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The image_recognition_openface package

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  • Rein Appeldoorn


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Face recognition with use of Openface (



Make sure that openface is correctly installed. Installation instructions can be found here: Make sure you have installed CUDA8. CUDA10 is not working:

export TORCH_INSTALL_PATH=~/torch
export OPENFACE_INSTALL_PATH=~/openface
git clone ~/torch --recursive && \
cd $TORCH_INSTALL_PATH && bash install-deps && ./ && \
for NAME in dpnn nn optim optnet csvigo cutorch cunn fblualib torchx tds; do $TORCH_INSTALL_PATH/install/bin/luarocks install $NAME; done && \
sudo -H pip install dlib && \
cd $OPENFACE_INSTALL_PATH && sudo -H python install && \


ROS Node

Run the image_recognition_openface node in one terminal (Specify the dlib and openface_net path as ROS parameter):

rosrun image_recognition_openface face_recognition_node

Run the rqt annotation client (

rosrun image_recognition_rqt annotation_gui

Setup the service by clicking the gear wheel in the top-right corner. Select the /annotate services exposed by the openface ros node. Also don't forget to set-up your labels.


Now draw a rectangle around the face you would like to learn. The face recognizer will find the biggest face in the image and store a representation for this face.


Now select the label and you will see that the openface ros node stores the face (console output node):

[INFO] [WallTime: 1478636380.407308] Succesfully learned face of 'rokus'

Learn as many faces as you want ..

Next step is starting the image_recognition_Rqt test gui (

rosrun image_recognition_rqt test_gui

Again configure the service you want to call with the gear-wheel in the top-right corner of the screen. If everything is set-up, draw a rectangle in the image and ask the service for detections:


You will see that the result of the detection will prompt in a dialog combo box. Also the detections will be drawn on the image.

Command line

Command line interface to test the detection / recognition based on an image:

usage: get_face_recognition IMAGE [-k ALIGN_PATH] [-s NET_PATH] [-v]

Run the command on an example image:

rosrun image_recognition_openface get_face_recognition `rospack find image_recognition_openface`/doc/example.png

This will lookup this image in the image_recognition_openface/doc folder and perform recognitions



[RecognizedFace(roi=(374, 188, 108, 123), l2_distances=[]), RecognizedFace(roi=(72, 147, 88, 105), l2_distances=[]), RecognizedFace(roi=(377, 95, 74, 86), l2_distances=[]), RecognizedFace(roi=(149, 26, 74, 86), l2_distances=[]), RecognizedFace(roi=(52, 47, 75, 86), l2_distances=[]), RecognizedFace(roi=(246, 115, 88, 102), l2_distances=[]), RecognizedFace(roi=(0, 0, 42, 60), l2_distances=[]), RecognizedFace(roi=(336, 33, 74, 86), l2_distances=[]), RecognizedFace(roi=(228, 0, 62, 60), l2_distances=[])]

Since no faces were trained, the l2_distances will not be calculated of-course.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Changelog for package image_recognition_openface ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

0.0.5 (2019-06-08)

  • Installation instructions openpose / openface + model download
    • Added installation instructions openpose + model dowload
    • Added installation instructions openface + model download
    • Added download script for model
  • Added catkin lint to all packages
  • Correctly store and publish images on parameters
  • refactor package xml to 2.0
  • rename ROS pkgs with image_recognition_prefix
  • Contributors: Rein Appeldoorn

0.0.4 (2017-02-07)

0.0.3 (2017-02-07)

  • fix(): Add targets install for scripts
  • Add python-numpy run dependency
  • Contributors: Matthijs van der Burgh, Rein Appeldoorn

0.0.2 (2017-01-17)

0.0.1 (2017-01-17)

  • Added image recognition util to support labeled and raw writing of image in predefined folder structure
  • Update
  • added images
  • Update Added cli doc
  • added example image
  • Create
  • Documentation
  • Fixed ROI bounds
  • Moved funtionality to src and added cmd line tool
  • tmp folder defaults to /tmp/openface
  • Working annotation gui and test gui for both image_recognition_tensorflow object recognition and image_recognition_openface face recognition
  • Working of openface ros node with image_recognition api
  • added packages openface ros and skybiometry ros
  • Contributors: Rein Appeldoorn

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