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Version 1.0.1
License BSD-3-Clause
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Last Updated 2023-04-25
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AS2 Movement Behaviors Behaviors Meta Package

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Changelog for package as2_behaviors_motion

1.0.1 (2023-04-25)

  • Merge pull request #223 from aerostack2/200-unify-maintainer-in-packagexmls Maintainer unified to CVAR-UPM
  • Maintainer unified to CVAR-UPM
  • Merge pull request #214 from aerostack2/213-as2_behaviors_motion-add-land-with-trajectory [as2_behaviors_motion] Add land with trajectory
  • Add land plugin trajectory
  • Merge pull request #199 from aerostack2/196-as2_behaviors_motion-follow-reference-behavior [as2_behaviors_motion] Follow Reference Behavior Transforms Error
  • redundant-missplaced warning removed
  • Remove follow reference from motion behaviors launch
  • Contributors: Javilinos, Miguel Fernandez-Cortizas, RPS98, pariaspe

1.0.0 (2023-03-18)

  • Merge pull request #195 from aerostack2/add_follow_reference_behavior Follow reference typos fix
  • typos fix
  • Merge pull request #193 from aerostack2/add_follow_reference_behavior Add follow reference behavior
  • clang test passes, format changes, new individual launcher
  • feedback fixed
  • removed gdb from compiling
  • new behavior created and tested, modify tbd
  • Merge pull request #176 from aerostack2/175-as2_behaviors_motion-land-behavior-not-loading-land-speed-condition-parameter Loading parameters in land behavior fixed
  • fixes #175
  • Merge pull request #163 from aerostack2/crazyflie_swarm_demo Crazyflie swarm demo updates
  • Merge pull request #160 from aerostack2/trajectory_generation Change trajectory generator name
  • Demo cf swarm updates
  • Change trajectory generator name
  • Revert \"Change trayectory generator\" This reverts commit fe17ea3f0a5ef1eb377e0779359bd75dc8c3212d.
  • Change trayectory generator
  • Merge branch \'main\' into aruco_detect
  • Merge pull request #156 from aerostack2/go_to [as2_behaviors_motion] Change goto to go_to
  • Change goto to go_to
  • Merge pull request #152 from aerostack2/151-as2_behaviors_motion-follow-path-launch Stripping whitespaces in launch file name
  • stripping whitespaces in launch file name
  • rename movement_behavior launcher into
  • Merge pull request #125 from aerostack2/as2_behaviors [as2_behaviors] Reorganize behaviors
  • Behaviors motion clang test
  • Reorganize behaviors
  • Contributors: Javilinos, Miguel Fernandez-Cortizas, RPS98, Rafael P

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