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C++ action server exposing a non-systematic coverage behavior

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  • Alberto Soragna
  • Justin Kearns


  • Alberto Soragna

iRobot® Create® 3 Coverage

This example creates a ROS 2 action server that runs a simple non-systematic coverage algorithm on your Create® 3.

The purpose of this example is to show how to command your robot and react to its hazard information.

How to use

Build this and the create3_examples_msgs packages. Source the setup shell scripts.

Start the coverage action server

ros2 run create3_coverage create3_coverage

In a separate terminal command a coverage action

ros2 action send_goal /coverage create3_examples_msgs/action/Coverage "{explore_duration:{sec: 500, nanosec: 0}, max_runtime:{sec: 1000,nanosec: 0}}"

Robot initial configuration

NOTES: - Do not start the behavior with the robot undocked, but very close to the dock. The behavior may fail or it may cause the robot to run over its dock. It's safe to start with the robot still docked. - Do not start the behavior with the robot in contact with obstacles or cliffs.


Waiting for an action server to become available...

If users notice that they are unable to communicate with the coverage action server when using Fast-DDS RMW, this is due to the following bug A simple fix consists in updating the rwm_fastrtps_cpp library to a version >= 5.0.1


Changelog for package create3_coverage

0.0.2 (2024-06-05)

  • Merge pull request #39 from iRobotEducation/jkearns/topic-fix change dock topic to dock_status for humble
  • fix topic for humble
  • minor changes to support ROS 2 Humble
  • update READMEs with link to ROS galactic and create3_coverage troubleshooting
  • Merge pull request #17 from iRobotEducation/asoragna/rename-duration rename coverage action max_duration into max_runtime
  • rename coverage action max_duration into max_runtime
  • Merge pull request #9 from iRobotEducation/asoragna/ready-to-start check if all robot topics/servers are available before accepting a goal
  • check if all robot topics/servers are available before accepting a goal
  • Documentation updates Typos, trademark symbols, and grammar fixes.
  • update license to BSD-3
  • Merge pull request #5 from iRobotEducation/asoragna/improvements improve dock detection, add backup limit hazard and minor improvements
  • reduce opcodes buffer time
  • improve dock detection, add backup limit hazard and minor improvements
  • Merge pull request #4 from iRobotEducation/asoragna/license change LICENSE to apache 2.0
  • change LICENSE to apache 2.0
  • Merge pull request #2 from iRobotEducation/asoragna/create3-coverage Add create3 coverage example
  • mention reflexes in readme
  • allow user to disable reflexes on the robot and run custom reflex implementation
  • keep list of past orientations when trying to evade from obstacles
  • add explore_time argument and cleanup of logs
  • go to drive_straight if spiral succeeds
  • small fixes handling cancel and abort
  • rework drive_straight behavior to support max distance
  • fix typo in
  • enable kidnap detection
  • Add create3 coverage example
  • Contributors: Alberto Soragna, Justin Kearns, Steven Shamlian

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