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Version 0.0.6
License BSD
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Last Updated 2015-02-11
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Package Description

The pr2_surrogate package allows you to make a PR2 into a surrogate for your physical body using the Oculus RIFT HMD and Razer Hydra controller.

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  • Devon Ash


  • David Gossow

PR2 Surrogate

This package enables fully immersive control of a PR2 robot using the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra.

What it does: - Render the Kinect point cloud and robot model to the Oculus Rift - Use the Oculus head tracking to control the PR2 head - Connect the Hydra to the PR2 joystick teleop (base motion, torso lift & gripper control) - Track the Hydra motion with the PR2 grippers

How to run: - Connect your Hydra and Oculus Rift - On the robot: robot start, then roslaunch pr2_surrogate robot.launch - On the desktop: roslaunch pr2_surrogate desktop.launch


Changelog for package pr2_surrogate

0.0.6 (2015-02-11)

0.0.5 (2014-09-18)

  • Changed maintainer; updated websites
  • Contributors: TheDash

0.0.4 (2014-09-07)

  • Replaced dependency on rviz plugins
  • Contributors: TheDash

0.0.3 (2014-09-07)

  • added audio param etc. to desktop/robot.launch
  • updated README
  • check return code of dynparam call, removed signed/unsigned warning
  • Contributors: David Gossow

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Launch files

  • launch/device.launch
    • Launch the OpenNI device driver
      • manager
      • device_id
      • rgb_frame_id
      • depth_frame_id
      • rgb_camera_info_url
      • depth_camera_info_url
      • depth_registration
      • respawn [default: false]
      • rgb [default: rgb]
      • ir [default: ir]
      • depth [default: depth]
      • depth_registered [default: depth_registered]
      • projector [default: projector]
  • launch/arm_mover.launch
      • command_topic
      • tracked_frame
      • deadman_button
  • launch/desktop.launch
      • start_hydra [default: true]
      • audio [default: false]
  • launch/cart_controllers.launch
  • launch/terminator_eye.launch
  • launch/openni_head.launch
    • Entry point for using OpenNI devices
      • camera [default: kinect_head]
      • rgb_frame_id [default: /head_mount_kinect_rgb_optical_frame]
      • depth_frame_id [default: /head_mount_kinect_ir_optical_frame]
      • device_id [default: #1]
      • rgb_camera_info_url [default: ]
      • depth_camera_info_url [default: ]
      • depth_registration [default: true]
      • rgb [default: rgb]
      • ir [default: ir]
      • depth [default: depth]
      • depth_registered [default: depth_registered]
      • projector [default: projector]
      • load_driver [default: true]
      • publish_tf [default: true]
      • bond [default: false]
      • respawn [default: $(arg bond)]
      • debug [default: false]
  • launch/c_jt.launch
      • use_right_arm [default: true]
      • use_left_arm [default: true]
      • sim [default: false]
  • launch/head_pointer.launch
      • tracked_frame [default: oculus]
      • deadman_button [default: 10]
  • launch/robot.launch
      • audio [default: false]
      • deadman_button [default: 0]
      • deadman_button [default: 3]


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