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Last Updated 2022-11-24
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A template for ROS packages.

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  • Qiayuan Liao


  • Qiayuan Liao

Changelog for package rm_referee

0.1.16 (2022-11-24)

  • Merge pull request #80 from ljq-lv/new_ui_test Improve the Ui to reduce data transport
  • Modified the braces of rm_common
  • Modified the braces of rm_common
  • Fixed the error of wrong named
  • Fixed the error of wrong named
  • Modified the name of time stamp
  • Delete the director of \"referee\" in CMakeLists.txt
  • Improve the struct of directory
  • Divide ui.cpp into different type cpp
  • Add the empty function to updateManualCmdData()
  • Move updateManualCmdData into parent class
  • Delete the usleep()
  • Add the rpc_value of fixed
  • Delete unnecessary function run()
  • Modified the param\'s name and combined the if
  • Modified the named of time
  • Add destructor function
  • Modified the logic to get param
  • Modified the named of time stamp
  • Improve the way to get param
  • Delete unnecessary init and NodeHandle
  • Move the class\'s init from cpp to h
  • Move referee_ui_\'s init into rm_referee::Referee
  • Delete the parent Delete the part of update
  • Delete the part of Referee.msg
  • Run pre-commit
  • Merge branch \'master\' into new_ui_test
  • Merge pull request #78 from chenhuiYu00/dev/command_sender Check the modification of command sender.
  • Add namespace \"referee\" before topic\'s name
  • Fixed code style
  • Add \"referee_\" before topic\'s name
  • Fixed the spelling error
  • Fixed the spelling error
  • Fixed the cover state\'s bug
  • Test the basic ui function successful
  • Locate the bug of capacity class
  • Locate the bug of chassis class
  • Add the chassis class
  • Fix the logic of CheckUiAdd()
  • Delete chassis class to test bug
  • Modified the struct of ui
  • Modified the struct of ui
  • Test the init of referee_base
  • Add test code
  • Delete referee msg and update command sender.
  • test
  • Move the robot_id and robot_color from \"Base\" to the class \"DataTranslation\"
  • Add the class \"DataTranslation\" to deal with serial_
  • Merge pull request #76 from chenhuiYu00/accleration_Initial_value Add accleration initial value.
  • Merge branch \'rm-controls:master\' into master
  • Code format.
  • Merge pull request #70 from chenhuiYu00/rm_referee_pr Complete the referee part of manual separation.
  • Remove referee config.
  • Move files.
  • Type conversion.
  • Add RobotID enum.
  • Delete /common/data.h, Update power_limit and heat_limit.
  • Update date acquisition in command_sender.
  • Naming conventions.
  • Move referee part from rm_common to rm_referee and modify ui sending logic.
  • Add referee is_online msg.
  • Adjust referee data sending way and adapt current ui.
  • Add referee msg.
  • Merge and fixed conflict.
  • Write radar interactive.
  • Add radar part.
  • Fixed bug.
  • Add gimablchassis ui.
  • Ui work success,ore ui is in test.
  • Try reuse power limit state.
  • Change Variable name,color problem in powerlimitstate.
  • Merge branch \'referee1\' of into referee1 Conflicts: rm_common/include/rm_common/decision/command_sender.h rm_common/include/rm_common/decision/service_caller.h rm_msgs/msg/referee/CalibrationStatus.msg rm_msgs/msg/referee/CapacityData.msg rm_msgs/msg/referee/DetectionStatus.msg rm_msgs/msg/referee/EngineerCmd.msg rm_msgs/msg/referee/GameRobotHp.msg rm_msgs/msg/referee/GameRobotStatus.msg rm_msgs/msg/referee/GameStatus.msg rm_msgs/msg/referee/PowerHeatData.msg rm_msgs/msg/referee/StateCmd.msg rm_referee/config/standard3.yaml rm_referee/include/rm_referee/common/data.h rm_referee/include/rm_referee/common/referee_base.h rm_referee/include/rm_referee/engineer_referee.h rm_referee/include/rm_referee/hero_referee.h rm_referee/include/rm_referee/referee/referee.h rm_referee/include/rm_referee/referee/ui.h rm_referee/include/rm_referee/robot_referee.h rm_referee/include/rm_referee/standard_referee.h rm_referee/launch/load.launch rm_referee/src/common/referee_base.cpp rm_referee/src/engineer_referee.cpp rm_referee/src/hero_referee.cpp rm_referee/src/main.cpp rm_referee/src/referee/referee.cpp rm_referee/src/referee/ui.cpp rm_referee/src/robot_referee.cpp rm_referee/src/standard_referee.cpp
  • Fixed some problems,not ready.
  • Update config,referee only send ui once.
  • Add ore remain,dart remain ui.
  • Fixed topic naming, add time stamp in referee msgs.
  • Merge date.
  • Fixed for test manual,Immature work.
  • Merge branch \'rm_referee1\' into referee1
  • Merge date.
  • Ljq update,fixed for test manual,Immature work.
  • Add PowerHearData.msg and GameRObotHp.msg
  • Delete unnecessary calibraiton.h
  • Add
  • Update the add operation of ui
  • Add referee package
  • Contributors: Chenhui, QiayuanLiao, ljq-lv, ye-luo-xi-tui, yuchen,

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Launch files

  • launch/load.launch
      • robot_type [default: $(env ROBOT_TYPE)] — Robot type [standard, hero, engineer]


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