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This package contains the Domain Expert module for the ROS2 Planning System

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  • Francisco Martin Rico


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Domain Expert

The Domain Expert module is responsible for maintaining the PDDL domain.

The main class is plansys2::DomainExpertNode, which is instantiated from domain_expert_node.cpp. plansys2::DomainExpertNode is a also rclcpp_lifecycle::LifecycleNode, but currently the functionality is in the active phase.

The class responsible for maintaining this domain is plansys2::ProblemExpert, which is independent of ROS2.

The Problem Expert is dynamic and volatile, accessing its functionality through ROS2 services. To facilitate the task of the application developer, an plansys2::ProblemExpertClient class has been implemented that hides the complexity of handling ROS2 messages and services. Its API is similar to that of plansys2::ProblemExpert, since both have to implement the plansys2::ProblemExpertInterface interface.

The Problem Expert instantiates a plansys2::DomainExpertClient, and every update query is verified against domain to check if it is valid.

Every update in the Problem, is notified publishing a std_msgs::msg::Empty in /problem_expert/update_notify. It helps other modules and applications to be aware of updates, being not necessary to do polling to check it.


Published topics

  • /problem_expert/update_notify [std_msgs::msg::Empty]

Changelog for package plansys2_domain_expert

0.0.7 (2020-03-26)

  • Fix warning in last cmake versions Signed-off-by: Francisco Martin Rico <>
  • Contributors: Francisco Martin Rico

0.0.6 (2020-03-23)

  • Run in separate namespaces. Monolothic node Signed-off-by: Francisco Martin Rico <>
  • Add multi domain Signed-off-by: Francisco Martin Rico <>
  • Avoid inserting duplicate types Signed-off-by: Francisco Martin Rico <>
  • Avoid inserting duplicate types Signed-off-by: Francisco Martin Rico <>
  • Contributors: Francisco Martin Rico, Francisco Mart

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