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Version 0.2.2
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Package Description

Controller for a ackermann mobile base.

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  • Vincent Rousseau


  • Vincent Rousseau

Ackermann Controller

Controller for a ackermann mobile base.


Changelog for package ackermann_controller

0.2.2 (2017-02-02)

0.2.1 (2017-02-01)

  • [ackermann] Change package description
  • Update computation of virtual steering
  • Update test for four_wheel_steering_controller
  • Contributors: Vincent Rousseau

0.2.0 (2017-01-19)

  • [4ws] Only enable twist cmd
  • remove test on radius param
  • Create the package urdf_vehicle_kinematic
  • Remove rviz display from test
  • [ackermann] Add test depend
  • Add joint steering limit
  • [ackermann] Add test for the validity of odometry
  • [ackermann] remove previous test urdf
  • [ackermann] Add first test with wrong config
  • [ackermann] Add tests
  • Assure controllability with twist command
  • Update 4ws twist cmd according to the wiki
  • Update ackermann controller with good steering mesure and command
  • [ackermann] Lookup for front and wheel radius in param fix #1
  • [ackermann] Enable different wheel radius on front and rear
  • Fix some names
  • Update ackermann controller according to 4ws controller
  • Update CMakelists and package format
  • Clean controllers code
  • Contributors: Vincent Rousseau

0.1.2 (2016-09-05)

  • Install python scripts
  • Contributors: Vincent Rousseau

0.1.1 (2016-08-31)

  • Initial version of ackermann_controller
  • Contributors: Vincent Rousseau

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