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The clearpath_mission_manager_msgs package

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  • Chris Iverach-Brereton


  • Chris Iverach-Brereton
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Changelog for package clearpath_mission_manager_msgs

0.9.9 (2024-03-14)

  • Message updates for onav-0.12 (#34)

    • Add the size_exceeded field to NetworkMapState
    • Mod: Update dock messages for new 0.12 docking APIs
    • Mod: Add new autonomy API types to AutonomyStatus.msg
    • Mod: Use float64 version of Vector2D for returning path recording lat-lons

    * Mod: Add header field to RunNetworkGoToPlanner.action feedback ---------Co-authored-by: Chris Iverach-Brereton <>

  • Contributors: stephen-cpr

0.9.8 (2024-03-11)

0.9.7 (2024-02-05)

0.9.6 (2023-12-21)

  • Add a new service for deleting multiple IDs at once
  • Add a new service to import entire mission objects, including their associated tasks & waypoints
  • Contributors: Chris Iverach-Brereton

0.9.5 (2023-11-03)

  • [ONAV-1772] Add \'allow_failure\' boolean to Task message type
    • When set to True, any missions that execute this task will be allowed to continue if the task fails
  • Merge pull request #18 from stephen-cpr/ONAV-1771/on_start_stop_tasks [ONAV-1771] Add support for on_start / on_stop Mission Tasks
  • Merge remote-tracking branch \'origin/noetic-devel\' into ONAV-1771/on_start_stop_tasks
  • [ONAV-1771] Add support for on_start / on_stop Mission Tasks
    • clearpath_navigation_msgs/Mission.msg has been updated to include \'on_start\' and \'on_stop\' Task arrays which are executed when the mission begins and ends respectively (on_stop Tasks will execute regardless of mission failure or success)
    • The CreateTask service has been updated to include \'assign_on_start\' and \'assign_on_stop\' fields (similar functionality as the \'assign_to\' field)
    • The \'assign_to\' field of the CreateTask service has been updated to \'assign_to_wp\' to distinguish it from assign_on_start/assign_on_stop
    • Added the following service endpoints to mission_manager (using the AddRemoveById.srv type):
    • ~add_task_to_start & ~add_task_to_stop - Adds a task to the on_start/on_stop array for given mission
    • ~remove_task_from_start & ~remove_task_from_stop - Removes a task from the on_start/on_stop array for given mission
  • Contributors: Stephen Phillips, Tony Baltovski

0.9.4 (2023-10-20)

0.9.3 (2023-10-19)

0.9.2 (2023-10-17)

  • Use raw JSON strings for import & export; don\'t bother gzipping & base-64 encoding them
  • Fix over & underline length in changelogs
  • Contributors: Chris Iverach-Brereton

0.9.1 (2023-08-22)

0.9.0 (2023-07-05)

  • Initial release

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