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Version 0.0.2
License BSD
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Last Updated 2018-11-01
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Package Description

The jsk_pr2_core_apps package

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  • Kazuto Murase


  • Kazuto Murase
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Changelog for package jsk_pr2_core_apps

0.0.2 (2015-11-29)

0.0.1 (2015-11-27)

  • CMakeLists.txt: remove find_package which is not actually used
  • no more rosmake
  • put find_package roseus down in jsk_pr2_core_apps; revert unexpectedly deleted manifest.xml
  • catkinize local_app_manager and its deps; still jsk_android_gui_api9 is not set deps correctly
  • catkinize jsk_pr2_core_apps
  • fix mock_apps directory
  • add jsk_rosjava_messages
  • update robot_place_info.yaml and add calib_image/robot-sidebox.jpg
  • adjust some parameters
  • update pour_bottle_water_to_cup.l to add navigation
  • update pour_bottle_water_to_cup.l
  • update robot_place_info.yaml
  • add a contdition in pour_water_to_cup app
  • update place_on_table.l and launch
  • update place_on_table.l and launch
  • add task_bridge_apps dir and files
  • update pour_bottle_water_to_cup.l
  • update pour_bottle_water_to_cup.l
  • update pour_bottle_water_to_cup.l
  • remove pub_places.launch
  • add pub_places.launch and robot_place_info.yaml to jsk_pr2_core_apps
  • update jsk_pr2_core_apps/apps/pour_water_to_cup
  • update jsk_pr2_core_apps/apps/pour_water_to_cup
  • update local_app_manager/local_apps.installed
  • add pour_water_to_cup to app_manager
  • change demo_type from short to map when launched by multitask_chooser
  • update navigation.l
  • change the description of target objects
  • try to add some information about objects
  • update startup.launch for using various object via android
  • update launch file
  • add refrigerator demo of app manager
  • add an application to use fridge demo by app manager
  • add jsk_2013_04_pr2_610 to local_apps.installed
  • update teleop.launch
  • write a client file for teleop application
  • add a teleop application
  • change the package name of jsk android gui
  • update application list
  • add a package for app_chooser
  • change the application list in PR2
  • modified to not robot dependant app_manager.launch
  • renamed jsk_andriod_apps to jsk_android_apps_api9, api13 apps are set into jsk_smart_apps
  • Contributors: Kei Okada, Yuki Furuta, Haseru Chen, Kazuto Murase, Youhei Kakiuchi

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