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Version 0.0.9
License Apache License 2.0
Build type AMENT_CMAKE

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VCS Type git
VCS Version humble-devel
Last Updated 2023-09-19
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Package Description

Play a pre-recorded motion on a robot

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  • Noel Jimenez
  • Jordan Palacios


  • Noel Jimenez
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Changelog for package play_motion2

0.0.9 (2023-07-05)

  • Use callback groups and MultiThreadedExecutor to execute callbacks in parallel
  • Contributors: Noel Jimenez

0.0.8 (2023-05-22)

  • add 1 extra second to motions timeout To avoid that motions with only one position fail when the robot is already in that position
  • fill error field and be more verbose
  • cancel action goals when requested
  • Contributors: Noel Jimenez

0.0.7 (2023-04-17)

  • remove meta information from mandatory parameters
  • Contributors: Noel Jimenez

0.0.6 (2023-03-20)

  • Merge branch \'remove_tests_namespace\' into \'humble-devel\' remove namespaces from tests See merge request app-tools/play_motion2!22
  • remove namespaces from tests
  • Merge branch \'fix_warns\' into \'humble-devel\' Fix warnings See merge request app-tools/play_motion2!21
  • not catch exception by value
  • change types for comparisons
  • comment unused arguments
  • order variables initialization
  • Merge branch \'wait_for_service_and_action\' into \'humble-devel\' wait for service and action after creating clients See merge request app-tools/play_motion2!20
  • wait for service and action after creating clients
  • Merge branch \'ament_cmake_auto\' into \'humble-devel\' switch to ament_cmake_auto See merge request app-tools/play_motion2!19
  • switch to ament_cmake_auto
  • Merge branch \'rm_ament_cmake_pal\' into \'humble-devel\' remove ament_cmake_pal See merge request app-tools/play_motion2!18
  • remove ament_cmake_pal
  • Contributors: Jordan Palacios, Mathias L

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