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Version 0.5.6
License LGPL
Build type CATKIN

Repository Summary

Checkout URI https://github.com/ipa320/ipa_canopen.git
VCS Type git
VCS Version hydro_dev
Last Updated 2017-03-07
Dev Status END-OF-LIFE
CI status Continuous Integration
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Package Description

This package provides functionalities to communicate a ROS Node to CANopen devices

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  • Thiago de Freitas


  • Tobias Sing
  • Thiago de Freitas
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Changelog for package ipa_canopen_ros

0.5.6 (2014-05-28)

  • Error install tags
  • Contributors: ipa-cob4-1

0.5.5 (2014-05-21)

  • change warning message
  • merge conflict
  • hydro
  • Diagnostics with name
  • Diagnostics with name
  • Diagnostics with name
  • Adjusts the diagnostics
  • Merge pull request #58 from thiagodefreitas/hydro_dev Changes the behaviour when a node can not be found
  • Changes the behaviour when a node can not be found
  • Adds some diagnostics
  • Fixes init bug
  • Fixes problems for the inialization of Schunk devices
  • First version of generalized mapping functions
  • Contributors: Thiago de Freitas Oliveira Araujo, ipa-cob4-1, ipa-nhg, ros, thiagodefreitas

0.5.4 (2014-04-08)

0.5.3 (2014-03-28)

  • Merge branch \'hydro_dev\' of github.com:ipa320/ipa_canopen into hydro_release_candidate
  • Catkin_lint modifications *Init bug fix*Schunk bug fix
  • Contributors: thiagodefreitas

0.5.2 (2014-03-28)

  • Urgent Fix to ros pre-release build
  • Missing a comment
  • Changes the checks from the CMakeLists equal to ipa_canopen_ros
  • Merge pull request #36 from thiagodefreitas/hydro_dev Added diagnostic_msgs
  • Added diagnostic_msgs
  • Changes executable name to be compliant with catkin specs
  • catkin_make_isolated is now working
  • Last day for syncs between groovy_dev and hydro_dev
  • Syncs the hydro_dev to the groovy_dev
  • Fixing author name
  • Fixes bug described by \@kalectro
  • Changed pr2 msgs to control_msgs
  • Restricted some calls to the core part
  • Fixing the TPCanRdmsg
  • Removed some elmo trash
  • Some beautifying
  • Removed some unnecessary prints
  • Ros Node Working for all the 3 devices
  • Fixing the ros node
  • Fixing merge errors
  • Merge branch \'feature/simple_bride\' of github.com:thiagodefreitas/ipa_canopen into almost_merged Conflicts: ipa_canopen_ros/CMakeLists.txt ipa_canopen_ros/src/canopen_ros.cpp
  • integrate init, recover and moveVel. still not working yet
  • add checks for ROS parameters
  • add diagnostic_msgs to manifest and stack
  • demo for torso
  • Added PPMode service
  • Modifying structure for 3 joints
  • Position mode working at industrieStr
  • Added swithces
  • Removed sendPos
  • devices
  • Default positions for the request
  • Changing Profiled Position Mode to a ROS Service
  • Probably solves the errors from industrieStr
  • Modifying the offsets and conversion factors
  • Unit factor now comes from the yaml file
  • Working for different ranges of baud rates
  • Mapping is now independent of the canopen id
  • Merged from changes at industrieStr
  • Local changes
  • elmo_pos worked for the first time
  • Removing hard-coded baudrate from low-level Canopen
  • Std::couts out
  • Definitions for the sendVel
  • Separating sendPos to sendVel
  • Changed Handlers at ROS Level
  • No more fixed IDs for the Elmo Branch
  • Correcting elmo endschalten
  • Limits working properly, only the switch release needs some adjustment
  • Adjusting comments and license for the Elmo parts of the driver
  • Recover works for the first time
  • Changed elmo constraints
  • Elmo merging
  • Contributors: Thiago de Freitas, Thiago de Freitas Oliveira Araujo, ipa-fmw, thiagodefreitas

0.5.1 (2014-03-20)

  • This commit syncs the groovy_dev branch with the hydro_dev branch
  • Changed CMakeLists to just one
  • Modifications from cob3
  • Catkinized Version of the ipa_canopen package
  • Merge pull request #21 from thiagodefreitas/groovy_dev ROS node uses offsets for desired and actual positions
  • Correction for the desired positions
  • Modifying offsets
  • fix recover and init behaviour
  • Updating author and maintainer information
  • Renamed function and services from stop to Halt
  • Example of stop service
  • Recover on movement now works
  • Enhanced diagnostics version
  • Pre initialization information New functions for getting the manufacturer erros
  • Manufacturer information: * hardware version *firmware version

  • Some printout cleaning

  • Changing headers

  • Velocity limit check for ROS

  • Modified ROS part

  • Pushing for saving

  • Still only static recover

  • remove yaml-cpp

  • More jenkins changes

  • Florian modifications from Jenkins warnings

  • Modifications tested with the LWA 4.10

  • add yaml-cpp dep

  • Modified

  • Deleted trash

  • Driver modifications

  • Implementing the diagnostics

  • updated 64Bit version of ipa_canopen

  • updated 64Bit version of ipa_canopen

  • updated 64Bit version of canopen driver

  • first version for 64Bit OS

  • updated 64Bit version

  • first test-version for ubuntu12 64bit

  • updated stack and package info

  • small fixes

  • first step for building with rosmake

  • added canopen_ros

  • Contributors: Florian Wei

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