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Aerostack2 is a ROS 2 framework developed to create autonomous multi-aerial-robots systems in an easy and powerful way.

Currently is developed and tested over ROS 2 humble (over Ubuntu 22.04) and galactic (over Ubuntu 20.04).

Build for Ubuntu 22.04 and ROS humble Build for Ubuntu 20.04 and ROS galactic

Most important features: - Natively developed on ROS 2 - Complete modularity, allowing elements to be changed or interchanged without affecting the rest of the system - Independence of the aerial platform. Easy Sim2Real deployment. - Project-oriented, allowing to install and use only the necessary packages for the application to be developed. - Swarming orientation.

Please visit the [Aerostack2 Documentation] for a complete documentation.

Installation instructions can be found [here].


If you use the code in the academic context, please cite:


Contributing to AeroStack2

Thanks for getting involved! Information on contributing can be found at