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  • Pramuditha Aravinda
  • Pyo


  • Armin Hornung
  • Stefan Osswald
  • Daniel Maier
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Changelog for package humanoid_localization

0.4.2 (2018-04-19)

  • refacotoring to release on kinetic
  • added documents related to humanoid_localization packages
  • added information new maintainer
  • fixed CMakeLists.txt and package.xml files for dependency
  • resolved warnings
  • Contributors: Kayman, Pyo

0.4.1 (2016-09-05)

  • catkinize the stack
  • get code to compile under Hydro
  • removes some trailing blanks and semicolon
  • added localization Service to HumanoidLocalization (untested)
  • Localization updates are now done based on the distance to the last localized pose (not summed distance)
  • Homogeneous subsampling of laser points (PCL voxel grid) instead of angular
  • Uniform sampling for depth camera data
  • Motion model and noise can now be calibrated with a variance matrix. Some parameters are no longer used, please adjust accordingly: motion_noise/x, motion_noise/y, motion_noise/yaw, num_sensor_beams
  • Preventing TF_OLD_DATA Warning when init from RVIZ
  • refactoring/cleanup
  • Added Timer to Localization and timerCallback now republishes latest tf transform
  • added parameterization for odometry calibration in MotionModel
  • Proper floor offset if z is constrained to supporting surface by kinematics / odometry
  • More loops parallelized (motion model)
  • fixes:
    • Fixed invalid conversion from \'octomap::AbstractOcTree*\' to \'octomap::OcTree*\'
    • Add dependency to cmake_modules for FindEigen.cmake
    • Fixed duplicate library export
    • Fixed linking endpointmodel to humanoidlocalization in case dynamicEDT3D is available
    • Fix missing OpenMP compilation flags (from catkinization)
    • Fixing error with constrainMotion flags and optimized-away assertion
    • Fixed point cloud callback crashing when ground filtering and no ground visible
    • Bugfix for OctoMap in Groovy
    • Height lookup for endpoint model fixed
    • Fixed raycasting height integration on non-zero ground and raycast max_range
    • bug fix: removed (unnecessary) feature in HumanoidLocalization
    • Fixed compilation with ROS groovy (tf types)
    • fixed localization for point clouds
  • Contributors: Armin Hornung, Daniel Maier, Pramuditha Aravinda, Stefan Osswald, Vincent Rabaud, enriquefernandez

0.4.0 (2013-01-10)

  • indentation / code style
  • added point cloud support (with ground filter) to humanoid_localization
  • Added option to constrain motion according to odometry (don\'t estimate z / RP)
  • cleanup, init localization from ground truth via tf lookup
  • Fixed odometry lookup error (wrong frame) and missing odom data
  • restructuring of humanoid_localization started
  • Parameter cleanup / renaming
  • Better height measurement in raycasting model
  • humanoid_localization now uses sensor_msgs::Imu instead of nao_msgs
  • EndpointModel is now optional, depends on dynamicEDT3D
  • humanoid_localization added to humanoid_navigation, currently supports 6D localization from laser, odometry and IMU
  • Contributors: Armin Hornung, Daniel Maier

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