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Version 0.2.0
License Apache 2.0
Build type CATKIN

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Last Updated 2018-03-27
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Package Description

A module to control the head. This module is included in the Thormang3 Manager as a library.

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Changelog for package thormang3_head_control_module

0.2.0 (2018-03-27)

  • modified build option and dependencies configuration
  • changed depend pkg for catkin dependencies and package.xml format to v2
  • changed include path for dependencies and license to Apache v2
  • Contributors: SCH, Pyo

0.1.3 (2017-05-23)

  • updated cmake file for ros install
  • Contributors: SCH

0.1.2 (2017-04-24)

  • added done msg to base_module
  • added done msg to head_control_module
  • head control module msgs added
  • merged develop with feature_walking_upgrade
  • merged branch \'walking_upgrade\' into develop
    • fixed package dependencies
    • optimized cpu usage by spin loop (by astumpf)
  • applied head_control_module_msgs

  • changed lidar moving method

  • edited range scan

    • reduce CPU consumption
  • wholebody inipose added

  • update thormang3_head_control_module : scan lidar using range

  • Contributors: Jay Song, Zerom, Kayman, SCH

0.1.1 (2016-08-19)

  • none

0.1.0 (2016-08-18)

  • first public release for Kinetic
  • modified package information for release
  • modified thormang3_head_control_module/package.xml
  • added description in package.xml(head control module)
  • thormang3_head_control_module : insert license code
  • ROS C++ coding style is applied.
  • file name changed.
  • head_control_module : some coding style changed
  • ROS c++ coding stylie is applying, first thormang3_kinematics_dynamics complete
  • fixed high CPU consumption due to busy waits
  • Contributors: Alexander Stumpf, Jay Song, Zerom, Kayman, Pyo, SCH

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