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  • Maximilian Sieber


  • Maximilian Sieber

See for Installation and Pairing. Udev rule should be copied to /etc/udev and might require modification for diffrent controller. Otherwise you have to change the /dev/input/jsPS3 to your controler in the launchfile The from the wiki is modified for re-pairing and belongs in /etc/rc.local and REQUIRES Path modification for your system.


Changelog for package cob_teleop

0.5.1 (2014-03-20)

  • fixed cob_teleop_keyboard
  • fix teleop for 3DOF torso
  • changes for hydro deps
  • Fixed CMakefiles for teleop stuff.
  • merged catkin version
  • Initial catkinization.
  • critial bugfix (buffer overflow)
  • fixed wrong debug message
  • use 100Hz for teleop
  • no waiting for parameters
  • fuerte migration, joy msg moved
  • adapt roslaunch tests
  • fix safety
  • teleop with safe base movements
  • add dependency to joy
  • removed deprecated dependency
  • new file teleop_keyboard.launch
  • fix robot modules
  • removed launch files
  • removed launch and configuration files
  • remove compiler warnings
  • use joy.launch in teleop
  • removed compiler warnings
  • added cob3-4 configs
  • removed compiler warninigs
  • config files for cob3-bosch
  • added ENV variables to tests
  • electric update for teleop
  • cleanup arm and dashboard configs
  • add stop and recover/init button to teleop
  • config for cob3-3
  • Merge branch \'master\' of
  • added license header
  • add recover base button to teleop
  • cob3-2 config for teleop
  • changed tinmeout to 1sec
  • merge
  • teleop with brics messages
  • added desire.yaml
  • merge
  • moved output to DEBUG
  • added some usage instruction output
  • small bug-fix
  • new teleop_keyboard version - includes arm, tray, torso
  • fixed teleop jump-back error
  • deleted old launch file
  • added module parameters for all modules
  • added yaml teleop module yaml file for cob3-1
  • moved robot specific teleop configuration to external configuration files
  • merge
  • removed deprecated dependencies
  • add dependency to pt2_teleop
  • wait only for 1 sec
  • added support for brics intefaces to tray and arm
  • added brics interface for torso
  • cleanup in cob_apps and updated stack.xml\'s
  • research camp challenge
  • merge
  • renamed camera_axis to head_axis and platform to base
  • system cleaned - missing launch files added
  • much ado about nothing
  • Modified launch files of cob_base_drive_chain, cob_relayboard, cob_undercaariage_ctrl and cob_teleop_ucar and made them hierarchic
  • merged with cpc-pk: added ctrl for tricycle-kinematic; specification of limit in CanDriveHarmonica can now be specified via Inifile; base_drive_chain can be operated on variable numbers of motors (lesser or equal to eight); variable setting of path to inifile for UndercarriageCtrlGeom; debugged relaysboard - reads Bus now nonblocking

  • merge

  • teleop keyboard

  • Merge branch \'master\' into scriptserver

  • performance tuning

  • teleoperation with keyboard

  • update documentation

  • bugfix in teleop

  • ramp filter for base_controller

  • teleop with deadman and run button

  • improved joystick handling

  • renamed launch file

  • modification on cob3-2

  • adaptions for cob3-2

  • knoeppkes

  • new platform launch file

  • deleted teleop keyboard

  • update on robot

  • dual arm cob3 simulation and modified controllers for schunk simulation

  • modifications for navigation with ucar

  • adapt device

  • merge with cpc

  • Added dependencies for build of controllers to cob_teleop package

  • implemented, debugged and tested basic undercarriage controller - works on Descartes principal of rigid body motion

  • remote controll of torso, tray, arm with joystick is working

  • added timeout, if no /joint_states message arrives

  • initial values for velocities

  • get initial joint values from joint_states topic

  • test

  • Deployment of undercarriage controller debugged and finished: launch-script cob_ucar_joy starts up relayboard, base_drive_chain and controller; also remaps topics and services in correct namespaces. Debugging of controller itself is work in progress: simplified and removed old stuff - code compiles - controller runs but appaerently has some bugs -> may not yet be used

  • Merge branch \'review-cpc\'

  • introduced env variable ROBOT

  • debugging undercarriage drivers (base_drive_chain + relayboard + ucar_ctrl) - work in progress

  • cleaning up in cob_apps stack

  • modified teleop launch file

  • launch file for teleop_cob

  • new teleop for cob

  • merge

  • new stl files for torso

  • JSF: Added intrinsics to topic

  • debugged ucar controller and base drive chain node - still not running

  • reduced velocity of joystick

  • better 2d navigation

  • test of ROS navigation on cob

  • renamed packages to cob convention

  • Contributors: Alexander Bubeck, COB3-Manipulation, COB3-Navigation, Christian, Florian Wei

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