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Package Description

Meta package for SPUR omni-directional mobile manipulator robot made at Tamagawa University.

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  • Hiroyuki Okada
  • TORK


  • Tokyo Opensource Robotics Programmer 534o
  • Isaac I. Y. Saito
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Changelog for package spur

0.2.6 (2015-10-04)

  • [feat] Brush up laser_scan_matcher usage
  • [feat] add calibration
  • [fix] spur_controller/ fix for real robot, which currently does not have configuration setup for upper body
  • [fix] parameter tuning for the real robot
  • [fix] Install target
  • [design] use spur/laser/scan_filtered
  • Contributors: TORK 534o, Isaac IY Saito

0.2.5 (2015-07-29)

  • [feat] Enabling localization, navigation
  • [feat] Navigation parameters update
  • [feat] Update laser sensor from 04LX specification for simulation.
  • [feat] Add fake odometory for simulation
  • [feat] gmapping, move_base params, slowdown the veloc limitation
  • [feat] 2dnav.rviz: add footprtint
  • [feat] Configs (taking fetch_navigation as a reference)* Contributors: TORK 53* [feat] add laserfilter.launch
  • [fix] Odometry accuracy
  • [sys] cleanup launc files, sim->use_dummy, spur_world uses miimax.launch
  • [sys] Cleanup
  • [sys] add spur_controller/test/
  • Contributors: TORK 534o, Isaac IY Saito

0.2.4 (2015-07-11)

0.2.3 (2015-07-02)

0.2.2 (2015-06-30)

  • [Feat] Enable Hokuyo
  • [Sys] Adjust to bringup pkg. Add 2dnav pkg up to gmapping feature
  • [Sys] Port general stuff to spur_bringup package
  • Contributors: Isaac IY Saito

0.2.1 (2015-05-13)

  • (Fix) Add more dependency
  • Contributors: Isaac IY Saito

0.2.0 (2015-05-09)

  • (Fix) Complete adjusting model to real robot
  • (Fix) Specific dependency
  • (Feature) Allow configuring idle time for Twist command.
  • (Doc) Copyright to the project owner. Update package description.
  • Contributors: Isaac IY Saito

0.1.3 (2015-05-07)

  • joy launch improvement
  • Contributors: Isaac IY Saito

0.1.2 (2015-05-07)

  • (Fix) Correct sides of wheels (replacing L and R).
  • (Feat.) Separate launches to allow dynamixel to start by itself.
  • (Maintenance) More correct dependency.
  • Contributors: Isaac IY Saito

0.1.1 (2015-04-29)

  • Enable Odometry RViz plugin.
  • (Feature) Add a launch for joy, kb teleop
  • Contributors: Isaac IY Saito

0.1.0 (2015-03-30)

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