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Test fixture and CMake macro for using osrf_testing_tools_cpp with Google Benchmark

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  • Alejandro Hernandez Cordero


  • Scott K Logan


This repository contains the source code for the performance_test_fixture package.

performance_test_fixture provides: 1. A Google Benchmark fixture that leverages memory tools from osrf_testing_tools_cpp to record memory allocation statistics 2. A CMake macro for compiling, linking, and configuring benchmarking runs, as well as automatically skipping the tests on platforms where the osrf_testing_tools_cpp memory tools are not supported


The test fixture can be used just like any other Google Benchmark fixture:

#include <performance_test_fixture/performance_test_fixture.hpp>

using performance_test_fixture::PerformanceTest;

BENCHMARK_F(PerformanceTest, example_test)(benchmark::State & st)

The CMake macro can be used in the same way as the rest of the ament_cmake_test family of macros:

  find_package(performance_test_fixture REQUIRED)
  add_performance_test(example_test test/example_test.cpp)

Because it has a large impact on performance, trace messages coming from the memory tools in osrf_testing_tools_cpp are suppressed by default. To enable memory operation trace logging, set the environment variable PERFORMANCE_TEST_FIXTURE_ENABLE_TRACE=1.


Changelog for package performance_test_fixture

0.0.6 (2020-11-19)

  • Make allocation counter atomic (#13) Even if the benchmark itself isn\'t threaded, the process we\'re testing could be. In any case, this should prevent those shenanigans from messing up the measurement.
  • Add methods for pausing/resuming performance metrics (#10)
    • Add methods for pausing/resuming performance metrics
  • Add benchmarks to evaluate overhead (#11)
    • Add benchmarks to evaluate overhead in performance tests
  • Add namespace performance_test_fixture to .cpp (#9)
  • Contributors: Scott K Logan, brawner

0.0.5 (2020-10-21)

  • Export dependency on benchmark and osrf_testing_tools_cpp (#8)
  • Update maintainers (#7)
  • Contributors: Alejandro Hern

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