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Hardware driver for the Robotont robot

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  • Veiko Vunder


  • Sven-Ervin Paap


ROS driver package for robotont.

This package handles low-level communication between ROS and robotont hardware.

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1. Installing and starting the driver

1. Install Ubuntu 22.04

2. Install ROS 2 Rolling and create a workspace Creating a workspace

3. Pull driver repo and install ROS dependencies

Navigate to workspace root folder

sudo rosdep init
rosdep update
rosdep install --from-paths src -y --ignore-src

The driver also relies on the following packages: * 1: io-context * 2: serial-driver * 3: asio-cmake-module

sudo apt install ros-humble-io-context ros-humble-serial-driver ros-humble-asio-cmake-module

4. Build the driver

Ensure you are in your workspace root folder and enter the following commands to install them:

colcon build

5. Source install files and start the driver using the launch configuration

source install/local_setup.bash
ros2 launch robotont_driver

Launch parameters are defined in 3 different places. With the following hierarchy (lower number overwrites lower number): * 1: The parameters specified via command line, when using the launch file * 2: The parameters defined in the launch file * 3: The parameters hardcoded in the driver code

To change the launch parameters once, they can also be specified via the command line:

ros2 launch robotont_driver device_name:='/dev/ttyACM0'

2. Moving the robot

The drivers for the simulated and the real robot both subscribe to a cmd_vel topic. To move the robot, we have to publish velocity messages to this exact topic.

Here we use the teleop_twist_keyboard node, which translates command line keypresses to velocity messages and published these by default on cmd_vel topic. Run the node

ros2 run teleop_twist_keyboard teleop_twist_keyboard

  • Follow the printout in the console to learn how to control the robot. Enjoy the ride!

3. Available plugins


This plugin receives the ODOM packet from the robot and publishes the data on /odom (<:odometry>) topic. This plugin also broadcasts an odom frame via TF.


This plugin subscribes to cmd_vel topic and relays the velocities to robotont's motors


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