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MoveIt interface to OMPL

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  • Ioan Sucan


  • Ioan Sucan
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Changelog for package moveit_planners_ompl

0.5.6 (2014-07-06)

  • Fix for getMeasure() virtual function OMPL change
  • Move OMPL paths before catkin to avoid compilation against ROS OMPL package when specifying a different OMPL installation
  • Fixed bug which limited the number of plans considered to the number of threads.
  • Contributors: Chris Lewis, Dave Coleman, Ryan Luna

0.5.5 (2014-03-22)

  • update build system for ROS indigo
  • Removed duplicate call to setPlanningScene(), added various comments
  • Contributors: Dave Coleman, Ioan Sucan

0.5.4 (2014-02-06)

  • fix segfault when multiple goals are passed to move_group

0.5.3 (2013-10-11)

  • update to new API

0.5.2 (2013-09-23)

  • porting to new robot state

0.5.1 (2013-08-13)

  • make headers and author definitions aligned the same way; white space fixes
  • namespace change for profiler

0.5.0 (2013-07-15)

0.4.2 (2013-07-12)

  • white space fixes (tabs are now spaces)
  • port ompl plugin to new base class for planning_interface (using planning contexts)

0.4.1 (2013-07-04)

  • use new location of RRTstar, add PRMstar
  • Added new cost function that takes into account robot joint movements
  • Added ability for parameter sweeping by allowing parameters to be changed in planning contexts
  • Added ability to alter configs in a cache

0.4.0 (2013-05-27)

  • propagating changes from moveit_core

0.3.11 (2013-05-02)

  • remove some debug output and add some fixes
  • some fixes for planning with constraint approximations
  • more refactoring; what used to work (including using constraint approximations) works fine. explicitly storing motions is not yet done
  • refactor constraints storage stuff
  • display random motions in a slightly more robust way
  • remove follow constraints API
  • combine ompl_interface and ompl_interface_ros
  • don\'t print status
  • remove option for ordering constraint approximations (and fix #12)
  • add test for jumping configs
  • use project() instead of sample() for producing goals
  • minor fixes and add demo database construction code
  • switch to using the profiler in moveit and add one more debug tool

0.3.10 (2013-04-17)

  • Merge branch \'groovy-devel\' of into groovy-devel
  • remove incorrect dep
  • add dynamic reconfigure options for #2

0.3.9 (2013-04-16 13:39)

  • disable old style benchmarking

0.3.8 (2013-04-16 11:23)

  • fix #8
  • use namespace option in ompl plugin
  • remove unused functions
  • add buildtool depends
  • Fixed state deserialization: now update var transform too
  • collapse OMPL plugin to one package
  • robustness fix
  • Fixed github url name

0.3.7 (2013-03-09)

  • Remove configure from PlanningScene
  • add multi-collision to PlanningScene
  • renaming kinematic_model to robot_model

0.3.6 (2013-02-02)

  • complete renaming process
  • rename KinematicState to RobotState, KinematicTrajectory to RobotTrajectory
  • propagating fixes from moveit_core
  • use new robot_trajectory lib

0.3.5 (2013-01-28)

  • fix reporting of goal collisions
  • add some verbose output for failing goals
  • port to new DisplayTrajectory message
  • propagate API changes from planning_interface
  • minor fix
  • use the project() method to improve constraint following algorithm
  • change default build flags

0.3.4 (2012-12-20 23:59)

  • dynamic_reconfigure workaroung

0.3.3 (2012-12-20 21:51)

  • update dyn reconfig call

0.3.2 (2012-12-20 13:45)

  • fix call to obsolete function

0.3.1 (2012-12-19)

  • using the constraint sampler loading library
  • make sure sampled goals are valid
  • fix buildtool tag

0.3.0 (2012-12-10)

  • add a debug msg
  • re-enable heuristic
  • first working version of follow planner
  • most of the follow alg, but not 100% complete yet
  • pass valid state samplers into the follow algorithm
  • add constrained valid state sampler
  • minor fixes
  • fixes some catkin CMakeLists issues
  • add code to allow execution of follow()
  • port test to groovy
  • placeholder for to-be-added algorithm
  • minor touch-ups; no real functional changes other than a bias for state samplers wrt dimension of the space (when sampling in a ball of dimension D, focus the sampling towards the surface of the ball)
  • minor & incomplete fix

0.2.5 (2012-11-26)

  • update to new message API

0.2.4 (2012-11-23)

  • improve error message
  • stricter error checking
  • update include path

0.2.3 (2012-11-21 22:47)

  • use generalized version of getMaximumExtent()

0.2.2 (2012-11-21 22:41)

  • more fixes to planners
  • removed bad include dir
  • fixed some plugin issues
  • fixed include dirs in ompl ros interface
  • added gitignore for ompl/ros

0.2.1 (2012-11-06)

  • update install location of include/

0.2.0 (2012-11-05)

  • udpate install targets

0.1.2 (2012-11-01)

  • bump version
  • install the plugin lib as well
  • add TRRT to the list of options

0.1.1 (2012-10-29)

  • fixes for build against groovy

0.1.0 (2012-10-28)

  • port to groovy
  • added some groovy build system files
  • more moving around of packages

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