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The diffbot_base package

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  • Franz Pucher


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Changelog for package diffbot_base

1.1.0 (2022-03-28)

  • fix: missing subscriber initialization (#54)
  • feat: warn if eStop() is called on mcu
  • Change base config: switch motor pins
  • feat: add callbacks for low level pids on mcu #54 For MCU firmware - Add subscribers for left and right motor pid controllers using diffbot_msgs::PIDStamped custom message

    • Update debug logging message (different formatting)

    - Update PID controller interface (provide proportional_, integral_ and derivative_ values)

  • fix: missing diffbot namespace in test

  • fix: test_encoders.cpp include name

  • feat: add documentation link for unity

  • Merge pull request #42 from joeuser846/motor-defines Use MOTOR_LEFT/RIGHT from diffbot_base_config.h instead of hardcoding pin numbers

  • Fix filenames

  • Use MOTOR_LEFT/RIGHT instead of hardcoding pin numbers

  • Contributors: Franz Pucher, Joe User

1.0.0 (2021-08-13)

  • clean CMakeLists.txt: remove dependency
  • add dependency diffbot_msgs_generate_messages_cpp to build diffbot_msgs before diffbot_base package
  • Refactor: Update interface - Exchange jointStates between high hw intf and low level base controller - Add measured_joint_state publisher in base controller to let high level hw intf subscribe to it

    • Remove encoder publisher (todo consider publishing at low rate)
    • Update docstrings of BaseController
    • Extend interface of diffbot::Encoder class to read jointStates
  • refactor: renamed methods due to interface change: jointStates

  • use new jointState intf between high and low level base

  • make use of diffbot namespace

  • Update base_controller documentation

    • Update BaseController class
    • Add E_STOP_COMMAND_RECEIVED_DURATION define in diffbot_base_config
  • update diffbot_base

    • add diffbot namespace to base_controller library classes
    • update docstrings
    • run rosdoc_lite
    • fix some rosdoc_lite warnings
  • add diffbot_base launch arg to choose robot model (for remo and diffbot)

  • add AngularVelocitiesStamped.h for rosserial

  • remove measured_vel_ publisher in rosserial

  • add low level pid

    • Add pid lib for arduino code
    • make use of pid in base_controller.h
    • update debug logging
    • use ros::time in encoder lib
  • set motor_constant=1 (gain trim model)

  • make use of new diffbot_msgs in hardware interface and base_controller

  • feat: add debug parameter to parameter server add option to enable/disable debug logging of the hw interface

  • refactor base_controller: use ros time instead of millis

  • refactor main.cpp: add base_controller class

    • add base_controller.h with BaseController template class
    • use class publisher and subscriber
    • use BaseController instead of global variables
    • read parameters from parameter server in BaseController
  • add encoder resolution to config header and getter/setter

  • add include guards to encoder.h

  • add base_controller rosserial code using rates

  • fix vector assignment of command velocity in hw intf

  • add tests for motor controllers

  • add compiled rosserial diffbot_msgs

  • add adafruit_feather_wing motor controller class header

  • moved adafruit_feather_wing.cpp to subfolder

  • add adafruit_feather_wing motor controller class

  • add author comment

  • add abstract MotorControllerInterface class

  • remove test_motors.cpp

  • update encoder lib for rosserial

    • add doc strings to encoder.h
    • add ticksToAngle method
    • add angularVelocity method
  • feature: update diffbot_hw_interface

    • add angular wheel joint velocity publisher
    • add new WheelCmd.msg in diffbot_msgs

    - load new hardware related parameters from diffbot_base/config/base.yaml - get hardware related parameters from parameter server in diffbot_hw_interface - add gain trim parameters to dynamic reconfigure cfg

  • refactor diffbot_msgs

    • rename Encoder.msg to Encoders.msg
    • update diffbot_pase includes and method signatures
    • update arduino script
    • change diffbot_msgs license to BSDv3
  • add base_controller mcu scripts including tests

  • Update package.xml change license and add rosserial to exec dependencies

  • Contributors: Franz Pucher

0.0.2 (2021-04-30)

  • fix #30: reset encoders after each new launch of hardware interface
  • call reset in encoders setup()
  • add method to check if encoder ticks are published
  • update logging in encoders.ino
  • initialize encoder_ticks_ in hw interface initialize values in encoder_ticks_ member array of hardware interface to zero because receiving meaningful tick values from the microcontroller might take some time. Alleviates problems in #30
  • fix zero time period at control loop start (#30)
  • Contributors: Franz Pucher

0.0.1 (2020-12-22)

  • update diffbot_base to use Encoder msg
  • set control loop rate to 10 Hz
  • add diffbot_msgs as dependency to diffbot_base
  • use queue_size of 10
  • update info output in write() method
  • update initial fpid parameters and adjust their range
  • update info messages with individual pid errors
  • update diffbot_base/launch file to use new diffbot.urdf.xacro
  • add dynamic reconfigure to pid class for f,p,i,d,i_max/min and antiwindup
  • add pid i_max/min and antiwindup to Parameters.cfg
  • add boost to CMakeLists.txt
  • update CMakeLists.txt using dynamic reconfigure
  • add dynamic_reconfigure to package.xml
  • add Parameters.cfg for feed forward gain
  • reset pid error and cmd values in case setpoint and p_error is zero: avoids non-vanishing i_error
  • tune pid and feed forward gains
  • fix major bug: prev_time not updated
  • refactor pid to enable dynamic reconfigure for both motors
  • add debug output logging messages to pid class and enable dynamic reconfigure - needs param for more than one pid
  • let PID inherit from control_toolbox::Pid
  • add pid controller for motors from ros control toolbox
  • add pid.cpp in cmake
  • Update version, mail and license
  • fix compile error and runtime errors due to dynamic reconfigure using initPid instead of setGains and tune PID values (P=10.0)
  • Update and add comments to code
  • move packages from ros/src to repository toplevel folder
  • Contributors: Franz Pucher

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Launch files

  • launch/diffbot.launch
      • model [default: diffbot] — model type [diffbot, remo]
      • description_package [default: $(eval find(arg('model') + '_description'))]
      • urdf_file [default: $(find xacro)/xacro '$(arg description_package)/urdf/$(arg model).urdf.xacro']
  • launch/controllers.launch


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