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Version 4.1.5
License Apache License 2.0
Build type AMENT_CMAKE

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Checkout URI https://github.com/pal-robotics/tiago_simulation.git
VCS Type git
VCS Version humble-devel
Last Updated 2024-05-22
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Package Description

The tiago_gazebo package

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  • Jordan Palacios
  • Noel Jimenez
  • Jordi Pages


  • Bence Magyar
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Changelog for package tiago_gazebo

4.1.5 (2024-05-10)

  • Merge branch \'omm/fix/launch_standarization\' into \'humble-devel\' Launch files moved to TIAGo family standard See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!145
  • Suggested changeSuggested changes
  • Restored has_screen arg
  • Passing base_type argument
  • Passing the needed args
  • Suggested changes
  • Launch files moved to TIAGo family standard
  • Contributors: Oscar, davidterkuile

4.1.4 (2024-04-25)

  • Merge branch \'abr/fix/old-params\' into \'humble-devel\' remove old params See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!147
  • remove old params
  • Contributors: antoniobrandi

4.1.3 (2024-04-22)

  • Merge branch \'sgg/feat/base_type_omni_base\' into \'humble-devel\' Migrate to new parameter style See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!144
  • Migrate to new parameter style
  • Contributors: Sergi Garcia, davidterkuile

4.1.2 (2024-04-16)

  • Merge branch \'feat/ros2-pipelines\' into \'humble-devel\' navigation pipeline integration for private sim See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!142
  • cosmetic and update readme
  • removed slam arg
  • linters
  • navigation pipeline integration for private sim
  • Contributors: andreacapodacqua, antoniobrandi

4.1.1 (2024-04-04)

  • Reset self._is_successful when sending a goal
  • Enable tuck_arm test
  • Contributors: Noel Jimenez

4.1.0 (2024-02-28)

  • Launch MoveIt 2 by default
  • Contributors: Noel Jimenez

4.0.9 (2024-02-02)

  • Merge branch \'feat/register-components\' into \'humble-devel\' use single entry point for navigation See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!133
  • use single entry point for navigation
  • Contributors: antoniobrandi

4.0.8 (2024-01-19)

  • Adding pal_robotiq_description in the package list
  • Contributors: Aina Irisarri

4.0.7 (2023-12-22)

  • changing package name of hey5 into the new one: pal_hey5
  • Contributors: Aina Irisarri

4.0.6 (2023-12-20)

  • move world_name to pal_gazebo_worlds
  • Disable tuck_arm_test
  • Contributors: Noel Jimenez, antoniobrandi

4.0.5 (2023-11-14)

  • Add website tag
  • Contributors: Noel Jimenez

4.0.4 (2023-11-13)

  • Set use_sim_time true
  • Remove pal flags dependency
  • Contributors: Noel Jimenez

4.0.3 (2023-06-16)

  • Merge branch \'fix/set-is-robot\' into \'humble-devel\' Use a different navigation launcher for simulation See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!116
  • use tiago_sim_navigation
  • using is_robot argument in simulation
  • Merge branch \'ros1_cleanup\' into \'humble-devel\' ROS 1 cleanup for humble-devel See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!117
  • remove not ported grasping demo
  • Remove Media, models and worlds folders
  • Contributors: Noel Jimenez, Sai Kishor Kothakota, antoniobrandi, thomaspeyrucain

4.0.2 (2023-02-24)

  • Merge branch \'tuck_arm\' into \'humble-devel\' tuck_arm for play_motion2 See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!103
  • comment subprocess to kill gazebo at the end of the test
  • remove unused deps and reorder
  • reduce sleep time
  • log waiting for state
  • remove unnecessary const
  • tuck arm test
  • launch tuck arm
  • tuck_arm for play_motion2
  • Contributors: Jordan Palacios, Noel Jimenez

4.0.1 (2023-02-08)

  • Merge branch \'robot_state_publisher\' into \'humble-devel\' Remove robot_state_publisher from tiago_spawn See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!105
  • remove robot_state_publisher from tiago_spawn
  • Contributors: Jordan Palacios, Noel Jimenez

4.0.0 (2022-11-30)

  • Merge branch \'fix_dependency\' into \'humble-devel\' Fix buildtool dependency See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!102
  • fix buildtool dependency
  • Merge branch \'refactor_simulation_launchers\' into \'humble-devel\' Refactor simulation launchers See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!98
  • move navigation to simulation launcher
  • add moveit to simulation launcher
  • Merge branch \'cleanup\' into \'humble-devel\' Cleanup See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!95
  • update package deps
  • Merge branch \'fix_world_name_arg\' into \'humble-devel\' fix world_name arg See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!94
  • add world_name arg to simulation
  • Merge branch \'linters\' into \'humble-devel\' Linters See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!93
  • linters
  • add linters
  • Merge branch \'cleanup\' into \'humble-devel\' Cleanup See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!91
  • rm ros1 launchers
  • Merge branch \'refactor_ld\' into \'humble-devel\' Refactor LaunchDescription population See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!90
  • refactor LaunchDescription population
  • Merge branch \'update_copyright\' into \'humble-devel\' Update copyright See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!89
  • update license
  • update copyright
  • Merge branch \'update_maintainers\' into \'humble-devel\' Update maintainers See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!88
  • update maintainers
  • Merge branch \'del_arg\' into \'humble-devel\' Remove robot_name arg See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!87
  • del unnecesary arg robot_name
  • Merge branch \'humble_fixes\' into \'humble-devel\' Add robot name arg to rewrite default See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!86
  • robot name arg
  • Since play motion is not started by default can\'t tuck arm
  • Cleanup
  • Added tuck_arm script to tiago_gazebo.launch.py
  • Added retries
  • Don\'t use spin() and check for goal result
  • Wait for play_motion is_ready to be successfull
  • Migrated tuck_arm.py to ros2
  • Added some ToDo\'s
  • tiago_gazebo now also launches the tiago_bringup
  • Moved the tiago spawn to its own launch.py
  • Added pal_gripper_description package
  • Added tiago_gazebo.launch.py
  • package.xml and CMakeLists.txt to ros2 format
  • Contributors: Jordan Palacios, Noel Jimenez, Victor Lopez

2.0.23 (2020-07-30)

  • Merge branch \'rename_tf_prefix\' into \'erbium-devel\' Rename tf_prefix to robot_namespace See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!70
  • Rename tf_prefix to robot_namespace
  • Contributors: davidfernandez, victor

2.0.22 (2020-04-21)

2.0.21 (2020-02-26)

2.0.20 (2019-11-04)

2.0.19 (2019-10-23)

2.0.18 (2019-10-15)

2.0.17 (2019-10-15)

  • Merge branch \'refactor\' into \'erbium-devel\' Refactor See merge request robots/tiago_simulation!64
  • removed joystick from sim
  • Contributors: Proc

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