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  • Kei Okada


  • Manabu Saito
  • Lars Kunze
  • Haseru Chen
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Changelog for package jsk_2011_07_pr2_semantic

0.0.4 (2017-03-15)

0.0.3 (2016-02-11)

0.0.2 (2015-11-26)

0.0.1 (2015-06-11)

  • [jsk_demos] remove rosmake files
  • catkinize jsk_demos
  • Not include nonused pr2eus_openrave
  • do not use :use-torso for limb :inverse-kinematics method ;; behavior will not change because :use-torso was neglected at the previous revision
  • use require for loading files
  • update demo actions
  • add path-div
  • add time-tick and grasp-check keyword to open-fridge
  • add :return-sequence to open-fridge
  • add :wait-time keyword to open-fridge
  • refine parameters for openning fridge
  • fix typo
  • refine open-firdge
  • using new feature for detecting fridge
  • changed topic name of markers
  • update for checking traget-name
  • update check function, check timestam that the object is detected after check function is called, fix bug to confirm that object detection result is stable
  • publish objectdetection results
  • moved jsk_pr2_gui to jsk_ipad_gui, messgaes used in src/test_webui.l will be merged into jsk_gui_msgs
  • divided perception nodes to start_perceptin.launch
  • update for demo 2012.4.6
  • open gripper while angle-vector-sequence of open-fridge
  • speak-jp with object name
  • check x::display is NULL ?
  • uddate action definition
  • fixed the grasp motion for cups
  • not to use kinect pointcloud data in my demo launch
  • changed many lines
  • changed many lines
  • add util for pareto distribution
  • delete speak-jp method, which is loaded in pr2-interface.l
  • update current success version drobot actions
  • update actions.l and launch for demo
  • pointcloud_screenpoint changed to pointcloud_screenpoint_nodelet
  • commit updates for demo
  • commit all for demo
  • update action.l in demos/jsk_2011_07 for pick controller
  • add controller mode to pick method
  • update demo scripts
  • update opening fridge script
  • update script for bigmac and fridge
  • add coords definition to grasp sandwich box from top
  • add bigmac sandwich package texture to jsk_2011_07 package
  • update the planning domain and output graph
  • add planning based demo script
  • update demonstration scripts
  • fixed typo
  • added callback for ipad knowrob viewer
  • added cup-mit.jpg
  • update documents for 2011/07 demo package
  • back to original position when no cup found
  • add launch for c1
  • changed motion of hand-over
  • added avs for hand-over function
  • update demo launch, script
  • changed hand-over position
  • check object pose again if armplanning failed
  • look 4sec/cand when object search, fix the making reversed motion
  • add debugmessage, change inflation-range from 0.15 to 0.20, lookat hand befor pass the cup
  • use include to launch external scripts
  • remove machine tags
  • updated webui callbacks
  • modify cup pose in mini-kitchen, update demo script
  • update demo script
  • use_asynchronous for reduce computational cost
  • commit cup type and scripts
  • added new images
  • update pr2_semantic demo script
  • add object type of cup in pr2_semantic_demo
  • update demo programs for pr2_semantic
  • add find-objects-by-distance
  • add timeout to check object method
  • add viewer_window option to disable the OpenCV window
  • empty window name to disable window, point_pose_extractor
  • include all nodes in one launch file
  • user openrave for reaching cup, grippert sensor for hand-over action
  • renamede sift template of launch file
  • added new image for cups and mugs
  • add similar object find method
  • added noimage.png
  • applied ri move-event using knowrob from iPad
  • typo filename jpg -> png
  • add mit-mug to jsk_map:scene1
  • move eus_json_prolog to json_prolog in tum repository
  • change eus prolog interface to extract knowrob:oritentation from prolog answer, add launch load option to json_prolog
  • add find-knowrob-objects-with-info method, and current demo program
  • fixed typo and renamed old service name
  • add action of pick and grasp the cotesys cup
  • added str-cb from iPad on test_webui.l
  • added sample for webui
  • commit current demo elements
  • add demo package for pr2 semantic demo
  • Contributors: Kei Okada, Ryohei Ueda, Haseru Chen, Manabu Saito, Hiroyuki Mikita, Syunichi Nozawa, Youhei Kakiuchi

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