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Package Description

The jsk_demo_common package

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  • Hiroyuki Mikita


  • Hiroyuki Mikita
  • Yohei Kakiuchi
  • Yuki Furuta
  • Kazuto Murase


This package includes common action functions for daily assistant robot and task execution manager which is used for planning and execution with attention observation.


euslisp/: source codes sample/: sample codes



# terminal 0
$ roscore

# terminal 1
$ rosrun roseus roseus
irteusgl$ (load "package://jsk_demo_common/sample/attention-observation-sample.l)
irteusgl$ (test)

while executing actions:

# terminal 2
$ rosrun roseus roseus
irteusgl$ (load "package://jsk_demo_common/euslisp/attention-observation.l")
irteusgl$ (pr2-init)
irteusgl$ (send *ri* :cancel-all-motion)

then robot action is interrupted.


$ rosrun roseus roseus
irteusgl$ (load "package://jsk_demo_common/sample/preemptive-task-execution-sample.l")

you can see generated state machine by executing follow command before executing sample above:

$ rosrun smach_viewer

place smach


Changelog for package jsk_demo_common

0.0.4 (2017-03-15)

  • [jsk_demo_common][pr2-action.l] remove implicit dependency to jsk_smart_gui
  • [jsk_demo_common][pr2-action.l] temp fix until jsk-ros-pkg/jsk_smart_apps#70 is merged
  • [jsk_demo_common/euslisp/pr2-action.l] refactor grasp-can move state
  • Contributors: Yuki Furuta

0.0.3 (2016-02-11)

  • [jsk_demo_common] fix wrong code
  • Merge pull request #1124 from h-kamada/add_reset_pose pr2-action.l: apply reset-pose before open-fridge-func
  • pr2-action.l: apply reset-pose before open-fridge-func
  • [detect_cans] async join based parallel state-machine
  • Contributors: Kamada Hitoshi, Kei Okada, Yuki Furuta

0.0.2 (2015-11-26)

  • jsk_demo_common: add pr2_gripper_sensor_msgs
  • [jsk_demo_common] state_publisher -> robot_state_publisher
  • [jsk_demo_common] run depends for model_filter.launch
  • [jsk_demo_common] Filtering model launch file
  • [jsk_demos] exec fridge demo in smach
  • [jsk_demos] exec fridge demo in simulation mode
  • [jsk_demo_common] add action logging feature to attention-action; add pr2-attention-action.l, pr2-attention-move.l
  • [jsk_demo_common/euslisp/pr2-action.l] fix: use :link to link name
  • [detect_cans_in_fridge_201202 & jsk_demo_common] change name space openni -> kinect_head
  • [jsk_demo_common] remove rosbuild related files
  • [jsk_demo_common] fix error in simulation-modep part
  • [jsk_demo_common] change from :joint-action-enable to :simulation-modep
  • exec in simulation mode
  • [jsk_demo_common] divide-fridge-func
  • [jsk_demo_common/euslisp/pr2-action.l] fix hand-over for issue #381
  • remove dependency to jsk_2013_10_pr2_73b2 package
  • Contributors: Kamada Hitoshi, Kei Okada, Kentaro Wada, Yuki Furuta

0.0.1 (2015-06-11)

  • [jsk_demo_common] add pr2 actions\' action servers
  • use pr2_gripper_sensor_msgs instead of dummy for hydro in pr2-action.l
  • [jsk_demos] remove rosmake files
  • fix typo symbol
  • fix: conflict key arg with class in irtgraph
  • add loop-check-error-p option
  • add add brief description and usage of sample codes.
  • add preemptive-task-execution and its sample
  • add provide attention-observation
  • add sample directory
  • eql -> eq
  • support submachine in loop check
  • add option to grasp; pre-grasp, post-grasp move
  • repair return-from target funcition in pr2-action.l
  • add :outside option when close fridge
  • catkinize jsk_demo_common
  • changed pr2-move.l
  • divided startup.launch
  • modified pr2-action.l
  • modified open-fridge-traj in pr2-action.l
  • modified open-fridge-door function in pr2-action.l
  • modified open-fridge-traj in pr2-action.l
  • changed closign door motion in pr2-action.l
  • changed closing door motion in pr2-action.l
  • changed openning door motion in pr2-action.l
  • changed open-fridge-door function in pr2-action.l
  • added func-time in pr2-action.l
  • added func-time in pr2-action.l
  • modified open-fridge-door function in pr2-action.l
  • (#17) workaround for hydro/euslisp-only environment
  • update topics for detecting
  • add preemptive-action-server
  • update
  • add hand over function
  • remove loading pr2_semantic/actions.l
  • add describing demo
  • use-arm keyword to actions for choosing arm to grasp can
  • update robot actions
  • avoid collision when pr2-reset-pose
  • update pick-tray and place-tray safe for pr2 move
  • improve pick-tray and place-tray
  • bugfix: dont go-pos-unsafe if tray is 180deg rotated
  • bugfix: tray position
  • update parameters
  • udpate pre grasp pose
  • update close firdge motion
  • update open firdge motion
  • add torso-height keyword to pr2-pick-tray-pose
  • add pick-tray to decide position using detection result
  • add comments
  • rename type -> atype
  • [place-tray] option use-base-scan set default value nil
  • add provide
  • fridge demo after moving pr2; bugfix grasp-can; pick/place z-axis ver.
  • use shortname for tilt-laser-obstacle-cloud
  • add hold-chair
  • unsubscribe base-scan-id
  • add move-with-base-scan
  • add pick-tray to pr2-action
  • add place-tray to pr2-action
  • add pr2-pose.l for pose database for pr2
  • add move-to-spot
  • update parameter
  • update attention observation programs
  • add tablet attention node
  • add sound attention node
  • fix typo
  • add loop check
  • minor update
  • add command with recover
  • update parameter
  • do not use :use-torso for limb :inverse-kinematics method ;; behavior will not change because :use-torso was neglected at the previous revision
  • add functions using smach
  • update ros-wait
  • replace sleep to :ros-wait for making interruptible
  • update attention-observation
  • add methods for gripper
  • add wait-android-query for interrupt
  • add func-before-throw
  • override :ros-wait at attention-interface
  • check catch barrier before throw
  • add methods for interrupting by attention-observation
  • add scripts for speaking english
  • update japanese speaking
  • add keyword for fixing torso-lift and head-pitch
  • add put-can-on-turtlebot2
  • add put-can-on-turtlebot
  • add move-to-initial keyword to pr2-look-around
  • fix: parameter for actions
  • add pr2-look-around for looking around
  • fix for preparing pose
  • update demo actions
  • add :open-fridge-func keyword to change basic function
  • moved go-pos-unsafe from close-fridge to grasp-can
  • fixed dependency
  • add test/
  • add jsk_demo_common/
  • Contributors: Yuki Furuta, JSK applications, Kamada Hitoshi, Kei Okada, Ryohei Ueda, Yuto Inagaki, Kazuto Murase, Hiroyuki Mikita, Shunichi Nozawa, Youhei Kakiuchi

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Launch files

  • launch/model_filter.launch
      • model_name
      • model
      • input_cloud
      • output_cloud [default: $(arg input_cloud)_$(arg model_name)_filtered]
      • model_filter_config


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