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Package Description

ROS Wrapper for the openpose software package. Exposes a service and topic interface.

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  • Rein Appeldoorn


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Openpose image recognition

ROS Wrapper for openpose

Installation notes

This ROS wrapper makes use of the Openpose python interface. Please follow the installation manual and ensure that the BUILD_PYTHON flag is turned on while running CMake. Also make sure that you install a release instead of the latest master version with CUDA8 since Torch (image_recognition_openface) cannot handle CUDA10.

export OPENPOSE_INSTALL_PATH=~/openpose && \
wget -O /tmp/v1.4.0.tar.gz && \
tar -xvf /tmp/v1.4.0.tar.gz -C /tmp/ && cp -r /tmp/openpose-1.4.0/* $OPENPOSE_INSTALL_PATH  && \
wget -O /tmp/1.0.tar.gz && \
tar -xvf /tmp/1.0.tar.gz -C /tmp/ && cp -r /tmp/caffe-1.0/* $OPENPOSE_INSTALL_PATH/3rdparty/caffe && \
cd $OPENPOSE_INSTALL_PATH && mkdir -p build && cd build && \
cmake .. -DBUILD_PYTHON=1 -DCUDA_TOOLKIT_ROOT_DIR=/usr/local/cuda && \
make -j`nproc` && \
sudo make install



Example for the following picture:


rosrun image_recognition_openpose detect_poses image `rospack find image_recognition_openpose`/doc/example.jpg


Example result

It also works with a webcam stream, usage:

usage: detect_poses [-h] [--pose_model POSE_MODEL]
                    [--net_input_size NET_INPUT_SIZE]
                    [--net_output_size NET_OUTPUT_SIZE]
                    [--num_scales NUM_SCALES] [--scale_gap SCALE_GAP]
                    [--num_gpu_start NUM_GPU_START]
                    [--overlay_alpha OVERLAY_ALPHA]
                    [--python_path PYTHON_PATH]
                    model_folder {image,cam} ...

Detect poses in an image

positional arguments:
  model_folder          Path where the models are stored
  {image,cam}           Mode
    image               Use image mode
    cam                 Use cam mode

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --pose_model POSE_MODEL
                        What pose model to use (default: BODY_25)
  --net_input_size NET_INPUT_SIZE
                        Net input size (default: -1x368)
  --net_output_size NET_OUTPUT_SIZE
                        Net output size (default: -1x-1)
  --num_scales NUM_SCALES
                        Num scales (default: 1)
  --scale_gap SCALE_GAP
                        Scale gap (default: 0.3)
  --num_gpu_start NUM_GPU_START
                        What GPU support (default: 0)
  --overlay_alpha OVERLAY_ALPHA
                        Overlay alpha for the output image (default: 0.6)
  --python_path PYTHON_PATH
                        Python path where Openpose is stored (default:



Run the image_recognition_openpose node in one terminal, e.g.:

rosrun image_recognition_openpose openpose_node

Next step is starting the image_recognition_Rqt test gui (

rosrun image_recognition_rqt test_gui

Configure the service you want to call with the gear-wheel in the top-right corner of the screen. If everything is set-up, draw a rectangle in the image and ask the service for detections:


You will see that the result of the detection will prompt in a dialog combo box. Also the detections will be drawn on the image. The ROS node also published the result image, you can easily view this image using rqt_image_view.


Changelog for package image_recognition_openpose

0.0.5 (2019-06-08)

  • Working openpose python wrapper
  • refactor package xml to 2.0
  • rename ROS pkgs with image_recognition_prefix
  • Contributors: Arpit Aggarwal, Loy van Beek, Rein Appeldoorn

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