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The pal_robotiq_gripper_wrapper package

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  • Daniel L√≥pez Puig
  • Sai Kishor Kothakota


  • Sai Kishor Kothakota
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Changelog for package pal_robotiq_gripper_wrapper

0.0.19 (2023-05-11)

0.0.18 (2023-03-23)

0.0.17 (2023-02-27)

  • Merge branch \'fix_status_human\' into \'master\' Update script for python 3 See merge request robots/pal_robotiq_gripper!16
  • Fix for python
  • Update script for python 3
  • Contributors: Jordan Palacios, thomaspeyrucain

0.0.16 (2023-02-15)

  • Merge branch \'add_is_grasped_sim\' into \'master\' Add is_grasped topic and fix grasping service in simulation See merge request robots/pal_robotiq_gripper!11
  • Merge branch \'release-service\' into \'add_is_grasped_sim\' Release service See merge request robots/pal_robotiq_gripper!14
  • Fix typo
  • Remove simulation arg and suffix. Delete simulation only class and use use_sim_time only
  • Remove redundant lines
  • add release service for epick gripper
  • Add release service and ensure abstract class is compatible with python2 and 3
  • create base class for gripperGrasp
  • comment + fusion launchfiles + modify max contact
  • Change is_grasped topic name for the epick gripper to be consistent
  • Add fake grasp to 140 + comment the fake grasp
  • Change the is_grasped topic name
  • Add python script to the include directory
  • Improve is_grasped topic in simulation
  • Add is_grasped topic and fix grasping service in simulation
  • Contributors: David ter Kuile, saikishor, thomaspeyrucain

0.0.15 (2023-01-12)

0.0.14 (2023-01-10)

0.0.13 (2022-09-29)

  • Merge branch \'fix_grasping\' into \'master\' Fix grasping See merge request robots/pal_robotiq_gripper!10
  • Remove unnecessary loginfo + fix syntax
  • Fix grasping if no object is detected
  • Contributors: saikishor, thomaspeyrucain

0.0.12 (2022-09-23)

0.0.11 (2022-05-04)

0.0.10 (2022-03-23)

0.0.9 (2022-03-21)

0.0.8 (2022-03-18)

  • Merge branch \'add_robotiq_epick_gripper\' into \'master\' Add robotiq_epick_gripper urdf See merge request robots/pal_robotiq_gripper!5
  • Add epick grasping service and is_grasped topic
  • Change config files name
  • Change joint name and configuration
  • Add config files and take in consideration the epick gripper in the grasping
  • Merge branch \'object-detection\' into \'master\' Object detection See merge request robots/pal_robotiq_gripper!3
  • Fix grasping + add intelligence in the dynamic parameter + fix format
  • Update default parameters
  • Adding pressure dynamic param and removing unused param + improvements Removing max_position_error and rate dynamic param Change the default param of the timeout and closin with optimized one Add dynamic_reconfigure as a new dynamic_parameter Improve when the gripper detects a close to stay to True when moving to the optimised position Add is_grasped topic for Tiago dual on <gripper>_motor/is_grasped
  • Change print to rospy.loginfo
  • Fusion the two classes
  • Update grasping service
  • Remove bool to avoid confusion
  • Fix bool and Bool
  • Create topic is grasped
  • feat: enable for tiago dual
  • fix: report real value and not one hardcoded
  • Contributors: daniellopez, saikishor, thomaspeyrucain

0.0.7 (2021-11-18)

  • Merge branch \'robotiq_fixes\' into \'master\' Robotiq fixes See merge request robots/pal_robotiq_gripper!4
  • Fix the bugs in the gripper_grasping file and added compatibility to TIAGo++
  • added gripper_motor_name argument to the config files
  • added missing pal_robotiq_gripper_wrapper_msgs dependency
  • Contributors: Sai Kishor Kothakota, saikishor

0.0.6 (2021-11-09)

  • Merge branch \'object-detection\' into \'master\' object-detection See merge request robots/pal_robotiq_gripper!2
  • chore: MR changes printing better log info
  • fix: add GripperStatus msg instead of reusing JointState msg
  • feat: GripperStatus msg
  • feat: publish position in mm
  • fix: gripper_status_human
  • WIP: feat: gripper grasp status
  • Contributors: Jordan Palacios, daniellopez

0.0.5 (2021-09-07)

  • Merge branch \'grasp_fix\' into \'master\' Fix grasping service See merge request robots/pal_robotiq_gripper!1
  • Fix grasping service
  • Contributors: saikishor, thomaspeyrucain

0.0.4 (2021-05-04)

0.0.3 (2021-04-21)

  • more cleanup and fix the missing config folder in the install rules
  • Contributors: Sai Kishor Kothakota

0.0.2 (2021-04-21)

0.0.1 (2021-04-21)

  • added pal_robotiq_gripper_wrapper initial commit
  • Contributors: Sai Kishor Kothakota

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