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The andino_description package

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  • Franco Cipollone


  • Franco Cipollone



This package holds the urdf description of the robot.

In the urdf folder you have the URDF files that contain the description of the robot, divided in different modules and merged into andino.urdf.xacro file.


In case you want to change the physical properties of some of the components of the robot, you can do it modifying the default YAML files inside the config/andino folder.

You can even add your own configuration files in another directory in the config folder, and pass this directory to the main file using the yaml_config_dir xacro argument on the launch files.

Launch Files

For launching robot state publisher for filling up static tf information and serving the description of the robot. Typically used during robot bringup.

ros2 launch andino_description

For launching the robot state publisher and providing some visualization with rviz to analyze the robot description.

ros2 launch andino_description


Changelog for package andino_description

0.1.0 (2023-10-09)

  • Updated lidar mesh (#165)
  • Fixes USB port names (#143)
  • Add new mesh for second base (#141)
  • Parametrizes config yaml path in andino.urdf.xacro (#137)
  • Adds materials to gazebo sim (#112)
  • Caster wheel and ros_control in gazebo (#105)
  • Add optional parameter to generate Fixed/Coninuous caster joint (#100)
  • Fix wrong if/unless wheel xacro (#95)
  • Gazebo Classic Simulation humble (#78)
  • Fixes xacro file starting with a comment. (#91)
  • Removes gazebo references from andino_description. (#83)
  • Adds camera mount mesh and adjusts sizes. (#81)
  • Contributors: Christian Barcelo, Franco Cipollone, Ignacio Davila, Leo Neumarkt, Olmer Garcia-Bedoya

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