword to actions for choosing arm to grasp can
  • add auto exit if using app-manager
  • remove read-from-string
  • add debug message
  • rename app_execute/object to app_execute/target
  • rename type -> atype
  • change detection_msgs publish style, objects in one scene should be published at the same time
  • remove global variables
  • rename param for multitask
  • fixed the bug
  • update main.l for using various object via android
  • update startup.launch for using various object via android
  • update detect can package
  • update startup.launch to be compatible with app_manager
  • add initialize-demo function
  • do not use :use-torso for limb :inverse-kinematics method ;; behavior will not change because :use-torso was neglected at the previous revision
  • remove comment out codes and update code for initializing robot
  • update parameter
  • add scripts for speaking english
  • fix detection parameter
  • update image for detecting fridge
  • added rviz config for groovy
  • fixed topic name in rviz config
  • add keyword for fixing torso-lift and head-pitch
  • modify for choosing demo-type from launch
  • update japanese speaking
  • add dpends to jsk_pr2_startup
  • fixed wait-query mode
  • fix: speaking correct name
  • use jsk_pcl_ros_unreleased -> jsk_pcl_ros
  • update index.rst, by Jenkins
  • change default behavior of detect_cans startup.launch
  • update index.rst, by Jenkins
  • add API for starting demo from appchooser
  • use require for loading files
  • refine function names and samples
  • fix for jsk_demo_common
  • add camera
  • fix Display name
  • move action/move functions to jsk_demo_common
  • remove main-old.l
  • update motion for robustness
  • added dependency on SnapMapICP
  • update index.rst, by Jenkins
  • add short course demp
  • refine parameters for openning fridge
  • add timeout for look-around-pr2
  • add look-around-pr2.l for capturing several pointclouds
  • refine parameter
  • default topic name cheanged
  • unsubscribe if there is no listener
  • change machine for processing shift
  • fix: speak-jp
  • add speak-name
  • using new feature for detecting fridge
  • update detect_cans.vcg
  • update: debugging demo
  • update index.rst, by Jenkins
  • add arguments to startup.launch
  • add debugging message to detect_cans../main.l
  • update index.rst, by Jenkins
  • removed rectangular and added cropbox
  • pddl functin for detect_cans_demo added
  • change parameter for ideal fridge coords
  • add speak words
  • change for using check-detection in detection_interface.l
  • removed specific topic name
  • added sample function for wait query
  • add use-arm-navigation flag
  • update for using arm_navigation
  • add arm_navigation to grasping can
  • update test code
  • fix diffcds calculation ,pr2 and object has origin coordinates as reference
  • update index.rst, by Jenkins
  • check if look-transform works
  • add comment
  • add euslisp/test-go-to-fridge.l
  • update add obstacble
  • update index.rst, by Jenkins
  • rename main2.l -> main.l, and rename old main.l to main-old.l
  • add object_detection_marker_array
  • add Spot Array Marker
  • update launchdoc in startup.launch
  • add launch/rviz.launch
  • update index.rst, by Jenkins
  • add detect_cans.vcg for rviz
  • update index.rst, by Jenkins
  • add test_perception.launch
  • update index.rst, by Jenkins
  • fix some bugs
  • outout launchdoc-generator to build directry to avoid svn confrict
  • fix bug and update parameters
  • remove loading jskgeo
  • extract action functions from demo function
  • add detect_cans.launch
  • do not compile jskgeo.l
  • remove depend to rectangular_solid_filter
  • add rosdoc
  • removed nodes concering knowrob and openrave
  • fixed object model name typo
  • update for demo 2012.4.6
  • remove dependancy to white_balance_converter
  • update for embeded irtpointcloud.l
  • changed pre-grasp arm pose
  • add detect_cans_in_fridge.vcg
  • fixed indent
  • update demo script
  • update object color histgram
  • add main2.l for demo program
  • add comments
  • add comment
  • removed a node in startup launch
  • update demo script
  • demo package moved from internal repo
  • Contributors: Yuki Furuta, JSK applications, Kamada Hitoshi, Kei Okada, Ryohei Ueda, Haseru Chen, Shohei Fujii, Yusuke furuta, Hitoshi Kamada, Kazuto Murase, Manabu Saito, Hioryuki Mikita, Shunichi Nozawa, Youhei Kakiuchi

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