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Version 2.3.18
License BSD-3
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VCS Version humble
Last Updated 2024-07-05
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The moveit2z_client package

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  • Pablo IƱigo Blasco


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Changelog for package moveit2z_client

2.3.16 (2023-07-16)

2.3.6 (2023-03-12)

1.22.1 (2022-11-09)

  • pre-release
  • Contributors: pabloinigoblasco
  • pre-release
  • Contributors: pabloinigoblasco
  • more progress in humble SMACC2 deb generation
  • humble check
  • publisher
  • progress in migration to humble
  • husky_improvements (#299)
    • husky_improvements
    • different planners profiles for navigation
    • getting changes from galactic
    • planner switcher
    • using galactic branch files
    • fixing breaking changes
    • minor fix
    • removing nav from source files
    • merge
  • Feature/barrel husky improvements (#293)

    • Rename to smacc2 and smacc2_msgs
    • Correct GitHub branch reference.
    • Update name of package and package.xml to pass liter.
    • Execute on master update
    • Reset all versions to 0.0.0
    • Ignore all packages except smacc2 and smacc2_msgs
    • Update changelogs
    • 0.1.0

    * Revert \"Ignore all packages except smacc2 and smacc2_msgs\" This reverts commit f603166a4b3ccdfe96c64d9f9fb9d8b49fbf0e61. - Update description table. - Update table - Copy initial docs

    * Dockerfile w/ ROS distro as argument use this command \"sudo docker build --build-arg ROS2_DISTRO=(desiredRosTag) (directoryHoldingDockerfile)/\" - Opened new folder for additional tracing contents - Delete tracing directory - Moved to tracing directory

    * added Installs necessary packages and configures tracing group. * Removed manual installation of ros-rolling-ros2trace This is now automated in location of sh file assumed if user follows under \"Getting started\" - Created alternative ManualTracing - added new sm markdowns - added a dockerfile for Rolling and Galactic

    * Update smacc2_ci/docker/ros_rollingAndGalactic_ubuntu_20.04/ Co-authored-by: Denis

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