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Version 0.1.1
License BSD-2-Clause
Build type CATKIN

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VCS Version kinetic-devel
Last Updated 2024-03-18
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Package Description

Fiducial recognition. Implementation of different 2D tags like PI-tag from Bergamasco et al. for recognition with a single 2D camera.

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  • Richard Bormann


  • Jan Fischer


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Changelog for package cob_fiducials

0.1.1 (2024-02-20)

  • Merge pull request #8 from fmessmer/ci/gha migrate ci to gha
  • migrate ci to gha
  • remove kinetic jobs
  • Merge pull request #7 from Deleh/feature/diagnostics Add Heartbeat Diagnostics
  • add heartbeat diagnostics
  • clean spacing
  • Merge pull request #6 from fmessmer/fix_boost_deprecation fix boost deprecation
  • fix boost deprecation
  • Merge pull request #5 from fmessmer/kevin_ipa debug log output
  • debug log output
  • update travis config
  • Merge pull request #3 from fmessmer/test_noetic test noetic
  • fix opencv enums round 2
  • removes deprecated dynamic exception specifications
  • fixes opencv enum and constants
  • Revert \"fix opencv issues\" This reverts commit bb4391c04f607eb5f1a71536dfd7632ff7a55385.
  • fix opencv issues
  • fix cv enums
  • default pylint version check only
  • Bump CMake version to avoid CMP0048 warning
  • remove melodic job
  • add noetic job
  • remove upstream workspace
  • Merge pull request #1 from fmessmer/add_travis add travis
  • fix pylint issues
  • fix catkin_lint issues
  • remove dependency pcl
  • include cob_vision_utils/StdAfx only in non __LINUX__
  • add README
  • add overlay for cob_vision_utils
  • add .travis.yml
  • add .gitignore
  • Merge branch \'indigo_dev\' of into indigo_dev
  • bugfix for faster reply on service call
  • Merge branch \'indigo_dev\' of into indigo_dev
  • bugfixes for fiducials with sensor info msg and tf publishing
  • Merge branch \'indigo_dev\' of into indigo_dev
  • bugfixes for fiducials (removed synchronizer for camera info, tf output for all detected tags)
  • update to use non deprecated pluginlib macro
  • cmake_modules and eigen cleanup
  • updated opencv includes for kinetic
  • Merge branch \'indigo_dev\' of into indigo_dev
  • buildbot required these changes to compile the cob_fiducials package
  • added id of each marker to tf broadcasts
  • Merge remote-tracking branch \'origin-rmb/indigo_dev\' into merge_with_rmb Conflicts: cob_fiducials/package.xml cob_marker/package.xml cob_object_categorization/package.xml cob_object_detection_fake/package.xml cob_object_perception/package.xml cob_object_recording/package.xml cob_read_text/CMakeLists.txt cob_read_text/package.xml cob_surface_classification/CMakeLists.txt cob_surface_classification/package.xml cob_texture_categorization/package.xml libvlfeat/package.xml libzxing/package.xml
  • package format 2 and finalize cob_fiducials
  • corrected tag_0 pdf
  • Merge branch \'indigo_dev\' of into indigo_dev
  • added new pdfs for tags
  • added passthrough varaint of Ensenso-IDS-Rack
  • cleaning and conversion to package format 2
  • added some recall/precision table in excel sheet
  • little bugfixes
  • Adapted precompiled header settings
  • catkinizing
  • bugfixes for indigo
  • merge ipa-rmb groovy - jsf-indigo
  • Adapted precompiled header filepath to ROS specs
  • Adapted precompled header paths to be expressed relative to the metapackage and not above. Adapted Makefile to include new cpp files. Reduced include headers
  • Moved definition of function to separate cpp file in order to reduce header file dependencies. Removed unnecessary headers and updated Visaul Studio project file
  • Merge branch \'hydro_dev\' of into hydro_dev
  • Tabifying files
  • Cleanup of header files
  • removed cob_leg_detection and moved it into cob_people_perception (starting with groovy_dev_catkin version, no groovy_version)
  • Adapted install tags
  • Added missing system dependecies to package.xml
  • Added message and service depencies to targets in order to create correct build order
  • catkinizing cob_read_text
  • improved catkinizing by (a) adding missing tarball (b) reorganized cob_object_detection_fake to ROS python standard layout (c) fixed catkin_lint issues
  • catkinizing
  • fixed launchfile again
  • fixed launchfile
  • Removed multiple argument possibilities for cv::sqrt function call by explicit type cast
  • merge with 320
  • deleted seneka includes
  • minor changes
  • changed msgs
  • added seneka_msgs
  • changed header of marker array
  • added seneka message for fiducial publisher
  • added two triplets of pi tags to the vsd file
  • tuning of piTagIni_3.xml compilation for robustness and number of long distance tags
  • added 3 tags that are similar to (and therefore replacing) former 67, 69, 73 tags, but the new tags should have better visibility from far
  • added new tags with big differences in their cross ratios
  • working on pi markers that can be better distinguished -> cross-ratio analysis
  • correction of the invalid codes, addition of a excel table to compute valid codes
  • merge with 320
  • little hack for simulation, deactivated on default
  • added new tags to new ini.xml file
  • Merge branch \'groovy_dev\' of into 320-groovy_dev
  • added more markers in vsd file
  • aruco tested and fiducials.launch set to standard values
  • changed marker description fpitag
  • merge
  • Added new pdfs for tags
  • set FPITAG to \'1\'
  • small changes
  • added fast pitag .launch and .ini file
  • modified CMakeLists and manifest
  • renamed
  • renamed
  • cleaned common/files/fiducials/pi
  • cleaned common/files/models
  • cleaned common/files/models
  • cleaned common/files/models
  • cleaned common/include/cob_fiducials
  • cleaned common/include
  • cleaned common/src
  • cleaned ros/launch
  • fiducials.cpp restored to original
  • cleaned src
  • added seneka launch file
  • updated FiducialModelPi.h
  • added markers and ini for seneka project
  • added new FiducialModelPi.cpp
  • removed files
  • removed files
  • more deleted stuff
  • deleted stuff
  • Testing
  • cleaned useless files
  • Clean UP directory
  • merged ipa320 into fast_pitag
  • remove ROS_NOBUILD
  • cob_fiducials with PITag
  • publishing tf for marker (/marker)
  • added dep
  • fix bad habit
  • merge
  • Added feture to return only the requested obejct label
  • Merge branch \'groovy_dev\' of into groovy_dev
  • Added bsh yaml file
  • Merge branch \'groovy_dev\' of into groovy_dev
  • Added separate tf frames for each detected marker
  • Merge branch \'groovy_dev\' of into groovy_dev
  • small changes to make it build
  • Merge branch \'groovy_dev\' of into groovy_dev
  • merge
  • Merge branch \'groovy_dev\' of into groovy_dev
  • merge
  • New function for setting extrinsics to online switch cameras
  • Merge branch \'groovy_dev-320\' into groovy_dev
  • Added files for 5 cm pi-tag
  • Bugfix to enable rezised markers by just modifying the marker size in the xml file
  • fixed fiducials unsubscribe bug while using service and subscribe
  • Merge branch \'groovy_dev\' of into groovy_dev
  • BUGFIX. When havin a large resolution image of circles, then the circles create double contours (inner and outer ring). Those contours prevented the recognition of the pattern Problem fixed
  • added new pi-tag pdf with sharpness measure
  • Merge branch \'groovy_dev\' of into groovy_dev
  • fixed image namespace in launch file
  • added the possibility for easy sharpness calibration
  • cleaned up the code, added code comments, and added a ROS parameter for activating/deactivating the sharpness computation together with the marker detection
  • calibrated the linear function of pixel_count and sharpness_score -> sharpness measure now working very well
  • added code for another sharpness measure and log file recording
  • code for sharpness measure finalized but measure not yet good enough
  • working on sharpness measure
  • added header information to all outgoing messages, fixed some performance bugs (double/triple work)
  • added a verbosity_level parameter for screen outputs
  • fixed fiducials bug that no headers are set in the outgoing DetectionArray message
  • added communication functions
  • some groovy adaptations
  • added pdf with aruco fiducial
  • Fixed solution paramteres
  • bugfix
  • Aruco and PI up and running
  • Merge branch \'groovy_dev\' of into groovy_dev
  • Integration of new file structure for pi tag
  • JSF: ArUco tag up and running
  • JSF: Worked on Aruco marker integration
  • Added Aruco pattern maker as Visio file
  • JSF: Added implementation of ArUco marker
  • fiducial port to groovy
  • Merge branch \'electric_dev\' of git:// into groovy_dev
  • improved stability of marker
  • added ROS_NOBUILD for packages not compiling yet under groovy
  • Improved false positive rate by checking reprojection error
  • Modified nothing
  • JSF: Added pdf for single tags
  • IPA-JSF: Modified windows files
  • Added helper script
  • Committed launch files
  • Fiducials for ROS up and running
  • ROS interface for fiducials up and running
  • Worked on linux interface for fiducials
  • Implemented ROS interface for fiducial recognition
  • Restored linux compliance
  • Improved fiducial recognition
  • Significantly reduced false detection rate of pi fiducial and fixed some bugs for object modeling
  • Worked on tag integration
  • JSF: Worked on tag recognition
  • Worked on tag integration for object modeling
  • Merge branch \'master\' of
  • Worked on tag recognition
  • Worked on tag recognition for object modeling
  • jsf
  • Improved fiducial design
  • Improved tag design
  • Added new tags
  • Modified include paths
  • Initial commit. ROS wrappers will follow soon
  • Added fiducials. They are distinct to cob_markers, as it is not possible to encode an arbitrary string with them
  • Contributors: Denis Lehmann, Equanox, Felix Messmer, Hendrik Molter, Jan Fischer, Jiawei Yang, Marc Riedlinger, Richard Bormann, Student of Richard Bormann, Your Name, buildbot-squirrel, fmessmer, ipa-bnm, ipa-cmm-mn, ipa-fxm, ipa-jsf, kevin2@cob4-20, raw3, tsl

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