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Version 2.0.4
License Apache License 2.0
Build type AMENT_CMAKE

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VCS Version humble-devel
Last Updated 2024-05-08
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Package Description

The omni_base_gazebo package

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  • Yue Erro


  • Yue Erro
  • Andrea Capodacqua
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Changelog for package omni_base_gazebo

2.0.4 (2024-05-08)

  • Merge branch \'man/omni-base-gazebo-spawn\' into \'humble-devel\' added pose conifiguration in spawn_entity args See merge request robots/omni_base_simulation!16
  • added pose configration in spawn entity
  • added pose variables in spawn entity
  • added pose arguments in spawn_entity
  • added pose conifiguration in spawn_entity args
  • Contributors: antoniobrandi, martinaannicelli

2.0.3 (2024-04-15)

  • Merge branch \'omm/feat/public_sim_control\' into \'humble-devel\' is_public_sim check See merge request robots/omni_base_simulation!15
  • Using new launch action
  • Contributors: Oscar, davidterkuile

2.0.2 (2024-04-10)

  • Merge branch \'feat/ros2-pipelines\' into \'humble-devel\' Feat/ros2 pipelines See merge request robots/omni_base_simulation!14
  • cosmetic and update readme
  • removed slam arg
  • navigation pipeline integration for private sim
  • Contributors: andreacapodacqua

2.0.1 (2024-02-02)

  • Merge branch \'feat/register-components\' into \'humble-devel\' use single entry point for navigation See merge request robots/omni_base_simulation!13
  • use single entry point for navigation
  • Merge branch \'abr/fix/world-name\' into \'humble-devel\' move world_name to pal_gazebo_worlds See merge request robots/omni_base_simulation!12
  • move world_name to pal_gazebo_worlds
  • Contributors: Noel Jimenez, antoniobrandi

2.0.0 (2023-11-22)

  • Merge branch \'fix/use_sim_time\' into \'humble-devel\' Set use_sim_time true See merge request robots/omni_base_simulation!10
  • Set use_sim_time true
  • omni_base ROS 2
  • fix launch nav_sim
  • ROS 2 omni_base simulation
  • enable controller and 2dnav
  • omnibase gazebo to ROS 2:
    • colcon
  • Contributors: Noel Jimenez, YueErro, andreacapodacqua

0.0.7 (2023-02-23)

0.0.6 (2023-01-30)

0.0.5 (2023-01-27)

0.0.4 (2022-08-08)

0.0.3 (2022-02-23)

0.0.2 (2021-11-24)

  • removing the needs for pid values for the wheels
  • Contributors: antoniobrandi

0.0.1 (2021-09-30)

  • preparing release
  • adapting to the new version of omni_base_robot
  • omni base simulation initial commit
  • Contributors: antoniobrandi

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