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Version 0.0.11
License BSD
Build type CATKIN

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Last Updated 2016-07-26

Package Description

Contains the adapter node which translates between the Applanix serialized socket format and ROS messages. This node is implemented in Python for now, but could be re-implemented using roscpp if performance is a bottleneck.

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  • Kareem Shehata


  • Mike Purvis
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Changelog for package applanix_bridge

0.0.11 (2015-05-27)

  • Fixed the way exceptions are raised when bad data is received
  • Contributors: Kareem Shehata

0.0.10 (2015-05-04)

  • Applanix driver will now set the /gps_origin parameter if not set at startup with the origin used for fixes
  • Contributors: Kareem Shehata

0.0.9 (2015-04-10)

  • Added a parameter for setting the origin in If not set, and zero_start is set then the first GPS fix is used. Otherwise, default is UTM.
  • Contributors: Kareem Shehata

0.0.8 (2015-03-10)

  • Renaming example launch for more general use.
  • Parameterizing the applanix_bridge launch file
  • Contributors: Kareem Shehata

0.0.7 (2015-02-28)

  • Adding launch file for publishing Odometry and TF. Useful for adding Odometry and TF\'s when using bag files that don\'t include them
  • Fixed orientation mapping when publishing Odometry and converting from NED to ENU
  • Contributors: Kareem Shehata

0.0.6 (2014-12-10)

  • Gams param max_heading_error_rms has to be assigned to 3.0 degrees default and cannot be zero.
  • Contributors: Vaibhav Kumar Mehta

0.0.5 (2014-12-09)

  • Typo in the imu angular velocity z component is fixed. All the required NED (/reference or /vehicle for Applanix) to ENU (/base_footprint or /base_link in ROS) frame conversions are applied to get correct Pose and twist data.
  • gams params, dmi params and some geometry params added to be configured correctly. some sample values are provided in the example.launch also added in this commit
  • launch file updated as auxiliary gnss to reference frame lever is not neeeded.
  • updated the launch file with correct installation parameters for applanix
  • Origin now includes the z dimension or altitude so that the odometry msgs are w.r.t. the current surface and not the sea level. quaternion assignment in tf broadcaster had a bug which is fixed now.
  • Fixing typo in, we Transfrom != Transform
  • Contributors: Vaibhav Kumar Mehta

0.0.4 (2014-09-18)

  • Removing diagnostic_msgs from find_package because it isn\'t needed at build, it\'s handled by the run_depends, and it makes the build servers cry.
  • Contributors: Kareem Shehata

0.0.2 (2014-09-16)

  • Increased queue size to 5 since data smoke test fails otherwise
  • Added queue sizes on Publishers to make Indigo complain less
  • Added dependency on geodesy
  • Merged applanix_msgs with applanix_srvs and adapted the script to generate all of the required elements. Updated the CMakeLists.txt for applanix_msgs to generate services and AllMsgs. Updated applanix_bridge for the changes.
  • Contributors: Kareem Shehata

0.0.1 (2014-09-04)

0.0.0 (2014-09-04)

  • Adding install targets
  • Replaced the with a call to geodesy.utm. Should work, but not well tested.
  • Cleaned up the dependencies from applanix_bridge
  • Changing maintainer of the applanix modules to be me
  • Fixed package names in launch file
  • Removed a bunch of the chunky comments from the CMakeLists.txt for all of the sub projects.
  • Moved the smoke test into the applanix_bridge package. It seems to work. At the very least it passes, though it does spit out a bunch of warnings.
  • Moved back to applanix_msgs because it\'s needed by applanix_bridge and it makes more sense for it to be there. Also updated applanix_bridge to use the new applanix_srvs package.
  • Updated applanix_msgs to generate messages so that applanix_bridge can use them.
  • Making applanix_bridge into a proper rospy package that you can run. Can now run things, though they fail because of the missing applanix_msgs. Also note that I\'ve removed a bunch of the dependencies until I can figure out how to do those properly.
  • First stage of catkinizing: catkin metapackage, and consolidate the python stuff into applanix_bridge. Have yet to update the CMakeLists.txt for the applanix_bridge package to work properly. Also need a
  • Fixed translator for use in Hydro. Seems to work in testing on the Tango Tasmania platform.
  • Switch the translator to use separate genpy package.
  • Adding capture file and basic smoke test to driver.
  • Moving gps_utm file to correct package.
  • Added some minimal documentation to the manifests, moved publisher to its own package.
  • Adding code headers to everything.
  • Now publishing the origin of our UTM coordinates wrt. the UTM zone zero point
  • Small cleanup of unnecessary shebangs, etc.
  • Adding option to autoset a UTM origin
  • Added params for base gnss setup.
  • Adding COM port configuration
  • Adding translation node to convert Applanix messages into standard ROS messages
  • Stomped on merge changes. \'master\' should now match \'work\'.
  • Merge branch \'work\'
  • rename applanix_ctl to applanix_generated_msgs
  • Auto-subscribe now working.
  • Add nav_mode messages every 5s to keep connection alive.
  • Working COM port params.
  • Initial support for services.
  • Last commit before refactoring to separate thread class per socket.
  • Add remaining groups, change the array serialization strategy.
  • First commit.
  • Contributors: Administrator, Alex Bencz, Kareem Shehata, Mike Purvis, Ryan Gariepy

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Launch files

  • launch/applanix_bridge.launch
      • param_file [default: $(find applanix_bridge)/launch/default_config.yaml]
      • publish_tf [default: True]
      • odom_frame [default: gps_odom]
      • base_frame [default: base_link]
      • zero_start [default: False]
      • origin [default: None]
  • launch/publish_tf.launch


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