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tiago_gazebo 4.1.8
tiago_multi 2.0.23
tiago_simulation 4.1.8


TIAGo ROS 2 Simulation

This repository contains the launch files to simulate the TIAGo robot in ROS 2.



  1. Install ROS 2 Humble by following the installation instructions.

  2. Update the apt package index and install needed packages

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install git python3-vcstool python3-rosdep python3-colcon-common-extensions

Disclaimer: In our testing environment, we've found out that the simulation is more reliable if we switch to Cyclone DDS. You can do this by installing it with sudo apt install ros-humble-rmw-cyclonedds-cpp and setting the RMW_IMPLEMENTATION environment variable: export RMW_IMPLEMENTATION=rmw_cyclonedds_cpp. More information on working with different DDS implementations here.

We are still looking on the issues when working with Fast RTPS.

Setting up the workspace

Create a workspace and clone all repositories:

mkdir -p ~/tiago_public_ws/src
cd ~/tiago_public_ws
vcs import --input https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pal-robotics/tiago_tutorials/humble-devel/tiago_public.repos src

Install dependencies using rosdep

sudo rosdep init
rosdep update
rosdep install --from-paths src -y --ignore-src

Source the environment and build

source /opt/ros/humble/setup.bash
colcon build --symlink-install

Finally, before running any application you have to source the workspace

source ~/tiago_public_ws/install/setup.bash

Also you can add it to your .bashrc



Launch gazebo simulation:

ros2 launch tiago_gazebo tiago_gazebo.launch.py is_public_sim:=True [arm_type:=no-arm]

You can launch gazebo simulation using PAL office gazebo world by executing:

ros2 launch tiago_gazebo tiago_gazebo.launch.py is_public_sim:=True world_name:=pal_office [arm_type:=no-arm]

To move the robot you can use the following command from another terminal:

ros2 topic pub /mobile_base_controller/cmd_vel_unstamped geometry_msgs/msg/Twist '{linear: {x: 1}, angular: {z: 0}}' -r10

The velocities can be modified by changing the values of x and z.

You can launch TIAGo navigation by executing

ros2 launch tiago_2dnav tiago_nav_bringup.launch.py is_public_sim:=True

Then, you can send a goal:

  • With rviz2

Simulation + Navigation 2

You can also start the simulation and navigation together by using

ros2 launch tiago_gazebo tiago_gazebo.launch.py navigation:=True is_public_sim:=True [arm_type:=no-arm]

Then, goals can be sent in the same way.

Simulation + Navigation 2 + SLAM

You can start the SLAM and navigation in simulation by using

ros2 launch tiago_gazebo tiago_gazebo.launch.py is_public_sim:=True navigation:=True slam:=True

Simulation + MoveIt 2

To launch TIAGo simulation with MoveIt 2 you can use

ros2 launch tiago_gazebo tiago_gazebo.launch.py moveit:=True

You can move the robot by:

  • Launching rviz2
    ros2 launch tiago_moveit_config moveit_rviz.launch.py

<img src="doc/media/rviz_execute_movement.gif" title="Movement with rviz2 and MoveIt 2" width="85%">

Simulation + Navigation 2 + MoveIt 2

Finally, to launch all together:

ros2 launch tiago_gazebo tiago_gazebo.launch.py navigation:=True moveit:=True is_public_sim:=True

To use private simulation you can avoid to set is_public_sim argument.