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Last Updated 2024-06-03
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Package Description

This package contains the description (mechanical, kinematic, visual, etc.) of the omni_base robot. The files in this package are parsed and used by a variety of other components. Most users will not interact directly with this package.

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  • Yue Erro


  • Yue Erro
  • Andrea Capodacqua
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Changelog for package omni_base_description

2.0.13 (2024-06-03)

2.0.12 (2024-06-03)

  • Merge branch \'fix/aca/reduced-laser-noise\' into \'humble-devel\' reduced laser_noise See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!30
  • reduced laser_noise
  • Contributors: andreacapodacqua

2.0.11 (2024-05-21)

  • Merge branch \'feat/aca/realsense-ros2\' into \'humble-devel\' added realsense support See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!28
  • Revert \"swap camera names\" This reverts commit 10b11403fde04f52c57782ff8e30f3e92cd042cc.
  • swap camera names
  • removed simulation arg and fix use_nominal_extrinsic
  • added rgbd_sensors to module
  • added realsense support
  • Merge branch \'fix/is_public_sim_argument\' into \'humble-devel\' add missing argument is_public_sim See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!29
  • add missing argument is_public_sim
  • Contributors: Aina Irisarri, andreacapodacqua, davidterkuile

2.0.10 (2024-04-18)

  • Merge branch \'fix/ros2-missing-deps\' into \'humble-devel\' adding missing deps See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!26
  • adding missing deps
  • Contributors: Noel Jimenez, andreacapodacqua

2.0.9 (2024-04-11)

  • Merge branch \'omm/feat/planar_move_plugin\' into \'humble-devel\' Restored old plugin with is_public_sim checks See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!24
  • Removing hector plugin dep
  • Restored old gazebo plugin
  • Merge branch \'dtk/fix/update-module-numbers\' into \'humble-devel\' Dtk/fix/update module numbers See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!25
  • Change module number to 00
  • Merge branch \'dtk/fix/remove-pmb2-dependency\' into \'humble-devel\' Remove pmb2-description dependency See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!22
  • Remove dependency of pmb2
  • Remove pmb2-description dependency
  • Contributors: David ter Kuile, Noel Jimenez, Oscar, andreacapodacqua, davidterkuile

2.0.8 (2024-04-10)

  • Merge branch \'feat/enable-dlo-sim\' into \'humble-devel\' enable odom_tf gazebo only in public sim and laser noise fix See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!20
  • restored default laser noise
  • enable odom_tf gazebo only in public sim and laser noise fix
  • Contributors: andreacapodacqua

2.0.7 (2024-04-10)

2.0.6 (2024-03-14)

  • Merge branch \'dtk/feat/force-based-move-plugin\' into \'humble-devel\' Dtk/feat/force based move plugin See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!19
  • Create a pal_distro dependency to not break humble ci untill pr gets accepted
  • Add hector gazebo plugin dependency
  • Remove namespace for multirobot
  • Change to force_based_move from hector gazebo plugins
  • Remove friction of the wheels, similar to as in ROS1
  • Contributors: David ter Kuile, andreacapodacqua, davidterkuile

2.0.5 (2024-03-06)

2.0.4 (2024-02-26)

2.0.3 (2024-02-02)

2.0.2 (2023-12-15)

2.0.1 (2023-12-11)

  • Merge branch \'fix/modules-ros2\' into \'humble-devel\' fix modules See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!14
  • moved omni modules from 00 to 10
  • fix modules
  • Contributors: Noel Jimenez, andreacapodacqua

2.0.0 (2023-11-22)

  • Merge branch \'feat/module\' into \'humble-devel\' Feat/module See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!13
  • using correct name
  • split bringup module
  • Merge branch \'fix/use_sim_time\' into \'humble-devel\' Set use_sim_time false as default See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!12
  • Set use_sim_time false as default
  • update copyright
  • fix: planar move plugin
  • omni_base ROS 2
  • fix lidar mesh issues and using light base stl
  • fix: planar move plugin parameters
  • fix: replace force_based_move by planar_move
  • add imu_sensor_broadcaster fix robot_model
  • ROS 2 omni base robot
  • Add TODO to gazebo.urdf.xacro force based move plugin
  • enable control(er) and 2dnav
  • fix: Load gazebo_controller_manager_cfg.yaml and launch only omnibase stuff that is ready
  • omnibase description to ROS 2:
    • xacro
    • ros2_control
  • omnibase description to colcon
  • Contributors: Noel Jimenez, YueErro, andreacapodacqua, josegarcia

0.0.10 (2022-12-27)

0.0.9 (2022-10-24)

0.0.8 (2022-08-16)

  • Merge branch \'fix/laser-fov\' into \'ferrum-devel\' fix laser fov for omni base See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!4
  • fix laser fov for omni base
  • Contributors: antoniobrandi

0.0.7 (2022-08-10)

  • Merge branch \'fix_base_collision\' into \'ferrum-devel\' Fix collision boxes for the base See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!3
  • Update box dimensions
  • Change suspension_side_joints to fixed joint because it was causing issue in the odometry
  • Fix collision boxes for the base
  • Contributors: saikishor, thomaspeyrucain

0.0.6 (2022-06-17)

  • Merge branch \'hokuyo-support\' into \'ferrum-devel\' Fix typo in macro See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!2
  • Fix typo in macro
  • Contributors: David ter Kuile, antoniobrandi

0.0.5 (2021-11-24)

  • Using the full mesh instead of the two boxes
  • added dependency for hector
  • removed dependency
  • Changed ros_planar_move for ros_force_based_move
  • Split the collision into 2 boxes for the sake of laser
  • Update the collision model of the base_link
  • Contributors: Sai Kishor Kothakota, antoniobrandi, saikishor

0.0.4 (2021-11-04)

  • typo
  • Contributors: antoniobrandi

0.0.3 (2021-10-05)

0.0.2 (2021-09-30)

  • removed useless dependency to omni_base_description_calibration
  • Contributors: antoniobrandi

0.0.1 (2021-09-30)

  • preparing release changed version
  • preparing release
  • Fixing wheel naming convention using rear instead of back
  • Merge branch \'omni_base_sw\' into \'master\' Omni base sw See merge request robots/omni_base_robot!1
  • fix the min and max angle of the lasers
  • added the virtual base laser link
  • fix the laser model naming for front and rear sensors
  • added missing deg_to_rad xacro
  • update the new wheel macro in the main URDF
  • update the wheel urdf xacro with the updated info from solidworks
  • remove unused base_laser_link
  • added new wheel meshes
  • update the information of the front-right and rear-left laser sensor
  • added base docking link frame
  • added antenna\'s links and meshes
  • update the wheel separation, radius and width parameters
  • update the base_link mesh and the link information
  • Changed laser scan topic for the simulation navigation
  • on of the urdf and completed controller configuration
  • Contributors: Sai Kishor Kothakota, antoniobrandi

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