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  • Piyush Khandelwal
  • Jack O'Quin


  • Piyush Khandelwal
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Changelog for package segbot_gazebo

0.3.1 (2015-03-31)

  • updated setting amcl laser max range. see segbot_apps#31.
  • Contributors: Piyush Khandelwal

0.3.0 (2015-03-24)

  • use the updated segbot_v1 hokuyo only launch file as default.
  • now set yaw correctly for true localization as well
  • use different eband parameters in simulation.
  • allow changing the move base server.
  • Contributors: Piyush Khandelwal

0.2.1 (2014-04-22)

0.2.0 (2014-04-20)

  • use roslaunch_add_file_check() to test launch file dependencies.
  • add missing map_server dependency.

0.1.5 (2013-09-03)

  • mark config dir for installation. closes #16

0.1.4 (2013-08-13)

  • reflected launch file location change for auxiliary segbot files

0.1.3 (2013-08-12)

  • fixed markers and laserscan in the multiple segbot viz configuration
  • finalized the multiple segbots script. made use_full_gazebo_model a parameter
  • cleaned up segbot_mobile_base (tf_prefix, fake_localization) - all tested using the multiple segbots launch file. closes #8. closes #9
  • updated single robot navigation script to use internal components of segbot_mobile_base
  • renamed bwi_test_world to segbot_test_world. closes #10
  • removed segbot_gazebo_plugins. closes #7

0.1.2 (2013-07-16)

  • cmake and package description cleanup and alphabetization

0.1.1 (2013-07-15)

0.1.0 (2013-07-10)

  • removing fake amcl, as an upstream version exists somewhere
  • added complete navigation solution
  • changing launch file permissions to execute
  • removed redundant lines of code and added segbot_navigation for a complete navigation solution launch file
  • upgraded test world to SDF 1.4
  • fixed bwi_test_world to work with gazebo_ros_pkgs for hydro transition
  • catkinization complete
  • fixed cmake and launch errors for gazebo_ros_pkgs migration
  • fixing auxiliary file location
  • piyushk: fixed typo error in launch file
  • fixing default auxilliary file name
  • defaulting to starting at 0,0 - now that we are approaching a fix towards not being able to spawn the model at any location apart from 0,0
  • add a simple simulation launch file
  • reduced size of unit objects to use them for obstacle avoidance testing
  • added a map and map server launch file for the bwi_test_world gazebo world
  • hammer on the table was causing problems - it has been removed
  • the full gazebo model is enabled by default - the simple model should only be used in certain experiments
  • fixing launch scripts for nvidia optimus launch prefix
  • removed extra launch files before correcting autonomous navigation and gmapping
  • changed default world name to gazebo
  • finished test world file
  • a bit more cleanup
  • a working test gazebo environment
  • removed old compile rules for BWI controllers that should not be in the segbot package, and fix the plugins dependency
  • generate a SDF1.2 world file
  • trying to fix the main segway simulation launch file. work still in progress
  • merged the debug and world launch files
  • importing relecant files from svn repository

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Launch files

  • launch/segbot_test_world_map_server.launch
  • launch/multiple_segbots.launch
      • robot_configuration [default: $(find segbot_bringup)/launch/includes/auxiliary.segbot_v1.hokuyo_only.launch.xml]
      • use_full_gazebo_model [default: true]
  • launch/segbot_test_world.launch
      • use_sim_time [default: true]
      • gui [default: true]
      • world [default: gazebo]
      • debug [default: false]
  • launch/segbot_mobile_base.launch
      • world [default: gazebo]
      • map_frame [default: map]
      • map_service [default: /static_map]
      • map_topic [default: /map]
      • navigation_map_topic [default: $(arg map_topic)]
      • x [default: 0]
      • y [default: 0]
      • z [default: 0]
      • roll [default: 0]
      • pitch [default: 0]
      • yaw [default: 0]
      • robotid [default: segbot]
      • tf_prefix [default: ]
      • use_full_gazebo_model [default: true]
      • configuration_file [default: $(find segbot_bringup)/launch/includes/auxiliary.segbot_v1.hokuyo_only.launch.xml]
      • launch_localization [default: false]
      • use_fake_localization [default: false]
      • launch_move_base [default: false]
      • move_base_server [default: move_base]
      • base_frame_id [default: $(arg tf_prefix)/base_footprint]
      • odom_frame_id [default: $(arg tf_prefix)/odom]
      • map_frame_with_prefix [default: $(arg tf_prefix)/$(arg map_frame)]
  • launch/segbot_navigation.launch
      • robot_configuration [default: $(find segbot_bringup)/launch/includes/auxiliary.segbot_v1.hokuyo_only.launch.xml]
      • use_full_gazebo_model [default: true]
      • launch_localization [default: true]
      • launch_move_base [default: true]


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