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Version 0.5.5
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Last Updated 2015-06-12
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  • Matthias Gruhler


  • Ulrich Reiser
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Changelog for package cob_head_axis

0.5.3 (2014-03-31)

  • install tags
  • cob_head_axis: tabs to spaces
  • cob_head_axis: fix deprecated API in constructor
  • Contributors: ipa-fxm, ipa-mig

0.5.2 (2014-03-20)

0.5.1 (2014-03-20)

  • cherry-pick
  • removed a lot of code related to packages not available in hydro anymore
  • output long unsigned variables correctly
  • upstream changes
  • Merge branch \'groovy_dev\' of git:// into groovy_dev
  • fixed build errors for gcc version >= 4.7
  • trying to fix quantal compilation
  • merged with upstream
  • Fixed diagnostic error for head_axis
  • trying to get error state out of head axis
  • cleaned up CMakeLists and added install directives
  • further modifications for catkin, now everything is compiling and linking
  • futher include and linkpath modifications
  • compiling but still some linker errors
  • Second catkinization push
  • First catkinization, still need to update some CMakeLists.txt
  • dirty hack for fixing joint direction
  • fix finish bug in head axis
  • fix finish bug in head axis
  • added effort to joint states message
  • remove deprecated link to urdf
  • switched from pr2_controllers_msgs::JointTrajectoryAction to control_msgs::FollowJointTrajectory
  • removed outdated file - not used anymore
  • fix actionserver bug with early success
  • beautyfing
  • partial fix for head axis
  • fix for crash if stop is executed before init
  • add state topic for head_axis
  • changes for fuerte compatibility
  • remove deprecated tests
  • delete old in iand yaml files
  • added diagnotic topic for initialization states for sdh
  • move to private namespace
  • private nodehandle
  • merge
  • adde env ROBOT to test
  • added roslaunch tests
  • added cob3-4 configs
  • removed compiler warnings
  • cob_head_axis: turning to 0deg after homing
  • cob_head_axis: removed homing-sleep
  • added rostest
  • modifications for fetch and carry
  • update cob3-3
  • dummy head axis
  • adaptions for cob_head_axis on cob3-3, included some new parameters instead of hard-coded settings
  • update for cob3-3
  • rearranging cob_camera_sensors launch files
  • update for cob3-3
  • add services and return true for recover after init
  • changed test duration to 10s
  • camera settings added for head
  • changed head params for cob3-2
  • moved init test to cob_srvs
  • wrong namespace in test file
  • modified parameters
  • modified parameters
  • modified tests
  • release update for cob3-1
  • merge
  • changed device for head axis
  • adjust devices for cob3-1
  • changed trigger service
  • joint_state aggregator working on cob3-1, calibration script update
  • cleanup in cob_driver
  • Moved hard-coded lines for head_axis_homing from CanDriveHarmonica.cpp into ElmoCtrl.cpp. Removed debugger in base_drive_chain.launch and undercarriage_ctrl.launch
  • Head axis working, tested on cob3-1 but adapted parameters (-files) should work on both robots
  • merge
  • HeadAxis working
  • bugfix
  • Cleaned cob_head_axis yaml-files
  • merge
  • removed unused parameters
  • cob_head_axis: set offset via urdf and chose can-device-path via ini-File
  • cob_camera_axis tested, now also is able to be shut down
  • cob_head_axis working
  • cob_head_axis working
  • cob_head_axis: correctly working, but front and back is switched
  • renamed camera_axis to head_axis and platform to base
  • Contributors: Alexander Bubeck, Felix Messmer, Frederik Hegger, Richard Bormann, abubeck, cpc-pk, fmw-jk, ipa-bnm, ipa-cob3-4, ipa-cob3-5, ipa-fmw, ipa-fxm, ipa-goa, ipa-mig, ipa-uhr

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